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  1. This is like WWF meets hockey... Figgin' hilarious! Definitely nostalgic...
  2. I concur.... lol! The 'lack' of white on the sleeves and and lower trim actually keep the focus on the white in the logo and collar... Really makes it pop. Logo will show well moving down the ice. The 'C' is now distinctly noticeable from a distance. The new stick is almost cartoonish but works... At least it doesn't look like a twig anymore.
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth lol!!! Broberg being the only defencemen (at #10) I'd include with this group.
  4. I jest... It's funny after a day where Buttons draft 'analysis' comes out all stock value changed. I get that they take different angles to categorize and rank the prospects. Button knows how to promote water cooler talk tis' all.
  5. Is Bob thrown some SHADE on Button!? Gloves are off!!!!lol
  6. It's common knowledge that the US development team this year is the deepest and most talented team they have ever produced. As many are saying, 5 of these player may be chosen within the top 10. However, I am wondering if Botton is a little to focused on that group and not giving enough credit to some of the other high-end talent in this draft e.g.) Dach, Cozens and Turcotte. All of which are C's. I just don't see these three falling out of the top 10. Regardless there will be someone dropping to us that we have higher in our rankings.
  7. Yah.... I'd be shocked and over the moon if Zegras was still there at #10.
  8. I'm coming around on Zegras.... The more I read and watch. As you mentioned, his CREATIVITY is off the charts. Much like Pettersson, Barzel and Marner... That's an x-factor that we can't pass up if available at 10. Imagine having two elite IQ creative playmakers that can score, skate and see the ice so well. Compliment them with north south high effort, gritty character forwards in Bo, Adam, Tanner, Jay and Jake (?) and you have a well balanced forward group that can contend for the cup very soon.
  9. I go defence at #10 UNLESS Boldy or Podkolzin are available... in that order. Otherwise, Broberg, but I would be quite happy with Krebs as well. Cool thing is we'll have a shot at atlest two of these guys.
  10. Original stick in rink white... My #1 favorite!
  11. Other notable nhl management bromances (not as weird/hilarious as this one.... Rick Ley- Pat Quinn Brian Burke- Dave Nonus(no nuts)
  12. Good signing yes... But only one 'show me' year. A fair signing for sure (wouldn't call it a home run signing though). If he has another solid year and starts taking starts from Hellebuyck then you can bet his next contract will be more term and money. And a good but hard choice to make for the Jets as to who they want starting going forward.
  13. It doesn't matter if the oil barons have been the ones to help our 'Quality of life'... What matters is it's not benefiting us now.... At the expense of our future.... I'm seriously very close to being completely off the grid. Within the next 6-10 yrs I will be 100% self sustainable. That's all I can do... And guess what, my quality of life will be great. Will I have convenience? No, I'll have to work every day to maintain the systems and harvest the food I produce but again... How is that bad. Our lives won't go back to the way it was before the industrial revolution. We can use the tech that has been developed for a much more user friendly future. I currently use a diesel converted truck that uses vegetable oil as the main fuel source. Not 100% emission free but less and I'm only purchasing 15% of the diesel I did previously in a year.... And I can source the canola oil and also produce small quantities of some as well. I'm currently setting up an amazing micro hydro system on my property that will eventually supply me with 65% of my hydro yearly. At peak times during rainier fall, winter and springs I'll be able to sell back some power to bc hydro.... It can be done, I'm just getting ahead of the curve that I think is coming whether we like it or not. You have to be blind not to see the extreme changes occuring right before our eyes. I figure human enduced or not... We aren't helping the changes slow down. So prepare and do it while resources are still available.
  14. Rob... I saw your earlier post on the Mike.D forum. Spot on. I was going to start my first topic based on yours here! Saved me time! In my view, Ian Clark is the most important and most positive signing Jim has made since taking over as GM. Sometimes just 'good' goaltending (with timely saves) and elite players around that goaltender can win a cup e.g.) Crawford in Chicago, Osgood in Detroit, Feur in Edmonton, Holtby in Washington last year (kinda).... Jones in San Jose this year?. Great goalies for small window periods when it mattered most. But not consistent year after year. Sometimes an elite goaltender with a good team around him can win the cup e.g.) Montreal with Roy, Quick with L.A., and of course Brodeur with NJ. Would have been Hasek with Buffalo as well but... We all know what happened there. Rask with Boston this year? (not sure if he's consistent enough yet to be considered elite.. But lights out in these playoffs and might win them the cup... Please noooo!!!!). To me the most exciting hockey, the most memorable hockey, the type a hockey that legends are made and legendary teams are immortalized, is a team with elite goaltending e.g.) 1994 Canucks. Notice I didn't say elite goaltender... I said goaltending. I digress... My point being, there is little to no chance a goalie will reach elite moments or whole careers without a great to elite goalie coach. Ian has proved that in the past with Bobrosky, and is proving it again with Markstome. It seems that both Demko and Dipietro speak highly about Clark and the work he's doing with them seems to have improved both their games. With Ian, I believe the Canucks will be competing for the cup NEXT season and every other season after for the forseeable future. He and Petey are the biggest reason for speeding up our slow rebuild.