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  1. "I think you're going to want to hear this" If Miller is truly Jim's guy, then what about trading Markstrom for a 2nd or a package deal. It looks like there will be lots of options for a backup, that could include taking on a bad contract and maybe getting another pick in doing so. In all fairness, I think Jim Benning has some good trade chips going into the draft and although it looks like he's missed the boat at picking a top prospect in the first round he now has a chance to make up for it.
  2. Jordan Subban | D

    Ok Jim!, You know what to do. Stecher's out and Subban cant be anymore of an obvious fit. $&!# or get off the pot. Let's see what we got, it's now or never for giving Jordan a well deserved shot at playing with the big boys.
  3. Was just listening to team 1040 and they just said the nucks sent Pedan down on waivers. Yikes! I liked him more than Corrado. Was hoping to see the Twin Towers on a line one day.
  4. What's Horvat's trade value (Speculation)

    I guess you missed the (Specilation) tag, you smug Harvard bastard.
  5. What's Horvat's trade value (Speculation)

    Haha. Just like the great one...99 I think not sir. Henrik Sutter Gaunce ( and yes I'm aware the whole Utica LW idea but I think he belongs at C) Granlund. All players who will likely be around for a few years. Center is position we would be doing well on with a pick up like Dubios. Defense is where we need some help.
  6. If Dubois is still available at 5, would you shop Horvat for a pick between 6-10? . What would Horvat's trade value be?
  7. Jake left the ice on Monday the 6th after be hit hard by Cato on the ice at Shawnigan lake practice. Not sure if it's anything but he looked to be in some serious discomfort.
  8. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    I'd ratrher keep Clendening or Weber over Frankie. Like i said, both of these players have a "paticular set of skills" haha..that Frankie doesnt seem to have and thats a shot. Weber showed some skills on the PP near the end of the season and may be a good fit for the 2nd PP unit. Clendening has been fundamental in the Comets success this season and I think Benning brought him in to play not to trade.
  9. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    I got a feeling were going to see some serious movment on the back end. After seeing how well the Ducks are doing with there young D-Core id be surprised if Benning doesn't get rid of some dead weight. It looks like Clendening is a lock to start the year for the nucks but i'm not so sure about Frankie. Is it possible he could be packaged in a deal with Hammer or Bieksa for a pick and a different young prospect? It seems like we have a log jam of players like Frankie but could really use a puck moving D with a lazer Shot.
  10. Jacob Markstrom Talk

    I guess I can see why so many people are delusional but its pretty obvious that Miller Stays and Markstrom is the backup next year. In a perfect world Lacks our guy but when it comes to vaule he's our best option come draft day without dropping our pants in a deal. Miller would be a tough sell. Dont get me wrong , if Benning can pull off a trade id be hella happy but thats highly unlikely.
  11. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    It looks to me that the nucks have a shortage of LW. If that's the case, I feel like Hunter has a real shot on this team.
  12. [Report] Canucks wont ask Alex Edler to waive NTC

    Any chance the Canucks pick up Sami Salo? I think it would be rad if he could finish out his career in Vancouver. Im sure he would come cheap and why not give Edler every option to shine. Worst case, move Edler after next season.