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  1. [Game] Let's Create an Amazing Music Album

    Is it true they gave your spot to Pitbull and Robin Thicke at the last minute?
  2. [Game] Let's Create an Amazing Music Album

    Will we see you at the Grammys this Monday?
  3. Ask Jazz Anything

    Do any of these potential names look acceptable to you? thekaz97 Kaztec A$AP Kaz Kazinga Kazyzz KZA Kazoo Junko
  4. An Idea

    Well that would just look silly with my title
  5. An Idea

    Nobody ever calls me that lol I want to change it but I'm basically restricted to having Kaz in my name, and some wanker already took just Kaz
  6. An Idea

    I'm Kaz
  7. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    Personally not confident JJ is Mafia but it's all I have Vote JJ
  8. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    I'm here in case I need to vote for self-preservation. I stated before last night's vote that none of the votes on Toews had any real foundation. That's why I voted otherwise over him.
  9. CDC Create a Player

    Twenty-Fourth Update  DeMarcus Brown Jr. (Go Faulk Yourself) Nashville Predators 56 GP 19 G 22 A 7.07 AvR Los Angeles Kings 27 GP 12 G 9 A 7.19 AvR [Regular Season] 21 GP 8 G 11 A 7.43 AvR [Playoffs]  Connor Woahst (Patrick Kane) Detroit Red Wings 82 GP 35 G 35 A 7.26 AvR [Regular Season] 14 GP 3 G 3 A 7.00 AvR [Playoffs]  Louis-Filip Cote (Intoewsables) Vancouver Canucks 71 GP 25 G 35 A 7.15 AvR Canada 7 GP 4 G 6 A 7.57 AvR [World Championships]  Goolius Boozler (Caboose) Winnipeg Jets 60 GP 32 W 28 L 0.918 SV% 7.12 AvR [Regular Season] 23 GP 12 W 11 L 0.917 SV% 7.13 AvR [Playoffs]  Tate Posin (canuckledraggin) Boston Bruins 59 GP 7 G 16 A 6.93 AvR   Juraj Balaz (BM24) HC Slovan Bratislava 75 GP 12 G 23 A 7.13 AvR Slovakia 7 GP 3 G 2 A 7.43 AvR [World Championships]  ChakaDemus N'Pliers (Captain Woodget) New Jersey Devils 59 GP 0 G 17 A 6.86 AvR [Regular Season] 4 GP 0 G 0 A 6.50 AvR [Playoffs]  Corvin Aeschbacher (BaerOxHitman) Calgary Flames 80 GP 1 G 26 A 7.01 AvR [Regular Season] 13 GP 0 G 3 A 7.00 AvR [Playoffs]  Tig Bits (Tig'ol Bitties) Dallas Stars 79 GP 30 G 39 A 7.62 AvR  Landon Graves (Alain Vigneault) Tampa Bay Lightning 64 GP 1 G 15 A 6.83 AvR [Regular Season] 12 GP 1 G 4 A 6.83 AvR [Playoffs]  KJ MemeLord (kj29) Los Angeles Kings 72 GP 27 G 28 A 7.07 AvR [Regular Season] 15 GP 2 G 2 A 6.87 AvR [Playoffs]
  10. rapchat

  11. CDC Create a Player

    The following players have retired: Shinya Nakata Olaf Krauss Donald Trump Kesha FourLyfe Jay Vrienzy
  12. Ask Kaz Anything

    If it was waiting in the bushes, how would blood have gotten in the floorboards? I ain't heard of no indoor bushes
  13. Rate that Gif

    Didn't work with real chocolate for some reason.