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  1. Rodishred

    Quinn Hughes | D

    You're in for a treat! Petey is everything you've seen or heard but better. Seriously, t.v. doesn't show half of what he does. Add in the skating and IQ of Hughes... It will be a sight to behold!
  2. Rodishred

    Quinn Hughes | D

    I am too! Very excited... IF Quinn is there. Regardless, I'll have a great time but I'm just so stoked to see him with Petey and Boeser. If yah want to meet up for a couple drinks before game, Let me know. Cheers... Go Canucks go!
  3. He does some great charity work too. I respect the guy... Even though sometimes he can be a bit of a 'Pratt'. Lol
  4. I do remember that station. I believe it was called moj radio... The host being Marjohnovich (sp?). I was happy about the new station because I didn't like Dan at 980. Then one day it was gone and team 1040 started up.
  5. Rodishred

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    If we were up against the cap... I'd almost agree with you... But we have lots of cap space and we aren't competing for a Stanley Cup. If Gagner was on the canucks or comets right now taking a roster spot, again I'd agree with you... But neither is the case here. So what's the problem? Nothing else more relevant to complain about?