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  1. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    If Penguins make the final, I would cheer for whomever is in the west to win it (especially if Fleury can beat his former team), getting bored of pittsburgh in the final. If Washington makes the final, I would like to see Ovie win a cup. To answer the OP, If TBay makes the final, I would be okay with them winning vs any of the remaining west teams, just as much as I'd be okay with any west team beating them, mostly in this order Winnipeg, Vegas, Nashville.
  2. [Rumour] Oilers may consider trading first round pick

    I dont think we have much, if any edge, in regards to our chances of signing him, in fact Id probably say we would be one of the less attractive options, being a rebuilding team. I believe he will probably re-sign with SJ, he seemed to gel well with and had success with them. Why would leave a playoff team for any rebuilding lotto team and have to get accustomed to new systems, management, teammates/linemates etc. There is not really an upside for EK leaving or not signing with a playoff team and joining a team who in my opinion is at minimum 2 years away from a sniff at making the playoffs, let alone having a modicum of playoff success.
  3. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

  4. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    I hope we get Boqvist, he imo has the highest ceiling of the players available, my only worry is his concussion history.
  5. Looks like the sharks watched this video before the 2nd round started and decided they didn't need Practice
  6. Vegas will win first 3 games, drop game 4 in OT, win game 5 convincingly
  7. I believe Kane won't even be an option. Why would he sign with a rebuilding team that is imo a couple years away from qualifying for, let alone have playoffs success. Considering he could re sign with his current team and most likely continue to make the playoffs.
  8. [Report] Drew Doughty suspended 1 game

    The video states first point of contact was not the head but it's the main point. I think in this instance the fact it wasn't first point of contact but it was technically avoidable puts some responsibility on doughty but some responsibility should be on carrier for playing w head down to shovel the puck knowing doughty was coming. He put himself in vulnerable position. As much as I don't like doughty, I don't think it's suspension worthy If you take personal responsibility to protect oneself out of the game, players will just do things so any opposing player won't hit them for fear of suspension, the game will turn into a non contact sport
  9. Who will be the first coach to be fired this season?

    Vigneault 1st to be fired. Was hoping to see a year w none.
  10. Viking clap.. Our new cheer?

    Use both .....Viking Clap to get team and fans pumped, pull out the white towell for its original intended purpose aka show displeasure in instances of $&!#ty reffing
  11. [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    I' d prefer if the nucks were to make offers when players entered FA it'd be E.Karlsson or J.Tavares in that order. I would want them to pass on Kane, I think if he enjoys his success where he is he may be apt to re up with his current team rather than join a rebuilding team. The same reasons could be said for why JT may not want to come here ie rebuilding team he doesn't know vs staying w team he does know, karlsson is on an equally if not worse ottawa team so he possibly could be enticed to come to a team closer to rebuild completion than his current team. If we don't and we probably won't get Dahlin, Karlsson would be worth the wait.
  12. Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    As much as I would like a return to playoff hockey I'd have to say I believe we will end up with another bottom 5 finish. We still need a good draft this year and previous draft picks to A. Earn and keep a spot B. Replace a minimum 100 combined points C. Add short term but quality complementary players to fill holes until still developing players can come in and take over.(not easy to entice FA to a rebuilding team). Overall I temper my expectations for rookies and prospects, not all are going to be bohos or boesers out of the gate and some will have to lesrn hard lessons orneed sheltering. While our remaining vets may have some intangibles performance has been underperforming and inconsistent at best w a few exceptions add in the regular season injuries and age increases of remaining vets = potential decrease in performance from even this year. All in all more short term pain but I see alot of long term gains with an upcoming roster that just needs to develop , gain chemistry and learn together.
  13. Id like to see LA Col and StL make it. LA get swept in first rd. and the other two win their 1st rd
  14. Sedins are Second to Wayne Gretzky and Jari Kurri(NHL Record)

    Sorry thought the magic number prior was 25 and they had both been in on 2 goals since last post, didn't see that it was 26