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  2. Upon further review, it's unlikely that a minors roster limit will be introduced next year. You will still be able to release unwanted prospects with a cap hit of 1.5M or less.
  3. I don't think you know what a conspiracy is
  4. edgy
  5. League Announcements - Major Changes for Next Season Perks will be removed due to the board of governors collectively deciding they are too influential. In place of perks: -Each team will be given 6 scouting reports to be used at any point during the season. These reports can be used on any player, drafted or undrafted. Reports will be reset to 6 at the conclusion of every entry draft. Undrafted prospects can still only be scouted prior to the completion of the first round of the entry draft. -We will be implementing real life NHL buyout rules. Please familiarize yourself with these rules. Each team will also be given 1 compliance buyout (drawback free buyout) that can be used during the first 2 buyout windows. If it is not used during this period, it can never be used. You will never gain another compliance buyout. Buyout rules courtesy of @Patrick Kane http://rgmgleague.com/wiki/index.php?title=Buyouts Scouting reports will be revamped slightly. Scouting reports will now be presented in the following format: Player Name: Prospect Grade [0.0-10.0, F-S] Player Type: Will give a rough indication of this player's playstyle. [SNP/PLY/PWF/TWF/GRN/TGH, DFD/OFD/TWD, BUT/HYB/STN] +Player's strengths -Player's weaknesses Comparable: Will name a player who plays/played a similar style and is/was of a similar peak skill level. Player Level: This player's current role in the NHL. [Franchise/Top Line/Second Line/Middle 6/Bottom 6/Fourth Line/AHL, Franchise/Number 2/Second Pairing/Bottom Pairing/AHL, Franchise, Elite Starter, Starter, 1B Starter, Backup, AHL] Waiver eligibility will be changed. New waiver rules: -Players 24 or younger with less than 100 career GP do not require waivers. -Players with a cap hit of 1.5 or lower can be waived. Higher cap hits cannot be waived. There will be a limit to how many prospects you can keep. New rules for "Minors" section of cap sheets: -You will now be allowed to keep a maximum of 14 players in the minors -To help with this, any player with a cap hit of 1.5M or less can be released from their contract with no cap penalty.
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  7. Trade deadline Thursday September 25th at 10PM PST.
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  10. Mid-season AHL stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RE1BEgxLMP2EnoAuqyspGEC9dQu3tnPMbkUTTTRUDCI/edit#gid=1362100838
  11. To New Jersey: Isac Lundestrom To Hartford: Boo Nieves @Spoderman @inane
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  13. ....epic
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