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  1. Voted: Ohlund Nominate: mogilny
  2. Voted: Edler Nominate: Mogilny again
  3. The bolded parts absolutely!!!! +1 on the '3 parts Roy and 1 part Cloutier!' Gold man, pure gold!!! And the TRUTH! Very good made my day thanks! Lou... U Premadonna!
  4. I am even more pissed at Lou after the sedin retiring. He just looked like he was there for the sedins but couldn't care less about Vancouver or anything else Vancouver... It's like he hasn't made peace yet... It all ended so poorly. Anyway I say suck it Lou!!!! Bloody cry baby... Big ego jerk!!! Ok, okay... I'm over it... Well I'm not but... After all that I still can't deny (not including game 7 against Boston) he was hands down the most consistent elite goaltender we've ever had. If it wasn't for him, we probably don't make it to game 7 of the finals and get those president trophies. Don't miss him though. Voted Luongo Nominate: Mogilny
  5. Sid... With so little canuck content these days... Anything we can find is a good thing. Wanted you to know, that I think you're a talented writer. Most of the time I find your posts well thought out and informative... Even if I don't agree with your assessment (usually do), your argument is compelling because of the strength of your writing. If you don't already do something writing related for a living... I hope you'll consider it. I will follow yah. Regardless we got you here. Cheers!
  6. Great read! Moral of the story... Take BPA! Interesting that Quinn was tested out by Arizona that draft year and are now in trouble for it. Finally the canucks have good drafting karma (maybe something to do with management as well lol!). I think we'll be able to put Podz into this story in the not to distant future as well. It can't be understated that the 17-18 & 19 drafts have had us not just take the bpa but also fulfills our position of need. Perfect storm! GCG!!! I miss hockey
  7. i would say perfect winger for Petey... eventually.
  8. I love this sh!*°t! This is how character is built! This is the turn around game! A full 60 minutes ... Demko will make the saves, when it matters the most, to get us the win. Go canucks go!!! 4-3 nucks... In overtime!
  9. Reset for next year... Hope for better health.
  10. He had all the time in the world to shoot that puck!... He won't get that much time in nhl, but he made it count. That goalie though!... Looks like a crab out of water there lol!
  11. awesome point! Never thought of this. Very interesting... Looking towards the long game. Yah... That's exciting. Love the way this team is being built.
  12. Agree here... Maybe an Iginla type of leader... We can hope!
  13. It appears to be weighing heavy on him. I think he's done well at times and faltered too. Right now, I'd love to see him put this team on his shoulders a will this team to the playoffs. Like he did against Boston... To soon? In his make-up? Not sure yet. I agree they could have waited this season with staying with the A's on his, Tanev, Edler... Even JT but... Well, we'll see if he can take this tough time and rise to the challenge.
  14. Again, I agree... I see it takes a curtain mix of personalities to make a great team. Our 2011 team had a few to many big ego yapping kinda guys... And somewhat overcompensated for our very understated (egoless) Sedins. Now we have a team of gentlemen with some grit and growing skill... But how many personalities with fire do we have? JT seems to be that type... Markstrom seems to be as well. Maybe Roussel but regressing and not part of the core. Finishing off the season McEwen maybe? Not sure if we have enough yet... Waiting on Podz and maybe Hogs as they to me might really complete the essential makeup to win. I just prefer the St.Louis model... I know... Convenient right?! But really, they are a bunch of hard working in your face tough to play against guys that just grind you into the ground WITHOUT the cheap stuff... They play clean AND hard. I think our make-up is close to there's except we have more skill but less size and grit at this point. Not asking for an identical team to theirs just the base fundamentals. My question to you is... Do you think that Horvat was the right captain choice? Even if not do you see him growing into a good/great captain?
  15. I agree with your post 100%. This is a young team that is learning how to deal with adversity. JM has already developed this side of his game hence the consistent play he found this year. To me, we are already playing with house money because we are competing for a playoff spot... As painful as it is, experience is being built right now. The only reservations I have, are if we don't make PO's, will that lessen our chances of resigning Toffoli/Markstrom? Not saying resigning either or both is the best thing to do (based on $ and term) but more just having the choice to do so (would they want to?). Also, though Markstrom has proven to be a high end starter in this league, we haven't yet seen how he performs in the playoffs...
  16. I saw an post game interview with JT... Where is the interview with our CAPTAIN Horvat? He should be the first player available and interviewed after a loss like this... A road trip like this. Maybe he was? I want to see what he has to say.
  17. Compliment for sure. A great team has a a spread of skill sets across the roster. Podz has what this team lacks which is a player with a never quit, straight to the net with size, grit and edge AND enough skill when the team needs it most. Last nights vs the leafs is the perfect example. We needed someone to put the team on their back... And it can't be just one player either. Bo can do it sometimes and as he gets more experienced, I expect he will be able to rise to the challenge more consistently. Who else has that 'it' factor on this team? Petey was last year at times, Boeser the year before... Hughes has the skill for it. The only consistent player with enough skill and brought it night after night this year is Markstrom. So, yes, Podz has that 'it' factor... When he gets here, he alone will raise the grit and skilled/compete level a couple notches on his own. And yes... He's made for the playoffs. Can't wait! As silly as it may sound, I've been wanting to buy a jersey for years now but I've been lamenting on who to choose... though he's not here yet and his # isn't guaranteed... Hell, we don't even know that he will come here a 100% after his khl stint... But, I think I'm going to go out and get a custom jersey made for me. Flying V #92 Podkolzin Yes... I'm nuts, I'll show you guys once I have it (sometime this summer).
  18. Vintage... You're the main reason I come here. Because of you, I don't need to be on Twitter, tsn, sports net or go to the province...etc. I get all the up to the second news about the Canucks and other NHL happenings. You save me a lot of time in my day to do other important things beyond getting my 'canuck fix'. Thank you!
  19. These will be the 4 names we'll be hearing over and over again for the next decade or so. Competing for Norris, Hart and possibly Stanley Cup MVP trophies. These guys are the next ones. I'm just so glad we got one on our team finally! Dahlin the next Hedman? Hughes the next Housley? Makar the next Bouque? Heiskanen the next Lidstrom (light)?
  20. Nucks get this game. They'll make a statement tomorrow and will set them up for the final push to the playoffs. Canucks 3-1 with 35+ shots on Rask.
  21. Great comparison! Except Russian and a little bigger. Same huge heart, drive and leadership with a bit more skill then Stan?