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  1. Had 27 goals a few years ago
  2. You should read this article then especially the 4th paragraph:
  3. If it wasn't for Schneider, they would've been just as bad.
  4. Born: "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul with The Wild Pair Conceived: "Forever your Girl" by Paula Abdul
  6. No need for anymore highlight reels. Thats the play of the year folks. He plays for the Jets
  7. RIP Pioneers
  8. More like Philly's D. Newton's been intercepted 3 times. 1 for a TD
  9. Dedicate this song to the refs in today's game
  10. Bergeron was in the AHL because of the lockout
  11. Anyone who likes Tool and/or A Perfect Circle might want to check out this
  12. This whole thing of our 1st round prospects getting injured and having setbacks even go back to Cody Hodgson with that back injury fiasco. I think Schroeder had shoulder injuries before playing in the AHL as well. Heck even Grabner had that freak ankle injury when playing soccer during his time up in 2010. I'm surprised Horvat has managed to stay healthy all this time.