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  1. And Detroit... Though Zadina wasn't off the board, it easy to see why Detroit felt inclined to pick him over Hughes. That was our luckiest draft to date. Benning stated 'Homerun'. I'd say 'stole home base' for Hughes. 'Home run' for Pettersson.
  2. And probably more.... Hughes will help him... And he Huggy will help Petey. So... Add Boeser, add Demko... How's Gaudette doin'?... )t wait for Rathbone (Makar light)... Dog to a bone PodZ you say?.... Or laqrosse style goals from Hogs? How about the 200 ft game pedigree and snipe from Madden? Sorry... I forgot about Tree.... Yah and it's frustating... I haven't had a chance to talk about the Captain or the SHotgun. I just looovvveee this team! #likethisteam Just draft picks alone... And more I didn't mention. JB rocks!
  3. This is as epic as I've seen here.... To you sir... Captain Morgan....
  4. I totally agree with Hughes being vulnerable just based on his adapting and needing to get stronger like most rookies BUT even though petey's been and will continue to be a revelation for this team and change in the overall culture, skill, and compete, everything filters through the backend first. Quinn will ultimately dictate the tempo and offensive zone time. Really we're splitting hairs here. It's so fun to see these young amazing men turning into character superstar players before our eyes.
  5. It takes a team for sure. But I hace to disagree... After Quinn was removed, the whole team functioned at a slower less sharp pace. Not nearly as dangerous. I agree Horvat is very important but taking him out of the lineup vs Hughes. Hughes already influnences the whole team structure and execution more than anyone else on the team.
  6. Lets not get ahead of ourselves... But yes I agree, we've never had a defencemen of his caliber period. Personally I think the goalie positions always going to be the most valuable on any given team but a franchise defencemen not far behind.
  7. After watching before and after Quinn in the line-up.... I think I'm not alone in saying, already he's the second most important player on this team after Markstrom. Unbelievable how much better he makes the teams breakouts, transition, and pp. But don't rush him back!
  8. Unfortunately... I can't unwatch this. That was disturbing...
  9. I think Petey changed his skates as well. So... New stick, skates, more muscle AND first line checkers on him. He's playing a very good defensive game and he's getting assists. It Will be interesting to see if he goes back to his old stick and/or skates. Maybe to much change in to many important areas? Regardless he's still performing at a high level.
  10. Petey might not be scoring like we know he can but love how his defensive game is getting better and better. The scoring will come...
  11. You can really see the Canucks are overpowering the rangers. Much better in the corners, pushing them off the puck. As long as the nucks stay tight checking they will be fine. Don't give the rangers space. Love the size. This eastern trip, really noticing size difference. East is all about speed, west is still size first. The nucks are fast for the west but average speed for the east. Q. Hughes... Just wow!!! Wayyyy better with him on powerplay. He defends well too! This kids is awesome. Very excited we have him.
  12. I'm okay with the orca but stick in rink... These were the best one in my opinion. I'm okay with the new version but this ones best!
  13. Ouch... This guy is savage!!! Ferland's got his hand full.
  14. Much more competitive team this year... Finally starting to see the home grown quality talent on the roster!
  15. Wow... He is a stellar human being... Showing his emotion about the struggles and journey with his dad... Man, it brings tears to my eyes! Huge courage Brock! 100% behind you!!! You're going to kick some serious donkey this year!
  16. Very good point! Setting president for future contracts. This is a very big deal. Benning really is setting up our future long term. This is the biggest mistake Gillis made.... Looking short term. It's taken years to recover from those choices made in 2010-2013. So on the flip side, these choices by Benning and co. now will set us up for years to come.
  17. We will win with guys like JT and Pearson in regular season and playoffs. Big gritty and skilled. I have followed JT a lot over past two years (versatile guy in my pool). Was happy Benning traded for him. I believe in the end he'll be worth the first rounder we sent to TB. Though it hasn't been confirmed, I am sure there were at least two other teams interested in trading for him. That's why the price was a little high considering TB position of weakness. Watch, this guy will help us win a Stanley Cup!
  18. 99% of the time, I am level and patient with my views on the team decisions because well... What the hell do I really know, I'm not behind the scenes. I just know the history if Cloutier as a goalie for the canucks... How he dealt with the fallout after his part in the repeated failed attempt of the westcoast express not advancing in the playoffs. Then as a hockey coach, not seeing any and I mean any marketable improvement with the goalies, prospect or roster, during his time here. .... Maybe, just maybe he, like his days on the team, didn't have the sufficient support around him to succeed, but I look at the results... Because that's all I can judge, at best. So Twilight you might find me a little crass... But hey we all have our 'lightning rod' opinions and this is one of mine.