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  1. Boeser Malholtra Thanks AJ! Very much appreciated the effort and helping us get some sort of canuck stuff to mull over!
  2. Folded steel look... Jacob ' Swedish Samurai' Markstrom. His best mask by far!
  3. Going this route... Just because Brock should be #50 in my estimate and Malholtra should be nominated somewhere around now. However, (someone here mentioned Pat Quinn) total somehow forgot about him! He should have been in here top 50 as well... Hard decisions.
  4. I don't know about you guys but Gelinas was a canuck for 5 seasons and two he scored 30+ goals. Better stats (then anyone else on the list), some if his best years with the Canucks and played an important roll on the team. He's my pick. Nominating: Sandlak Next Malholtra.
  5. Voted: 'suitcase' Nominate: Sandlak
  6. After looking through the stats if the remaining players... Half of which I didn't see play (or remember anyway), I just feel that Petey has already shown that he belongs in the top 45 players. Nominate: Martin Gelinas
  7. Hammer time! Going with the Flow...
  8. Voted: Hammer Nominate: Murzyn
  9. I'm already 'a thing'....
  10. Voted: Tanev Nominate: Hammer
  11. We don't have one enforcer in yet! It's about time don't you think (already at #35)? No one more deserving then Gino... He'll always be a canuck through and through! Gino, Gino, Gino!
  12. Voted: Gino!!!!! Nominate: Rota