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  1. Okay, okay, okay... I get it. Considering the context I used... I deserved to be flamed. I'll step away from the ledge lol! No point in voicing my concerns when there really based from a 'feeling'. I'll see myself out.
  2. We have no choice but to be patient with Juolevi but... But so far he hasn't maintained any consistent forward momentum in his development. It's one thing after another. When I take a chance venturing into this thread, I risk being disappointed more often then not. Oh well... We have have many other exciting prospect threads to visit... And Juolevi may still turn out to be a decent defencemen for us for years to come... But I've let go of the hope that he'll live up to his original billing as top 2 defencemen.
  3. The science behind the process of how concussions effect different individuals is still early in understanding (obviously, your understanding is behind as well). Because so little is known, Benning and Co took a calculated risk and were wrong this time. I applaud there decision it took balls. So what... Put him on LTIR... and get Simmonds or someone of his ilk. It ain't your money. I hope Ferland takes this time to be with his young family and just get better. Maybe a blessing in disguise.
  4. Going to the game tonight folks! Soooo stoked! I'll try to send some pics. I think the boys are going to win this one... Will be a great character win! I just know they're going to come out flying! Go canucks go!
  5. I love your enthusiasm and hope your prediction comes true. But that's asking for the moon and the stars... I prefer your first sentence. THAT is very possible. And if so, we will be a very well balanced team. What I can see... To your second point, if he is in full health and can play to his strengths, because of his long layoff and humbling experience with his health. I don't think he will take anything for granted, and as a result, might very well be a 'man possessed', on a mission to search and destroy. It will be very interesting to see if these concussions will make him overly cautious or just more selective. I agree though, that to me he's the wild card and could very well tip the scales in favor for a long playoff run.
  6. I saw a bit of it without volume (watching in a pub). I've since been looking on line for the interview, haven't been able to find it. Anyone have a link?
  7. Watching the game tonight really hit home the fact that we need more bigger bodies with an edge. I just kept on thinking how much a healthy Ferland would help level the playing field against bigger teams that use there size to intimidate and wear down our smaller more skilled players. Don't want Ferland to rush back and I think the canucks management have been very cautious and patient getting him right before stepping back on the ice. But man it will be like a trade deadline acquisition. A player that will be the perfect compliment to our current roster. Here's to hoping his stint in Utica goes well without setbacks and he comes up to the big club soon!
  8. Carolina's my favorite team in the east followed closely by Columbus. Huge Aho fan. Also their D is in my opinion the best in the league. Just not solid on Mrazec or Reimer. Anyway, two goals by Aho, a goal by Petey, Virt and Boes in overtime! 3-2 Nucks!
  9. No.... FedorFederov did not bring up any good points.... And by your comments here, either are you. He was a straight troll that loved to stir the pot during the down years. He was a confirmed troll otherwise he'd still be here... No fun when the team is winning. How about you? Have you taken his place... It will be lonely here for yah. You'd have more friends on HBoards... Just sayin'.
  10. What about Madden? This isn't the Motte thread right? Just sayin' this thread has been derailed for a while now. I'm excited about this guy... I think he's trending towards making the big club and being a permanent fixture on the 3rd or 4th line (higher ceiling then that?). Just like most here feel, his slight build is a concern... Just waiting for him to fill out a bit. Does anyone have info on whether he's gaining weight or growing? I don't think he has the same build or skill as Petey... So I don't think he'll be able to come into the NHL with a slight frame like Petey did.
  11. Article reads: 'Ferland hasn't quite made enough progress in his recovery from the upper-body injury to resume playing, so it sounds like his absence will extend into February. The winger has been on long-term injured reserve since mid-December.' His return could be early Feb. but probably the 8th against the Lames? Hope so... Could really make a difference for the playoff push. His tough to play against, size and hitting are exactly what we need.
  12. "Can you handle that!" Sounds awesome looped. Would be great sampled for a hip hop song lol!
  13. I think the Kraken would be a mistake.... But fun for canuck fans! I lived in seattle in the mid 80's in the CD or central district. It was a very rough area that had crack houses all over the district. So when I hear 'Kraken' obviously my mind goes away from the intended image. Also the off shoot nicknames that will come.... They'll be easy targets for sure. As of now I feel sorry for them if they go with this name (I am a seahawks/Sonics fan). I have some allegiance left from my seattle days in my youth. However... As soon as the rivalry is truly born, game on! anything goes! The seattle sushi The seattle cracks The seattle skids The seattle squids The seattle seasaws The seattle seastars The seattle starbucks Etc.... Coolest name would have been the Seawolves... But we already have the logo lol! With the names that have been circulating id have gone either sockeyes or steelhead.
  14. Beyond the skill and entertainment this young team is showing night after night, steadily improving.... What I'm most proud of... Like you highlighted, is team character. More then any canuck team before, I really like these guys. They're truly decent humans. Super kind, and compassionate. Yet high compete level with amazing skill. This is why I dislike Calgary so much... I can't stand the lack of character I see in their most important players. I love our team!
  15. Did anyone get a picture?... The game within the game lol!
  16. This topic is redundant... Move on nothing to see here. JT Miller rocks!... There are already many great prospects in our pool. If we make the playoffs, that pick will be a later 1st and JT was a later 1st correct?.... so?.... Without JT the team wouldn't be in serious contention for a playoff spot... Isn't that what it's all about?! None of us know why 'he cost so much'... Except... Oh... Yah now maybe we do?! Geeze, nothin' better to do I guess. That was 5 mins of my time, done.
  17. You know... I remember when Kobe broke into the league out high school. That was unusual at the time... He was only 17. There were comparisons he'd be the next Jordan. What first struck me about him wasn't his game or age coming into the league, it was his name Kobe... Never heard that name before he came along... Just sounded so cool. As it turned out, his game ended up making his cool name iconic... Now there are probably hundreds of thousands of Kobe's in the world lol! He wasn't my favorite player... That's still Jordan for me but... I think his fierce competitive nature and extreme hard work ethic was rivaled by only a small few... Brady, Woods, Federer maybe a few more. It just really hurts to loose a human so young... That represents to us all what greatness a human can achieve. But most of all... I'm most sad for his daughter and his surviving daughters and wife... What a tragedy. Sad day.
  18. Doh!!!! Man... That was bad. Slip of the tongue or not... That will be tough to rebound from.... No pun intended.
  19. Just a little over a year away from him driving the net, stripping the pucks, and no look saucer passes for our team. His skill sets will really be a welcome addition. He's going to be a big upgrade on Motte/Beagle type... More skill with elite non stop motor. Gonna be rad!
  20. No you're right, there is no way to guarantee or reassure anyone at this point... Overall my point was to bring to light that there are other up and coming goaltenders that will also be attractive to seattle come the ed. You poked some holes in my original statement as to viability of some of those tenders I deemed good alternatives to Demko... And you are right. So you helped educate me there. Gives me pause to look deeper. But also, as you mentioned... We'll just have to wait and see, the landscape will change significantly from now to the ed.
  21. Alright... You have some good points there. Especially with Kuemper and Raanta. They will probably be out of the picture come ed. However, it's hard to say between Korpisalo and Merzlikinis (even though he has only 21 games... He looks really good) who will end up being the starter in Columbus. Regardless, to your point, there doesn't seem to be that many greater options based on age and experience than Demko come ed. I'd add Shesterkins in there possibly?
  22. Raanta, Kuemper (take your pick) Korpisalo, Merzlikinis (take your pick) are in my opinion right now better back ups compared to Demko but.... A lot will transpire between now and the expansion draft. Regardless, I'm not sold that Demko will be taken or the best option when the time comes for Seattle to pick their goalies. I've been a huge Demko fan from the beginning... Also have a soft spot for him as I've met him in person and found to be a real character quality person. Regardless, these other goalies I've mention have already shown or making a great cases to be considered great future starters. Demko needs more work to show what he is and will be. I'm rooting for him and really hope we keep him because I think he'll become a great starting goaltender in the NHL at some point... Hopefully for the Nucks!
  23. Welcome back... Since 2006 hey lol! I also had another account and couldn't for the life of me, remember my password so I created this one. Anyway, glad you have come back just in time to see this team reach greatness for years to come. Tis' a great ride!