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  1. No problem with this deal.
  2. They'll lose to Vegas Knights in 10 years
  3. He stated it in a interview that I watched in fb live, before July 1st FA.
  4. I think you can forget the hatred between the two excuse since Gaglardi is in business with aquilini to build the first new ski hill in BC since 1981 called Garibaldi @ squamish
  5. Just wondering what your criteria is for someone being considered a Vet?
  6. On canucks live Benning just said due to lack of defensive depth, losing tram/sbisa he can't see tanev being traded unless a defenseman was coming back. Said also no interested in trading picks or prospects away either. Confirmed tanev for 3rd was dead Edited for spelling
  7. I missed seeing the 'legs' comment, as pervy as it sounds, I assumed he had also said it to the female wheelchair user.
  8. The recently fired Darryl Sutter
  9. Vyacheslov Bykov would be an interesting choice
  10. Voted other, I'd go off board a bit and give Vyacheslov Bykov a try
  11. 5 - 3 Sharks Goals by Tryamkin Boeser and megna celebrates his new 1 year contract with a goal. Sharks goal scorers Hansen x 3 Jumbo Joe x1 and Marleau x 1
  12. Going to go off board a little and say Vyacheslov Bykov
  13. Canucks get a 2 goal lead by end of the first, Coach Willie instructs us to protect the lead,Lose 3-2.
  14. 1-0 Canucks shootout win, Henrik scores the lone shootout goal
  15. Best part of the game is when the commentator made the comment - Alex Burrows gets a penalty for being Alex Burrows. Couldn't have been more right imo