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  1. Frank Corrado Talk

    An accomplishment just getting the invite. I didn't check but he's probably the lowest draft seclection among all the drafted invitees. Whoever pushed for him on the Nuck's scouting staff should get promoted.
  2. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    HS was consistently rated as one of the worst skaters of the draft (early rounds). No way MG was gonne go that route after CoHo. Gaunce was it if you wanted a solid NHLer, albeit maybe not top 6 material. Wait & pray.
  3. Frank Corrado Talk

    'bout time cuz 0-15-15 was just too... weird. I read somewhere that he is "Tanev with a slapshot." Maybe somebody who watches Sudbury can confirm that the guy actually has a slapper.
  4. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    /\/\ Nearly impossible, I'd say, if Nuge and co. are available. Our boy sure has been getting killed on the score sheet lately. I guess there goes that 3rd line checking gig we figured he'd get as early as next year. BTW, is it just me or has overall scoring in the OHL gone down the last few seasons? Copying the (lack of) entertainment quotient of the NHL, I see.
  5. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Looking at those films I'm not seeing the Kesler or Staal comparisons. He does, however, look a lot like a left shooting, less gangly Trevor Linden, and it ain't just the black uniform. Good wrister, works hard at both ends and in the corners, and though he doesn't turn on a dime he has good speed once in motion. Passing ability may be underrated. I'm also not getting the 2/3 line ceiling and a sure fire bottom 6 NHLer. His physique will give him an edge but beyond that there is no sure thing with any of these guys. 1st liner or suckage can't be ruled out. Was the number 1 rated Canadian forward in the draft and ranked number 2 at the OHL draft with very good numbers prior to CHL.
  6. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Checked out the playing histories of most of the current Nuck players and there is a clear pattern. Unless you're a very early draft pick you wait until the 3rd season following your draft before you get in on some NHL games (range is 1 to 80, played by Lapierre and Hamhuis respectively) 4th season after the draft is when most players solidify themselves as NHLers, though some still see limited AHL action. Offensive production with the big club during these years is, as might be expected, low to pathetic. Other factors favoring 13-14 as the season Jensen makes is debut: --likelihood of a lockout shortened season--no point in him leaving Sweden, particularly if he has a good thing going there --5 of the top 10 forward contracts come off the books following 12-13.
  7. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Yeah. So much for Gillis saying after the Bruins series that there wouldn't be any changes to his philosophy of building a team. Obviously the loss stung hard and he made an equally hard right turn to make the team bigger. This guy seems like a safe pick. A bottom 6 checker (as Kesler was once regarded) who may surprise and develop into a solid two-way top six player.
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    This is a good move. His 2nd season in the OHL showed negligible offensive improvement. Could be he's the type that's better when playing with, and against, better talent. Wasn't he in a men's league in Denmark at 16 or some such? If so, I can see why a mature 19 year-old wouldn't want to be around a bunch of teenagers. The Swedish men's league is a step up in talent and structure. Fewer games so he'll get more opportunity to work on his skills. Also, probably less likelihood of getting targeted by some youngster looking the make an impression. Will learn about the pro game and make some money too.
  9. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    On a somewhat related topic, MG should effort to get the 1st round pick for the 2013 draft from whatever team his advanced stat geeks project to finish last next year. This MacKinnon kid will be a monster. Perhaps as part of the upcoming Schneider deal, since GMs, not doubt thinking their teams will do better next year, seem willing to part with future as opposed to current year's pics more readily. The Sedins are slowing and elite teams don't last long without elite talent.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    /\/\ Don't think it's just you. Was hoping for more other than him essential replicating his draft year production. Is at a crossroads in his development: Either he's satisfied to sometime down the road make the show as a checker, or he'll go into next year with the intent of being "the guy," force the play, and use his experience and size to dominate that level. In which case he just may give himself a better chance of being a scorer and be projected as such by the Nuck's brass.
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Small increase in PPG but was hoping for a wee bit more. Hovers around 3rd or 4th in team scoring. Not exactly overwhelming stats. AV liked him at camp but a 3rd season in OHL would be for the best. Can work on his skills, go for 90 points and truly dominate. Then we'll know he's done all there is. Good to hear he's hit 200+ pounds. I suppose if MayRay gets dispatched in the summer and Higgins moves up there may be an opening for a 3rd line LW. Still, we're supposed to be Detroit, so no rush.
  12. Zack Kassian Talk

    1st game review: -good skater for a big man (not as fast as Oreskovich but much better than Bitz and other behemoths) -decent hands, good judgment to go along with accurate passing but could have held on to the puck longer on occasion (likely nerves) -showed glimpses of a developing cycle game but there is more to give -best sign--chances were there when he played with more skilled players Realistically he's a bottom 6 forward for at least this year and the next. Up to him after that. Like all players his age he needs confidence and some results to prove to himself he belongs.
  13. Zack Kassian Talk

    Schroeder's performance in the second half made Cody more expendable. This Kassian cat is the sort of player a 5'9" pivot needs to get by in the NHL. Perhaps in 2 years time we will see a line of Schroeder flanked by Jansen and Kassian. Kassian, I note, had a better PPG (draft and final years) in junior than Jansen. His truculence in that league has no equal among Nuck prospect pool.
  14. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Was one of the younger players drafted. Flames savior to be, Bartschi, for example, is almost a half year older. Can make a big difference at that age. Bigger players may need more time. Whatever the case, a 3rd season in the OHL seems warranted. No room on the Nux top 9 next year. Per Ferraro: if you want a guy to be a scorer in the NHL he should get enough seasoning to dominate the previous level. He's not close to dominating, at present.
  15. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    A late draftee like this doesn't really have to dominate. Optimistically, he projects as a big bodied bottom 6 forward. PPG is fine as long as he does all the other things the club covets. Folks mentioned him skating well and protecting the puck. Now its just about sound positioning, willingness to pay the price and, most especially, compete level and work ethic. Not a fighter, I know, but does he at least stick up for his teammates in melees, etc.? Perhaps someone who follows his club can answer that. 3rd round picks have a single % digit chance of making the show. Still, if he consistently delivers on the above, then, as I've said before, he may be in a Nuck uni sooner (and could stick for longer) than the likes of Schroeder and Rodin, one-dimensional guys that should have shown more based on their ranking/draft selection. We have the Bruins to thank for making beef be the "it" thing once again. Mercifully MG caught on just in time for last year's draft.