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  1. Free tickets fell on my lap yesterday and I'm taking my 9 year old son to his first Canucks game!! We're both pretty excited!
  2. Everybody seems to worry about the late picks we're getting for Lack, forgetting that we should get a few top-10, maybe top-5 picks, if we're lucky, in the next few years. All's good people, all's good...
  3. At the same time, his salary shouldn't really matter to us. If he's doing the job, I don't care about how much he's doing.
  4. Vanek needs to be on top of his game tonight, cause he sure is proving he's not worth 50 million for 7 years right now. MTL 4 - NYR 2 Vanek 3 goals Weise empty net
  5. All right, I'll be the first one to say it: Habs sweep NY. 4 easy games, bonsoir.
  6. @ Joffrey Lupul Time to cheer for the Habs now?
  7. I don't hate the Leafs. I don't know where you get that from. In fact, I used to hate MTL, but in the end, it's all about bringing the Cup back to Canada. And to this date, MTL has the best chance of doing it.
  8. I said at the beginning I wouldn't be surprised if it went to OT of Game 7. What are your predictions for tomorrow?
  9. Why oh why?
  10. Believe in PK.
  11. Well, MTL vs NYR should be interesting.
  12. Oh well, if Canada tanks it, they'll at least get a good draft pick.
  13. I'll just say this: If a francophone Canucks coach was not able to address the media in English, how would you feel?
  14. Great game. I "watched" it like in the old time, on the radio. While preparing dinner, at dinner and while doing the dishes. I actually quite enjoyed TSN radio Montreal's description. Quite intense to say the least. As I said in a previous post, it's my first time in a lifetime cheering for Montréal (as an obvious ex-Nordiques fan) and I, in a guilty way, enjoy it. My wounds must have healed over the last 20 years. PK is a star I'd take on my team anytime. Same for Price. This team has a bright future. Edit: spelling