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  1. Amazing Race Canada

    I just finished catching up on the last episode and the after show and I think Rex was talking to the French twins. The French twins were "explaining" their reasoning for trying to jump the line to catch a taxi in Macau but it sounded like a load of BS... Rex called them out on it I believe and they had to censor something. Things got awkward and James Duthie changed gears. Not really sure what they expected, they spent so much time on the twins and their "dirty" tactics that there had to be some bad blood boiling from that. It already looked like Rex wasn't pleased to be there anyways though so whatever. Anyways though, huge congrats to Mickey and Pete, I'm glad they won the race. Those two are a couple of beauts.
  2. Amazing Race Canada

    Happy that those were the top 3 teams. Sukhi and Jinder annoyed me early on already, especially with the way they always begged other teams for help. I thought it showed a lot of character when Spooner and Mikkelson lent them their clue sheet. It's seemed like from the get go the Olympic girls have been in it to win it, but Mickey and Pete are a couple of beauts and I'd love to see them win. Sorry Rob and Ryan, haha.
  3. Advice for Trip to California

    Went to SF recently over the past summer, spent a good week there seeing the sights. From what I experienced, I'd say generally the areas were all pretty nice during the day, but when the sun starts setting some areas certainly seemed a bit more sketchy. Maybe I'm just not used seeing so many people out and about at night time but yeah. As for attractions you may want to go to, I got the City Pass for SF when I was there. it was pretty sweet. We got to go to a lot of different places for the price of like $100 or so. Some places we hit up that may interest you: Alcatraz, California Academy of Sciences, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and The Exploratorium. It also includes 7-day free access to their Muni transit. I think each place had their own merits, just depends on what you like. I enjoy learning about different things so I was really impressed with the California Academy of Sciences. It's everything packed into one. Great place. As for the City Pass, I believe Southern California also has it as well, so you can check that out too. The link for the SF one is here: http://www.citypass.com/san-francisco For eating, one cool little place I visited was Smitten Ice Cream. I think it might not be terribly far from where you'll be. Great ice cream there, and it was really neat cause they use their own patented machines to make ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen. Have a safe trip.
  4. Torts seems to be happy with his buyout

    What is this from?
  5. ADSF: (2) Tampa Bay Lightning vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    Can anyone clarify which network will be broadcasting the game? NHL.com lists CBC for 7pm ET but also the Pens vs Jackets game at 730pm ET.
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Finally watched Fast and Furious 6. Plotholes and physics aside, still found it entertaining I guess. 7/10

    Will definitely look into that. Thanks!

    Thanks for the reply. Could you elaborate on the second option? Do you mean switch it out for a new Enter key or can I just take off the key and put it back on the keyboard?

    Has anyone ever had a key get a bit "stuck"? My enter key has been kind of messed up lately. Usually it requires an actual pressing down of the button to press enter or send messages, but now it's so sensitive if I even just lightly graze the button it will press enter. Can I take it somewhere to get fixed?
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    REALLY? I am nowhere as generous. The opening segment with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan was so painfully stupid I had to stop haha. Couldn't even get through it.
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    ZED'S DEAD, BABY. Zed's dead.
  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I couldn't even get through a quarter of the movie, let alone give it an 8/10. To each his own I guess haha.
  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Watching Wolverine later. Hope I enjoy it..