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  1. (Proposal) TB-VAN

    TB will NOT trade Point. Cheap contract, great production, and John Cooper loves him. But if they are crazy enough to do it, and they decide to package him AND their 1st Rd pk this year for Tanev, Ryan Callahan and his heavy contract would have to be included, and I would say a 3rd Rd pick would be going Tampa's way too. Besides TOR, Tampa is IMO actually the best fit for a Tanev trade. I'm thinking if there is a deal to be made WITHOUT having to take on Callahan, it would be Tanev for Tampa's 1st and someone like Taylor Raddysh. I btw, would be all in for bringing on a contract like Callahan if it brings in a Drouin or Point.
  2. p.s Thought the exact same thing when I saw Dan "Handelbar" Hamhuis LOL

  3. Great posts! Very entertaining. Also nice seeing you bash some of the absolute morons on here! keep it up Cheers

  4. WOW! 1 topic and +26! Keep it up. Welcome to CDC (canucks.com) :)