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  1. there was no ot in the canucks flames game
  2. there was no ot in the canucks flames game
  3. this guy is an idiot

  4. Why do you like pissing people off

  5. i got dumb by lookin at ur mom

  6. your epic fail, your dumb..you get F's...lol -102?? and you have no idea about the canucks...why dont you just leave this site Ajit Gill

  7. this site is a epic fail

  8. <br /><br /><br /> both are small for wards and aren't guna help our team cause none of them play physical thats what we need
  9. i dont see schroeder making this team cause our top two lines are gud fourth line no third line we need a big hitter but if raymond demands too much then schroeder can have a chance making the team
  10. and you live in Surrey

  11. how do u kw

  12. sooooo ur my friend now?