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  1. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    EP is going to be great and may win some individual awards ie Calder, but because of the following; Being a Rookie Better League Smaller ice More games in a season Slight build (less of a concern but still imo relevant when newly adapting to the above situation) For these reason I temper my expectations, sit back and will enjoy the EP show and just hope he has what he considers a successful season and stays injury free(knock on wood)
  2. What the canucks will need is the teamto stay healthy and every player to have a career best year and a few teams to do the opposite.
  3. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    We had a dismal offense last year and now have 3 players gone for a total of 140+ points. Itll be a tall task for our current potential roster to not only make up the 140 lost points but also add more to improve offense over last year. Our defense hasn't improved enough to not be the sieve that they were last year. Our goaltending has a chance at improving if demko makes the team and bumps marky or nils but not a huge enough improvement to singlehandedly carry us to enough wins to higher standings when you calculate in injuries, offensive droughts and defensive breakdowns. Im just hoping for entertaining games and some individual accolades for some of our young guys. I see us lower in the standings and a better draft position hockey gods willing.
  4. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    As good as our prospects look on paper and in highlights outside of nhl lvl competition, I believe we will but hope we don't slide down the standing. I think it's a small % realistic thinking but more wishful thinking that what we have coming in offensively and defensively will both A.make up the lost Sedin points B. Gain offensive output above what we lost. C - even out the inevitable age / injury related performance decreases defensively
  5. What we need to become Contenders

    To become a contender we need a few more years of good draft picks and complimentary player trades/signing
  6. [Proposal] Sign Juice

    Sure sign him, when he is ready to retire* to a 1 day contract so he can retire a canuck, otherwise I don't see the point in signing him.
  7. Age doesn't necessarily equate to leadership skills. We had scoring issues last season, We lost a combined 100pts, if the young players are able to elevate their games beyond what they have in years past and the incoming players can help out offensively, that MAYBE will equal an extra 100pts, but we will still be offensively no farther ahead than last year.
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    What he currently lacks in size he more than compensates with IQ and skills, plus he is not even 19 years old, still has time to grow into more height and weight. Great draft pick, look forward to seeing him playing for canucks in the near future
  9. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    zadina, dobson, hughes bouchard in that order but at this point barring Benning going completely offboard, I'm going to be happy with who we get.
  10. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    If Penguins make the final, I would cheer for whomever is in the west to win it (especially if Fleury can beat his former team), getting bored of pittsburgh in the final. If Washington makes the final, I would like to see Ovie win a cup. To answer the OP, If TBay makes the final, I would be okay with them winning vs any of the remaining west teams, just as much as I'd be okay with any west team beating them, mostly in this order Winnipeg, Vegas, Nashville.
  11. I dont think we have much, if any edge, in regards to our chances of signing him, in fact Id probably say we would be one of the less attractive options, being a rebuilding team. I believe he will probably re-sign with SJ, he seemed to gel well with and had success with them. Why would leave a playoff team for any rebuilding lotto team and have to get accustomed to new systems, management, teammates/linemates etc. There is not really an upside for EK leaving or not signing with a playoff team and joining a team who in my opinion is at minimum 2 years away from a sniff at making the playoffs, let alone having a modicum of playoff success.
  12. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

  13. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    I hope we get Boqvist, he imo has the highest ceiling of the players available, my only worry is his concussion history.
  14. Looks like the sharks watched this video before the 2nd round started and decided they didn't need Practice