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  1. +1 Juice is just awesome! Not just because he was a great canuck... He's really talented. He looks like he's been doing this for years.... Wouldn't be surprised 10 years from now, most hockey fans will associate him more as a media panel guy than his very good hockey career. Kinda like Hrudy except... WAY BETTER!
  2. I don't know your age, where you were raised and your ethnic background but I can assure you that you haven't experienced racism to as deeply as I have because you wouldn't go to the 'I choose not to be a victim' and I have thicker skin side. I'm not a victim either but I have been victimized due to my color... And at times I had no choice but to remain quiet when the situation was going down for fear of my life and livelihood. I will refrain from judging your perspective... But I strongly disagree with your perspectives.
  3. If you come from a people of color you wouldn't even be asking this question. Every person of color has had to deal with overt racism and even more prevalent, subtle less apparent racial prejudices at some point or in most cases a number of times in their life. I being one. I have many examples. It is still a systemic problem in our current society now... And this example (Peters) is one of many more that will continue to come to light going forward. The question of why we haven't heard about this Peters story before now is the exact reason that I just highlighted.
  4. Add Huggy Bear and Petey and... A young team with some solid veterans sprinkled in. 'There are going to be some growing pains'... Well... Here we are... Growing. It is tough to watch at times.... Still wayyyy better then the past couple 3yrs... Entertaining and we'll see if a contender... Definitely a breath of fresh air
  5. Ahhh, his decision all makes sense now. Yah Luongo has been looking out for his best interest. Nothing wrong with that but he really screwed the canucks for his own gain. That tells me there is no loyalty towards the canucks, therefore I have no loyalty towards him. He was probably the best goalie the canucks has ever had to this point and am thankful for his amazing ability and sacrifices he made as a canuck.... But now he can kiss my *`ss!
  6. And Detroit... Though Zadina wasn't off the board, it easy to see why Detroit felt inclined to pick him over Hughes. That was our luckiest draft to date. Benning stated 'Homerun'. I'd say 'stole home base' for Hughes. 'Home run' for Pettersson.
  7. And probably more.... Hughes will help him... And he Huggy will help Petey. So... Add Boeser, add Demko... How's Gaudette doin'?... )t wait for Rathbone (Makar light)... Dog to a bone PodZ you say?.... Or laqrosse style goals from Hogs? How about the 200 ft game pedigree and snipe from Madden? Sorry... I forgot about Tree.... Yah and it's frustating... I haven't had a chance to talk about the Captain or the SHotgun. I just looovvveee this team! #likethisteam Just draft picks alone... And more I didn't mention. JB rocks!
  8. This is as epic as I've seen here.... To you sir... Captain Morgan....
  9. I totally agree with Hughes being vulnerable just based on his adapting and needing to get stronger like most rookies BUT even though petey's been and will continue to be a revelation for this team and change in the overall culture, skill, and compete, everything filters through the backend first. Quinn will ultimately dictate the tempo and offensive zone time. Really we're splitting hairs here. It's so fun to see these young amazing men turning into character superstar players before our eyes.
  10. It takes a team for sure. But I hace to disagree... After Quinn was removed, the whole team functioned at a slower less sharp pace. Not nearly as dangerous. I agree Horvat is very important but taking him out of the lineup vs Hughes. Hughes already influnences the whole team structure and execution more than anyone else on the team.
  11. Lets not get ahead of ourselves... But yes I agree, we've never had a defencemen of his caliber period. Personally I think the goalie positions always going to be the most valuable on any given team but a franchise defencemen not far behind.
  12. After watching before and after Quinn in the line-up.... I think I'm not alone in saying, already he's the second most important player on this team after Markstrom. Unbelievable how much better he makes the teams breakouts, transition, and pp. But don't rush him back!
  13. Unfortunately... I can't unwatch this. That was disturbing...