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  1. As much as I like brock, I would trade him for multiple 1sts from Ottawa, even with brock theyd still be a dumpster fire and the 1sts would be lottery picks
  2. I chose Eriksson because the odds of us winning the cup this year are equal to the odds of him scoring the winning goal
  3. Maybe he did try to trade his rights and maybe every other team, thinks like the canucks and were not interested in paying him potentially 4mil+ in arbitration for what he brings
  4. As much as I like boeser and I do, I MIGHT just take 2 1sts 2nd and a 3rd
  5. Pay his 4mil after July 1st, trade him for a bag of pucks and future consideration to a team struggling get to the cap floor. He is then only owed 3mil x 3 yrs but 6mil cap for that team
  6. Not nhl ready, let him finish out his contract. Let him gain more experience and keep learning from playing against grown men, while he grows into one, He is only 17 years old after all. He has plenty of time to make the big show.
  7. Pay him his bonus after July 1st, he is then owed 3mil x 3 years, w cap of 6mil. Trade him to a team needing to get to floor.
  8. Ehh it was all fun and games, I got what I gave, people learned in general I wouldn't be an easy target and no one cried bully..
  9. As someone who grew up in the era of mandatory dodgeball in PE and who uses a wheelchair due to spina bifida, I can attest to the fun times and injuries of this game (hitting the chair didnt count and I had wicked hard and accurate return throw, headshot champ), 100% approve of the well placed cripple joke, I legit laughed out loud
  10. I agree with most of your post and I get that Stralman is a better D in many ways and a valid reason to sign him, but to use age as a reason to let go or trade Tanev, 29, while replacing him with Stralman 32, seems counter to your reasoning
  11. 8-7 Nucks lose in regulation EP with 3g 3a.
  12. Since we have officially been eliminated from playoff contention, I would just like this to be an entertaining game and EP to pad his stats a bit. Dallas win 6-5 in OT EP 4 points
  13. 5-4 Nucks win in OT, EP w 2g 1a in regular time and OT winning goal