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  1. 1 minute ago, coolboarder said:

    Our faceoff will suffer without Manny teaching the players about art of the faceoff and other aspect of the game.  Leafs will benefit greatly from this hire.  I never liked Brown so hopefully that we would be able to find a better assistant coach out there.  All the best, Manny.

    I don't think it will have immediate effect.  He has taught the young guys well over the last 3-4 years.  It will stay with these guys for the rest of their careers.  Petey and Bo have already received the foundation and some fine tuning to the art of faceoffs and the more subtle nuances of the game from him.  If anything, I worry about the next wave of players like Podkolzin and Höglander etc...

    Regardless, with a year left on his contract, and Green not standing in his way (classy move) will pay dividends over the long haul for this franchise... Just like Mannys influence on our core players.  But there is no doubt, we are weaker as an organization today compared to yesterday.:(  

    Good luck Manny, well deserved.  We'll miss you.

  2. He was already going to be a 'wrecking ball' type of player once he got over here but now at 6'3" or 4" and 203 at what... 19yrs old?!  Probably end up at around 215-220lbs.  My god man,  we have the missing link to our Stanley Cup forward group!  Virtanen who?

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  3. Should be a 'neither' button. 

    They both suck... Either ends of the pendulum.  650 isn't all that professional.  Novice, unrefined presentation.  But way more positive when talking canucks.  1040 has refined vets and their presentation is much more smooth and polished.  But I just have a heavy dislike for Sekeres and don't want to support anything he's associated with... He's just a horrible sh!t disturber.  Way to negative.  So basically, I'm transitioning away from listening to either station.  I come here or just searching the net for latest news on canucks.  I'll still listen to the games as I think 650 does a good job broadcasting the games.

  4. 2 hours ago, Pure961089 said:

    Pods has the silky mitts of Bert but plays the game with Mott’s desperation and grit.   He’s nothing like Virtanen. If Virtanen had a Tenth of the heart of Mott he would be a superstar.  

    That remains to be seen, but I doubt his hands will ever get to Bert's level of skill.  However, elite in puck pursuit, with high end skill.

    Calling it now.... He'll be on the cover of S.I. titled... 'the new age of the power forward'. #cantwaitformarch

  5. 24 minutes ago, skategal said:

    4 years I can go with, not $6M.  He's not more valuable than Horvat or Boeser.  I know stats are stats and one can make numbers support any argument, but saw an article recently that analyzed Motte's performance and he is not a top 6 player.  I don't think we want to pay a bottom 6 that well?  

    I think he meant 4 years at 6 million total. (1.5 per year).... At least I hope that was the train of thought!

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  6. 1 hour ago, ilduce39 said:

    Was just coming in to post this quote. 

    A big part of my belief in Benning has been that he’s been working at this his entire tenure with the Canucks.  Before JT Miller we had Ryan Miller.  A warrior like Dorsett.  A super fun season of Thomas Vanek.  A constant stream of vets to maintain some level of internal competition every camp. Detractors focused on the contracts and “asset management” but ignored the heart of the team:did the group and young developing players play hard / the right way?  Was there a divide between a few “stars” who just wanted to put up points and the rest of the team? Aside from the Jake/McCann rookie blips, I haven’t heard of any drama with the club.  And those two were promptly checked by vets like the Twins and Burrows IIRC.

    It’s not just a matter of having one or two vets as “mentors” - you need to keep enough hard working players around to really shape a team’s identity.  I have no doubt guys like Brock, Petey and Hughes would have been committed regardless, but what a blessing that they didn’t have to come in and change a toxic culture - they could just focus on playing (and maybe adding a bit of swagger, if anything). 

    It was hard to measure “winning environment” as the team still had a poor record.. but in retrospect that was due to a sheer lack of talent and injures (seriously,  check some late season rosters during the down years).  When healthy they always competed even with playoff teams but would run out of steam down the stretch.  It’s no surprise to me that now that we have depth/talent to compete and survive a few injuries we’re playing with the best teams in the league. 

    As a final thought, sometimes I see fans wistfully pining for the days of Gilman/Gillis and their cap management... but they benefitted from a team who were willing to take a little less to remain competitive.  I think it was Burr or Kes who got their hands slapped by the PA for saying so in an interview.   I could see something similar happening again - maybe not Burrows-level-bargain but some deals that are fair to the team and the player rather than record-setting mega deals.  Could be a positive side effect of this little run!

    Excellent take... Couldn't have said it better myself.  ::D

    Enjoy the game win or lose!

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  7. 46 minutes ago, kilgore said:

    Ah!   5D chess game. So Benning purposely acquired and then overpaid veteran players who in his genius scouting mind knew they would underperform for those contracts. It was worth giving up all the developing prospects we'd have in our stable now, because these underperforming vets would help lower the over all talent level on the team with the younger superior talent coming in to make sure we didn't win too much, or make it to the playoffs too soon. Keep those upstart rookies from "putting up a lot of points", in order to "learn how to play the right way".  Brilliant!!!


    Didn't say that it has been perfect e.g.) Eriksson, Gudbranson (even though he saved this one by getting Pearson).  But give me an example (salary cap era) of a team that has keep their picks developed their prospects, let them mature until they're ready for the big show... Then let go of their overpaid or underpaid vets to make room for the kids and win it all?  The only team I can think of is the Penguins first cup and even, they had some solid not cheap vet presents in key positions.

    Look, Benning is using a model similar to the 09' Blackhawks.  The money went to the vets on that team too.

    Toronto's plan suck... So does Buffalos and Edmontons.  The kids no matter how good they are, can't do it alone. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, iceman64 said:

    And I loved every minute of it, JT is too much of a high calibre player but I was shocked when the masses criticized the move by listening to the media AGAIN instead of actually using their own brains and actually think it through for themselves and come to a conclusion that JB hit another one over the fence and media, especially in Vancouver are out to lunch to start with but hardly the only ones...


    That Miller trade was when team 1040 lost me.  I had been following JT since his time with the Rangers, so I knew what kind of player he was and had the potential to turn into.  I was so disappointed to listen to Sekeres and crew just spewing a bunch of very negative takes without even looking at Miller's volume of work up to the tine of the trade.  A major knee jerk reaction from TSN.  There's enough hand rigging here and on Hfboards already without stoking the fire.  Anyway I digress... Benning though not perfect, is a hell of a lot more knowledgeable and levelheaded then anyone here or local media.  I am happy with Benning for at least end of next season.  I feel Benning has learned and getting better within his areas of biggest weakness (FA signings/trades).

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  9. This playoff run is giving Benning even more critical information it help to successfully navigate the next step in this teams development.  The timing of this playoff run couldn't be better.  With the flat cap every move this off-season needs to be right.  This run has increased Bennings chances on doing so.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Justdean10 said:

    Then look at percentage by race of crime committed. Over 50% of crime is committed by black people so of course more are going to get shot because they commit more crime. 
    7.6% of murders of black people are by white people. So 92.4 of murders of black people are committed by Black people.
    13.6% of Murders of white people are committed by Black people. Where 86.4% of white people being murdered are by white people.
    So in both case, each race kills each other way more than other race 52% of murders are committed by black people even though they are only about 13% of the population.
    I know it's not fair to assume just because one black person killed someone, to hold that on all of them but this isn't just about white people needing to be better, they need to better themselves. BLM movement just makes white people look like they are awful people but a lot of their problems stem from with in their own race. If they stopped killing people, they would stop being killed. 

    Where are you pulling these numbers from Justdean 10?

  11. 14 minutes ago, Raspberries said:

    Jumping in to say how proud I am of our team for reportedly "driving" this.  As much as I would have loved to watch the game today this issue is far more important than sports.


    I have no desire to read the thread since there are far too many who simply don't get it.  What I will say is no white person would ever be shot in the back 7 times for simply getting into their car and if you don't believe that, see 17 yr old white person with an AR-15 being able to walk away from police after murdering 2 people.




    Thank you raspberries.  You get it.  Some here don't.  The justifying is just so very sad disappointing.  It shows me how far we still have to come.  

  12. 8 hours ago, CanuckinEdm said:

    I honestly don't think this one was unjustified a career criminal with multiple felonys including violent crimes and gun charges. The police responded to a domestic dispute call and I believe he had a warrant out for something else. While trying to arrest him he started fighting the cops got up went to his car and started looking for something. The police officer had his gun pulled out telling him to stop. The police officer tried to pull him away from the car unsuccessfully before shooting him multiple times. It also looks like he was still digging for something even while being shot so it's not like he got shot once and stopped.  

    Apologist with no facts as to why he was shot... Not once but 7 times.  And they say Canadians are not the same as Americans... You are the exception.  I'll remember you... It people like you that are the problem... 

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  13. 1 hour ago, BoKnows said:

    I remember that rumour being floated around as well.  I think it was when he was still in the WHL though.

    Yah it was when he was with his whl team.  I figured at the time, "well even if true, they're just kids and he'll figure it out...".  Well... I think 5 years later, we're still waiting. 

  14. I posted a couple weeks back when I saw Virtanen having a brief chirp with Boeser (he was mic'd up).  It wasn't much but Boeser's tone with Virtanen, to me sounded dismissive.  More of an annoyance.  Boeser in all interviews, has shown/exudes nothing but kindness, so to see a difference in his demeanor was noticeable, all be it fleeting.  I also recall shortly after being drafted, the rumour that Virtanen didn't have any of his teammates show up to one of his birthday parties.... A teammate saying that 'nobody liked him'.  I took this as a untrue rumour, and it may be.  Regardless of my speculation, actions speak louder than words.  His actions are showing that he's not battling for his teammates.  His actions to this point, are showing that he's going through the motions and being and individual.  It's a character thing with Virtanen... 

    I don't think its been mentioned enough that, in order to be a really effective high quality nhl player you have to know how to be and encapsulate being the 'ultimate teammate'.  Virtanen won't get any better unless he understands and wants to be a better friend/teammate.  I hope that he can 'flick the switch' and become a beast but like most here, I'm losing faith.


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  15. Hey can someone download the awesome article on Manny Malholtra?  I can't from my phone or just to inept lol! 

    Well written and just reaffirms how lucky we are to have him as a coach.  He's been a big reason for our post season success (canucks face off % must be up there... Especially with the wild series, we owned them).  He has a great relationship with the players especially Bo... And it shows!

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  16. Just now, Googlie said:

    Someone (forget who, and to lazy to look) postulated that if we play Marky tonight, and lose, we have a tired Marky tomorrow, with a crucial game (3-1 or 2-2).  If we play Demko tonite (who has a great record.vs Blues - 2 wins and an O/T loss) we have the best of both worlds.  Maybe win, or even lose, and a fresh Marky for game 4

    I like that thinking actually... Especially if the blues play Allen.  But I doubt Green will go that route.