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  1. An Open Letter to JB Haters

    Blame Benning? Why would I do that. When Benning took over (2014), everyone knew we couldn't contend for the cup immediately. But what does he do, sign Ryan Miller to a 6 million dollar contract for 3 years. Before that, Miller hadn't won over 20 games since 2012. why would he warrent 6 million dollars. This was just a nice gesture to Ryan since it was probably his first ever draft as head of scout back in 1998 in Buffalo. This took up cap space in which we couldn't do anything. Also, when Miller is gone because of his age, we will need to either develop a new goalie, or pay big again for a proven number 1, while we should have been developing a goalie now, or spending some money to get some prospects for the future, in which we did neither.