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  1. Congrats to Jake Virtanen. But who is out?
  2. #1 pick is not equal to a superstar (except Crosby & McDavid). Naslund & Bertuzzi were OK players before the trade. Their original team never thought they would become a superstar. If they knew it, they would never trade them. In short, you have to make your own superstars through different ways. The draft is not the only answer.
  3. I am sure he will do it again when they losing like a baby tonight, and the fine is going to raise to 100K!
  4. We have 2 great coaches to develop our young players, prob the best prospects developing system in our history. JB is now finding some fuel for our development system. JB may not be right on every piece, but he had great success developing young guys in Boston. I trust what JB is doing.
  5. This writer has opinions based on numbers. There are too many things numbers won't show. I am glad we have JB & TL, they made decision based on hockey sense.
  6. Hansen is a 3rd liner. But I think WD find some chemistry between him & Bo, so he put them together. Hansen is not a top scorer, but he definitely got some scoring touch. Bo didn't have a real scorer around him until last night. Now look at the unbelievable results, 3 goals from our 4th line with 13-14 mins play time. Although it's only one game, and to be realistic, we cannot expect scoring from our 4th line every night. But I am convinced that this young kid can make good plays if he got right linemates.
  7. Old Lu was a superb regular season goalie. He always starts season with mediocre performance. I care more Miller's playoff performance. We are playing up-tempo, aggressive hockey, our games' scoring are higher than most of teams. That won't make your goalies look good.
  8. Draft picks wise, we have done well in both 2013 & 2014. As for trade smart, JB >>> MG.
  9. WD is a players' coach. JB is a players' GM. We have a real hockey team here.
  10. Last year we had 22 pts at this point and everything looks great too. The biggest different is, we have many young/new faces this year. Our management/coach are willing to give prospects room to develop. It definitely looks great for now & for the future.
  11. The season is still early. But if we consider this is a turnaround... I would say the main reason is JB & TL. Trevor got JB in, and JB reshape the whole team, while stacking up good quality & quantity prospects. Looks at the new pieces JB brought in, from coach, goalie, offence, defense to prospects. Almost every piece works exactly as he planned, if not more. This is supposed to be the rebuilding year, but our boys playing like a cup contender right now. I just feel so bright for this team for years to come.
  12. Miller stole the game last night. He was unbelievable calm in the net. Now we can forget the goalies drama from the last few years. The most important part is, if we make playoff this season, it definitely looks like we will. It's time for Miller to prove he can perform in the playoff, a bigger stage.
  13. If you want to go outdoor, remember to bring your rain jacket. It rains almost everyday during the winter. It's not like LA, you see sunshine almost everyday.
  14. You can see players enjoy the game, no matter they have lead or they are behind. I really enjoy the game too.