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  1. I'm okay with the orca but stick in rink... These were the best one in my opinion. I'm okay with the new version but this ones best!
  2. Ouch... This guy is savage!!! Ferland's got his hand full.
  3. Much more competitive team this year... Finally starting to see the home grown quality talent on the roster!
  4. Wow... He is a stellar human being... Showing his emotion about the struggles and journey with his dad... Man, it brings tears to my eyes! Huge courage Brock! 100% behind you!!! You're going to kick some serious donkey this year!
  5. Very good point! Setting president for future contracts. This is a very big deal. Benning really is setting up our future long term. This is the biggest mistake Gillis made.... Looking short term. It's taken years to recover from those choices made in 2010-2013. So on the flip side, these choices by Benning and co. now will set us up for years to come.
  6. We will win with guys like JT and Pearson in regular season and playoffs. Big gritty and skilled. I have followed JT a lot over past two years (versatile guy in my pool). Was happy Benning traded for him. I believe in the end he'll be worth the first rounder we sent to TB. Though it hasn't been confirmed, I am sure there were at least two other teams interested in trading for him. That's why the price was a little high considering TB position of weakness. Watch, this guy will help us win a Stanley Cup!
  7. 99% of the time, I am level and patient with my views on the team decisions because well... What the hell do I really know, I'm not behind the scenes. I just know the history if Cloutier as a goalie for the canucks... How he dealt with the fallout after his part in the repeated failed attempt of the westcoast express not advancing in the playoffs. Then as a hockey coach, not seeing any and I mean any marketable improvement with the goalies, prospect or roster, during his time here. .... Maybe, just maybe he, like his days on the team, didn't have the sufficient support around him to succeed, but I look at the results... Because that's all I can judge, at best. So Twilight you might find me a little crass... But hey we all have our 'lightning rod' opinions and this is one of mine.
  8. No hate man, but no the goaltending was not strong with clouts, last year was because of Ian Clarke. Clouts though not a bad coach was average at best. Tell me, which goalie prospects did he really take to the next level? He left because he couldn't commit his full focus on the goalies so no he wasn't top notch at all. Again all the best to him, but watch Demko, Dipietro and other prospects really flourish going forward.... Ian Clarke is the guru, he wrote the dam book... Clouts was as average a coach as his goaltending was.
  9. I'm sure Dan is a great guy but was I was never happy having him as goalie coach for this team. Thanks for the tme Dan, all the best, but glad you're gone.
  10. Totally agree with you in relation to Benning drafting and trading for character players. It hasn't always worked out due to a variety of reasons but it has been a constant for this management group.... And I think it's finally starting to pay off. I'm going on Saturday too!!! Gonna be rad!