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  1. Say something about the Member above you

    Is a canucks fan
  2. Make a new Weekly Versus!

  3. OMG Earthquake?

    Must have been an integral route.
  4. OMG Earthquake?

    This nuke reactor stuff is being hyped up wayyyyyy too much. They only evacuated them like 2miles. if there was a real danger for a thermonuclear meltdown people would be moved much further... the explosion could reach very very far.
  5. OMG Earthquake?

    Tell them to stay safe! Any idea on what Canada's response is?
  6. OMG Earthquake?

    So how do you read the scale? 8.8 twice as strong as 8.9?
  7. OMG Earthquake?

    The US is sending some airforce jets with coolant to suppress the nuke leaks. It's gonna be a long road ahead for Japan
  8. Only Lady Gaga could pull off a costume like that.

    1. Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      But, uh, she didn't pull it off...

  9. What are you listening to?

    YES. THIS.
  10. What are you listening to?
  11. What are you listening to?

    Really been into Sonata Arctica's stuff lately. Liking Broken especially. Liking Long Live by TSwizzle as well:
  12. What are you listening to?

    Need a shoulder broseph?
  13. What are you listening to?

    I hate that Taylor Swift song... It's so... derivative.
  14. CDC Latenight Lounge

    I'm doing good, but I'm going to sleep soon. OT just gave me a buttload of head hurt.
  15. CDC Latenight Lounge

    This place is pretty active tonight!