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  1. I gotta give the kid credit for doing what he did, takes balls but that's got to be top 5 worst butchering of our national anthem
  2. I dunno trading goalies has also worked for us before ala Schneider for Bo Horvat, clearly we won that trade.
  3. Going to this game, with two friends who are fans of the enemy. Need the canucks put in a full 60min effort, shut down Drai and Mcd and itd be nice to see all lines contribute offensively.. lose and I wont hear the end of it for the season.
  4. Because we dont want to risk him scoring any canuck playoff contention ending goals
  5. Originally Terrace, B.C., Now Nanaimo.
  6. I've had 7 diagnosed concussions, knowing the symptoms now I'm sure a few more undiagnosed. 4 of my concussions I have no memory of the preceding event, just becoming aware afterwards and having some killer symptoms. Would not wish them on anyone. Hope for as speedy recovery as possible for both Boes and Fant and that T has several rough games against us this year. Wouldn't wish an injury on him though, maybe just the miraculous rescinding of the instigator rule
  7. As much as I like brock, I would trade him for multiple 1sts from Ottawa, even with brock theyd still be a dumpster fire and the 1sts would be lottery picks
  8. I chose Eriksson because the odds of us winning the cup this year are equal to the odds of him scoring the winning goal
  9. Maybe he did try to trade his rights and maybe every other team, thinks like the canucks and were not interested in paying him potentially 4mil+ in arbitration for what he brings