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  1. 1 hour ago, -AJ- said:

    Aaaaaand Sekeres just lost all credibility. Now it sounds a lot like he's trying to push an anti-Benning narrative.

    Sounds to me that the vancouver media is shuffling to see who the next 'Botchford' will be... You have JD Burke and Suckass attempting to fill his boots.  Though I didn't like Botchford much, he was a decent writer and he was a serious fan of the canucks R.I.P..  However, Burke and Sekeres are just hacks drumming up business.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Tiger-Hearted said:

    The very best of luck to Judd in Minnesota. Hopefully, his experience will be far more respected compared to the lack of respect and appreciation by Canucks management and the meddling Aquilinis.

    He was here for 12 yrs man... He had a good run... Especially with his years under Benning.  Teams on the up or at the top lose management to other teams.  If the nucks keep improving as we expect we'll lose more staff to other teams willing to pay more or increase their responsibilities and or title.  

    Gotta say... I love this team but we have to many fans that are just soo jaded.  Always finding something to b!tch about.  

    It's almost as if Benning hasn't done anything right the ways a good portion of the fan base spews venom over every decision or move Benning makes.  Yah he sucks during FA.  But I'll take that over sh!tty drafting!  What do we want another Gillis as a GM.  Can't draft worth the sh!t but is good at FA?  What I'm saying is we cant have it all.  Every GM we've had, has had some major strengths and major weaknesses.  Pick your poison.... I for one am okay with Benning for a couple more years at least to see his hard work through.  We are on the precipice of witnessing the best canuck team if all time.  Yet many here are whining about... Well everything.  :rolleyes:

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  3. There was a TSN article today focused on the highly touted prospects out of Sweden over the past couple years.  The title has Broberg in it but most of the love goes to our own Hogs!  Unfortunately I can't figure out how to transfer the article here... So not technologically inclined!  

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  4. 1 hour ago, PhillipBlunt said:

    Vanessa Jang is another Canucks Army tool. Why is it that people feel the need to gutlessly out other people on social media? It’s truly the height of cowardice. Hopefully her career is ruined. 

    I just sent her a tweet... Not ripping into her because that would be the same as her.  We need to be more understanding in these times.  Less judgement is the way to go.  Hopefully she learns that spewing negativity especially when not necessary will make her a better reporter.  We have enough tabloid hacks in this city already.

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  5. 1 hour ago, mll said:



    I don't think it really crossed their minds that it could actually happen. They used the same scale as previous years where they had 15 teams in the lottery where teams 8 to 15 had a 6% to 1% chance of winning.  Except they got to pool their chances to reach 24.5%.  I don't think they fully realised that it increased the chances of the losing play-in teams to get 1st overall.  


    The lottery was to bring excitement and get those 7 teams already eliminated something to look forward to.  Have their fanbase engaged in discussions on who their team could pick.  Keep those teams in discussion as they aren't playing.  Those fans are now upset and it could turn even more fans away.

    The other problem they have now is that some fanbases are actively rooting against their teams.  Some Vancouver fans now want the Canucks to lose but so do Wild fans.   That's not the outcome the league was looking for.  To get fans to watch and root for their team there needs the excitement around winning and they could have trouble creating that now.  There's no fans in the stands so it's even harder to create and why bother watching if you want your team to lose.  They shot themselves in the foot.  


    The league is looking to create parity because it's more profitable if every team has a shot to win.  Fanbases get disengaged if teams are stuck in the basement forever - less fans, less revenue.  They are less likely to watch the game if the team coming into town is so vastly superior to their own.  Why waste dollars/time to watch a loss.  When the outcome of every game is uncertain there is more excitement.  


    I think they would have preferred Detroit win the lottery.  They are so far from being competitive and need help to get out of the basement - they have a new arena and there are no fans.  It's not good for the league's income.  The initial proposal when they were discussing holding the draft before the playoffs was to allow teams in the lottery to move up at most 4 spots.  Detroit would have had a 50% chance of getting 1st overall.


    You have some well written out thoughts but to your point on parity... If the league us going for parity why would they stack the deck in favour of middling to better teams?  It just throws that known theory out the window... So to speculate that maybe, somehow they didn't think about the possible 'pooling' outcome.... Wow :picard:that's just bush league embarrassing. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, mll said:

    I doubt the NHL wanted one of the placeholders to win the lottery.  Feels more like they didn't fully understand the maths and that it could lead to such an absurd result.

    Come on now.... They knew exactly what they were doing.  It's just we as fans didn't catch on till now.  If I was a Detroit or Ottawa fan, I seriously consider boycotting NHL for a good number of years.  Bettman is such a weasel.

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  7. In light of the lottery structuring during this covid effected hockey season, Bettman loves to punish the bottom dwelling teams and reward the middling teams.  Every year a team placed 10-15 has jumped up to the top 3 except the Matthews year.  The same theme this year but even more heavily weighted to the middling teams such as ourselves.  I guess he doesn't want to award poor managing?  I mean are the perennial middling teams managed any better e.g. Minny, Florida, Montreal?

  8. 15 minutes ago, NaveJoseph said:

    Yes. There were 8 placeholders (Team A - Team H), with them all adding up to 24.5%. The placeholder that won was Team E, which had a 2.5% chance to get first. But, they're trying to make it sound like it was such an unpredictable outcome even though a placeholder had a 24.5% chance to win the lottery--the second highest odds to Ottawa which had a 25% chance. Now, they'll do a second phase of the draft lottery for the teams that lose in the qualifying round, and each team will have a 12.5% chance to get 1st overall. 

    Wasn't aware of this... Pretty dirty if you ask me.  Basically awarding the bubble or middling teams and some already strong teams... Just doesn't make any sense.  As a canuck fan, we're not as effected negatively but Ottawa, Detroit... dang!

  9. 2 hours ago, Coconuts said:

    Hmm, true. 


    Perhaps something along the line of limiting the lottery to a smaller number of teams while laying out punitive measures for those deemed to be blatantly tanking. The league could keep a closer eye on teams near the bottom during the season. 

    Bottom 8 teams get lottery with equal odds of winning first pick 12.5%, then a second lottery sliding scale (like we currently have) and remaining 7 teams (8 once Seattle's in) puck in order of winning percentage. Yah?

  10. 1 minute ago, Tracksuit said:

    To bad Judd was a major part of why the franchise had finally fixed its piss poor drafting. This is yet another pathetic and unwarranted Loss under the benning era. 
    12 years of service worth nothing to him yet he preachers loyalty and character he should try showing some of those traits once in a while.
    Jimmies ego shouldn’t be nearly as big as it is with all the franchise worst records associated with his tenure. 

    Good luck Judd and thanks For all the superstars you drafted. 

    Brackett has a private Twitter account.... So you can set up a meeting with him... Give him a proper parting gift and see if he'll take you with him to a new team.  Would do us all a favor here too... 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

    In case you're serious, on PC, hover over the name of the user you wish to ignore and you'll see the following pop up: Click "Ignore User".Ignore.png


    Yes I am!  Unfortunately I post on my android phone... I hope to get on my computer and do as you suggest.  Thank you for the info AJ!

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  12. Okay... I come here to enjoy talking about the Nucks with fellow fans and get up to the minute news in the team.  Normally I just scroll past curtain posters that have a hater agenda towards players or management.  Not because I don't agree or that I'm a homer per say.  Just because none of us truly know why any one decision is made by the organization unless we're given the full story.  Those posters here that decide to make it their mission to discredit said players or management without really having any facts has finally gotten to me.  So that being said, how do you find and implement the ignore button?


    To add to this thread...  Just wanna wish Mr. Brackett all the best.  Thank you for your great work!  Really enjoyed how articulate and his thorough analysis on why scouting staff chose curtain players.

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  13. 9 hours ago, Kevin Biestra said:

    I like it.  When they keep it simple they have a chance at almost stacking up to the old masks of the 70s and 80s.  Steel look is pretty badass.

    Folded steel look... Jacob ' Swedish Samurai' Markstrom.  His best mask by far!

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  14. 20 hours ago, 5Fivehole0 said:



    Going this route... Just because Brock should be #50 in my estimate and Malholtra should be nominated somewhere around now.  However, (someone here mentioned Pat Quinn) total somehow forgot about him!  He should have been in here top 50 as well... Hard decisions.

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  15. I don't know about you guys but Gelinas was a canuck for 5 seasons and two he scored 30+ goals.  Better stats (then anyone else on the list),  some if his best years with the Canucks and played an important roll on the team.  He's my pick.

    Nominating: Sandlak

    Next Malholtra.

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  16. After looking through the stats if the remaining players... Half of which I didn't see play (or remember anyway), I just feel that Petey has already shown that he belongs in the top 45 players.

    Nominate: Martin Gelinas 

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