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  1. Is this what you come up with? You have 880 posts.... is this your usual type of input.... I'll watch for your future posts and see if you have anything more to offer or is this just sarcasm? Anyway, ironically, he may very well turn out to be like a Ronning in the not to distance future.
  2. The Dallas Calgary trade took place in another time. There was no salary cap back then. You could buy players and make a stacked team if the owner had money to spend (a la Rangers, though it didn't work). Now is a different time, drafting is the ONLY way in the new NHL to stay competitive. No Gillis shouldn't sell the farm to win now. We are close... so close. It may not be necessary to sell off significant prospects in order to win the cup now. If anyone can do it, it's Gillis. I want Ott!
  3. I'm more excited then I've ever been in relation to seeing our young prospects in main camp. Hodgson, Rodin, Archibald, and Polasek. Rodin will be an exciting player for the Canucks in a couple of years.
  4. Really appreciate your updates. Very helpful.:D