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  1. Asset management is key, Dmen we are short on. Corrode outplayed Sbisa but was sent down though waivers when they didn't have too. it was a given he was going to get claimed by a team like Toronto. They should of traded him for a pick, even a 7th if need be. bad move. But I do like the conviction of keeping the best players, and going younger, OTHER than Sbisa who is just plain bad.
  2. @UticaComets: Comets sign goaltender Clay Witt. Release: http://t.co/whDVn161A2http://t.co/9SIi3mLXds
  3. Sounds like he is impressing as a winger at development camp. Hope this continues, Can he go AHL next year or does he need to stay in CHL?
  4. Great value, another year to prove his value. Wish it was 2year
  5. sounds like going to ND for 2-3 years before going pro.
  6. no hockey canada is running the event
  7. SWEET http://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/fort-st-john/dawson-creek-and-fort-st-john-to-host-u17-hockey-worlds-1.1977831
  8. Not only that, hopefully. Strong on the puck, play good defense... That is what will get him a spot with the team.
  9. Excited to see what he does next year in camp.
  10. Beastly...
  11. Another playoff point with that goal...
  12. Hope Grenier gets a chance to make Canucks as a call up if nothing else. Hope the fact Willy is there watching the games helps him
  13. Shut down McDavid again tonight. Zero points for first time all playoffs. Can't wait for him to develop and make Canucks
  14. The Oshawa Generals knew they had a tall task on their hands. Facing Erie in the OHL final, the Gens had to figure out a way to stop Otters superstar Connor McDavid, who came into Game 1 with a dizzying 42 points in 15 playoff games. At the end of the night, McDavid had been on the ice for more goals-against than goals-for and the Gens thrilled their fans with a 4-1 win. If Game 1 was any indication, this series will be fought in both the trenches and the war rooms. Oshawas strategy for battening down McDavid was to have Vancouver Canucks prospect Cole Cassels on against the consensus No. 1 pick overall in the NHL draft this summer as much as possible. They did a good job shutting us down and clogging up the middle, McDavid said. Its not just their D, they play as a five-man unit. Viktor Tikhonov would have been proud of how Oshawa coach D.J. Smith deployed Cassels, Calgary pick Hunter Smith and Bradley Latour up front and Florida prospect Josh Brown with Dakota Mermis on defense basically every time McDavid was on the ice. The line-matching overall on the night was incredible. Along with the aforementioned match-up, Oshawa pretty much always had big Montreal pick Michael McCarron out against another crazy-good 2015 draft prospect from Erie, Dylan Strome. And Erie put out rough Kings prospect Jake Marchment out against Oshawa sniper Michael Dal Colle, the Islanders pick. The only time McDavid pierced the Generals was on a power play, when Cassels was not on the ice. Otherwise, Cassels did what no other team has been able to do during these playoffs: neutralize the unholy force that is McDavid. They really play an aggressive game with a lot of tight checking, said Erie coach Kris Knoblauch. And its not just the style of play its the personnel they have. Cassels has been a revelation for Oshawa this season. The son of former NHLer Andrew Cassels, the Ohio product ratcheted up his offensive game while at the same time maintaining the gritty edge that makes him a physical threat every night. What was most interesting about Game 1 is that early on, Oshawa kept McDavid at bay by going on the offensive: After all, the kids way less dangerous if he doesnt have the puck. In an effort to generate chances, McDavid would sometimes loop back to his own blueline and lope up the ice with the puck, weaving past checkers. But he could never get past all of them and the Otters were held off the board until that second period power play, where McDavid made a fantastic incursion into the zone and Dallas pick Remi Elie finished off the play. At one point in the third, McDavid even lined up as a right winger with Strome at center, but positioning himself far on the other side of the ice like a wide receiver in football, no doubt hoping to be sprung for a long breakaway off the draw (it didnt happen). Mermis managed to make the most effective defense of the night against McDavid when the veteran blueliner engaged in an epic crease-front battle with the phenom, eventually causing McDavid to lose his cool and take a cross-checking penalty. Though McDavid has nothing more to prove before the draft hes definitely going first overall to the Edmonton Oilers theres undoubtedly a contingent out there that would love to see Erie win this series, since that would also give the Otters a spot in the Memorial Cup. This is also McDavids last chance to win a junior title, since his Otters were cast out by Guelph in the Western Conference final last season. Cassels and company made a statement in Game 1 that it wont be a cakewalk and the straight-razor question now is if the Gens can pull off the trick three more times. For his part, McDavid was ready for Game 2 tonight. Were fine, he said. Weve been in this situation before, losing the first game of the series. Well battle back. http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/how-to-snuff-out-a-superstar/
  15. That is exactly what we need, although he doesn't have much speed, wish he could gain a bit more like Bo did. Vey and Baertschi both are waiver eligible so highly likely they are both with the team. Willy didn't sound like he thought sedins needed Vrbata on the wing so Kassian/burrows/Hansen it is. Sedin Sedin Kassian/Burrows Baertschi Bonino Vrbata Gaunce/Kenins Horvat Hansen Dorsett Vey Burrows/Kassian Is probably the start but I hope Horvat switches spots with Bonino. Love to see Baertschi Horvat Vrbata