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  1. I agree with most of your post and I get that Stralman is a better D in many ways and a valid reason to sign him, but to use age as a reason to let go or trade Tanev, 29, while replacing him with Stralman 32, seems counter to your reasoning
  2. 8-7 Nucks lose in regulation EP with 3g 3a.
  3. Since we have officially been eliminated from playoff contention, I would just like this to be an entertaining game and EP to pad his stats a bit. Dallas win 6-5 in OT EP 4 points
  4. 5-4 Nucks win in OT, EP w 2g 1a in regular time and OT winning goal
  5. If you're on the can til the end of the game you and the Canucks will feel relief around the same time. Both because $&!#ty jobs were finally done!
  6. 4-3 Vegas shootout win, EP w 3g to bump the goal scoring mini slump
  7. So my comment was half joking half hoping but if you truly think we are just one more big pick til we are elite, rofl keep dreaming and please come back to earth. Canucks are not even close to being considered elite, we aren't going to be seeing Hughes play like the second coming of Bobby Orr in his rookie year* and even if he did it wouldn't make up for what we lack on defense and even if you believe Kakko us going to be better than Laine, what makes you think he'll wont go through rookie slumps such as with that you* so aptly pointed out with EP by saying he is in a hole that will be hard for him to get out of. Imo the rebuild is not over for at least 2 more seasons and even then we won't be considered Elite
  8. Canucks down 6-5 in the 3rd, 2 min to go nucks pull their goalie, Pettersson one timer scores to tie. Leafs score in OT for the win. Pettersson w 3g 2a.