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  1. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks at Golden Knights Feb 23rd 2018

    Boeser sets a new nhl rookie single game point total at 9 Vegas wins 10-9
  2. What Former Canuck would you Draft today to help this team

    Bure. Neely. odjick
  3. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    A Bottom of the league team, plagued by injuries, a team practically begging its young players to step up and show what they can do. All this and goldobin still can't stick with the big club because he can't motivate himself to put the nhl level effort in to match his skill. Hopefully this is a reality check for him.
  4. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    Good move. He needs to spend time down there getting more minutes and refining his game
  5. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Blackhawks Dec 28th 2017

    hawks score last minute empty net goal to win 6-4 Boeser x 3 Virtanen x 1
  6. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    Exactly, enough of the culture of entitlement. You earn what you get and you lose what is given if you show no improvement, no willingness to follow coaches direction, equal effort at both ends in game and practice etc. This is a career and business, if you don't meet expectations at work you're eventually dismissed for someone who can do a better job.
  7. Drop gags and dowd, re-sign twins to year contracts( if they want to come back). As much as I like Vanek ,trade at deadline for pick. Approach Edler about a trade, see if willing, Bring up more youth to fill voids.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Horvat 6yrs 33M

    No problem with this deal.
  9. They'll lose to Vegas Knights in 10 years
  10. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    He stated it in a interview that I watched in fb live, before July 1st FA.
  11. [Rumour] Canucks being approached about Tanev

    I think you can forget the hatred between the two excuse since Gaglardi is in business with aquilini to build the first new ski hill in BC since 1981 called Garibaldi @ squamish
  12. [Rumour] Canucks being approached about Tanev

    Just wondering what your criteria is for someone being considered a Vet?
  13. [Rumour] Canucks being approached about Tanev

    On canucks live Benning just said due to lack of defensive depth, losing tram/sbisa he can't see tanev being traded unless a defenseman was coming back. Said also no interested in trading picks or prospects away either. Confirmed tanev for 3rd was dead Edited for spelling
  14. [GDT] 2017 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft

    I missed seeing the 'legs' comment, as pervy as it sounds, I assumed he had also said it to the female wheelchair user.
  15. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    The recently fired Darryl Sutter