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  1. Hammer time! Going with the Flow...
  2. Voted: Hammer Nominate: Murzyn
  3. I'm already 'a thing'....
  4. Voted: Tanev Nominate: Hammer
  5. We don't have one enforcer in yet! It's about time don't you think (already at #35)? No one more deserving then Gino... He'll always be a canuck through and through! Gino, Gino, Gino!
  6. Voted: Gino!!!!! Nominate: Rota
  7. Lol!... I 100% agree. Don't think Nazzy will be asked to be a guest (crossing fingers!). I will say that Markstrom story was funny... They should get Markstrom or Tanev on the show but again, these guys seem to have their teams they're loyal to... And Vancouver isn't one of them.
  8. Listened to podcast... They have a fun format. I usually enjoy their show... However this one... A blatant catering to the canucks fan base.... Out of duty it seems. Really you can tell they really don't care to give a proper interview with Horvat.... And let's face it, Horvat is a super stand up solid human and was a good choice to be our captain but he's pretty vanilla in interviews of any kind... and though he swears once and opens up a bit... He's kinda boring to listen to. Also he got dissed at one point talking about Colorado and Van having a big elite two team battle in '2027'... And he had no bite back comment. Also, Biz going on about the van fans being animals or vicious... I mean okay... We have a loveable loser complex but i'd consider Boston fans to be more vicious or animal then ours. Anyway, I'd prefer these guys have a current canuck or past canuck player on that they really wanted on for entertainment and just because they wanted (e.g. they spoke about Rousell) to, rather then just catering to the 'van fan pressure' to do so. I can tell they could give two 'sh!ts about anything Vancouver.
  9. Voted: Boudrais Nominate: Gino! (x2)
  10. It's obvious those of you that voted for Salo have a 'thing' for a player with 'balls of steel'... Otherwise I just don't understand... I digress. Vote: BMo Nominate: Gino Odjick!!!!
  11. Yah okay sure (junior team) but when he was drafted by the canucks, the #19 was representing the draft year not in honour of Naslund.
  12. I've been okay with this list up till this point.... But Salo? Come on... There are at least 2 other defencemen with better regular season and playoff stats, games played for the team and overall impact during his time with franchise... He ain't chopped liver... but not top 20. Please no.
  13. I believe he wore #19 because he was drafted 2019.
  14. Went for Morrison this time... Seems criminal that he's so far removed from Bert and Nazzy... Nominate: Greg Adams(x4)
  15. Voted: Boudrais Nominate: Greg Adams(x3) I'm now going to have to do more research... And I'm old too! I guess between just plain forgetting (I'm sure weed has something to do with that) and not being a full time fan before 89'.... I'm going to have to go back to the archives! I guess we have the time lol!
  16. Wow! Forgot about the low glass back then! Fans could really get involved lol!
  17. Voted Mogilny!!!! Nominate: Greg Adams Happy Jovos nominated!
  18. Voted: tanti Nominate: jovocop (×2)
  19. While you're looking for Al please don't forget Smokey... He'll need to be tucked away too!
  20. Voted: Snepsts Nominate: Greg Adams Glad Mogilny was nominated finally! Have him at #17 or 18. This is getting pretty tough... Have to go back and research to try and pick with the stats and memory... There isn't much of a gap between these canuck greats... It's easy to just be inclined to go with your bias.
  21. His music has been very influential in my life. His messages within his songs have played an important part in how I see the world and as a result, helped in the molding of my person, a deeper, thoughtful, loving person... Some of my better attributes. Thanks Bill, glad one of the good ones had a chance to live a full long life. Thanks fir leaving an amazing legacy for us all. What a gift.
  22. Voted Kesler Nominate Mogilny (6×)