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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but teams are allowed to talk to players now but cant sign til July 1st? If I am correct doesn't it make those tweets untrue because they are stating Lucic has already signed.
  2. Washington over Blackhawks
  3. Late night person most definitely. I do my overnight shift rotation without batting an eye. Morning shift rotation comes and I am in my own personal hell.
  4. Salo, I cant see anyone else giving up a nut for their team and that makes him a one of a kind we wont see again.
  5. All I want for my birthday is a Canucks win tonight so we can head into the playoffs on a high note. GCG
  6. Said no one ever.....jk
  7. Haha was that hansen mocking Phaneuf
  8. I changed the channel to the HNIC Punjab broadcast, cannot understand a word of it but its making for a more enjoyable experience!
  9. Kassian til a drastic fall in play, then Vrbata then Burrows
  10. obviously a sarcastic joke
  11. To Vancouver
  12. I never said they were smart, point of fact, they did start your idea in reverse order so far .How they have handled everything so far imo points to entire organization dysfunction not just one or two people. Besides if Nonis was getting fired during the season it probably would have already happened. Maybe mlse is waiting to see what the results of TD are and if it helps toronto recover from fail. If the moves dont work Nonis is Shanahans fall guy and Shanahan will eventually be MLSE fall guy. Firing shanahan if his current plan does not work out would give the organization the ability to say to the fans that they hear them and are working for change. ex of this happening albeit a bit mixed up was - Gillis Fall guy Vigneault- Hire Torts, Torts fail - Gillis Gone- Hire Linden - Linden Fires torts, Organization says change is coming. The only difference for toronto is the coach has already been replaced once this season and Horachek will imo probably not be back next year either. Shanahan will be given the chance to fire nonis and right the ship but in the end he will be let go for not being proactive fast enough with enough measurable increase of success Edit - MLSE answers to no one until the fans show their displeasure by hurting MLSE's bottomline
  13. Haha well if so we should have taken a flier on brodeur, who knows he might have had a sudden resurgence
  14. They seem to have your plan in mind just in reverse order, starting w franson and santorelli already gone, maybe kessel and phaneuf will be gone by the TD and shanahan will fire nonis one day after season is over and MLSE will fire Shanahan one day after that.