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  1. Okay don't lynch numb3rs preferably going to work
  2. That's silly, my body is far more impressive
  3. I'm here for like 5 minutes and the votes are real hectic close Tos investigation suggestions then we don't lynch that person
  4. sometimes I pretend you're Camila
  5. upvoted for Harambe
  6. upvoted for Rocky Road
  7. Yes they do. Source: @StealthNuck is my dad
  8. Just to clarify, Numb3rs is not clear by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. I don't appreciate being personally attacked and would like to be GK'd. But seriously, I didn't know that you were 2nd in votes so that's a bit less ridiculous. Wagonomics say Fwy is Mafia. Behaviour says Toews is Mafia. Everyone should pick one imo
  10. Fwy also optimal lynch
  11. Now that I think about it, one of, maybe even both of, Fwy or Numb3rs has to be Mafia. I'll have lost faith in this community if 4 TP voted out BW in round 1 for no reason. Numb3rs or Toews are optimal lynches tonight.
  12. @numb3r 16 So you're telling me you voted BW and got him lynched because he voted for you?
  13. It's a good thing JJ told me to be nice and that I like JJ.
  14. Like when you voted out BW because you thought it would be funny?