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  1. Lets eat Shark Meat

  2. Come On Nucks beat the Sharks!!!

  3. We Won, but of course we did, nobody is surprised, we are the best after all! NUCKS RULE

  4. I cannot skate but i can be an Instigator. Im more than happy to be a Trevor Gillies and take out the opposition star players. Call me Mike

    1. Mannimal Hoetruck

      Mannimal Hoetruck

      i am a chinchilla, therefore your argument is invalid

    2. Dazzle


      Mike Gillis?

  5. Could somebody go to Ehrhoffs n Salo house just to check on them.... just to be sure.... we need to be sure they are fine!

  6. Winning a season series v the Shames is always nice even if it is only the Shames! Believe in Blue

  7. Cody Hodgson, Sergi Shirokov, Aaron Volpatti, and Lee Sweatt all with 1st NHL Goals of their career this season - What depth we have got

  8. is supporting Green Bay to win it all. Take it home

  9. Go Canucks tonight, end this bad run you are on. Keep working hard and believe in one another and get the Job done. Vancouver = Worlds Greatest Hockey Club

  10. If My brothers team Green Bay wins the Superbowl, Vancouver better win the Cup or there will be trouble

  11. But i thought the Canucks couldnt beat a really good team? Maybe the Flyers are secretly last in the Eastern Conference and we still cant!

  12. Where is our respect? We deserve it now

  13. How are Canucks Fans able to find the words to post into the forums after that debacle? I feel humiliated by this team, We will never beat the Hawks again

  14. I just watched the Lightning v Flyers match from Thursday night and it turns out this kid Stamkos is pretty good! Who Knew!?

    1. Venom52


      Apparently Tampa Bay did.

  15. When i grow up i want to be just as good as Ilya Kovlachuk. Such talent!!!!!

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    2. IrishCanuck83


      Of Course everyone would rather be Kovlachuk but when these superstars mess up that badly mere mortals like ourselves can for a brief moment have a laugh at their expense. Surely we cannot be denied that privilege even if its only for a short period

    3. IrishCanuck83


      Think CanuckinUS was talking about me, im 27 but a bit mean! Why cant we have a laugh at Kovlachuks expense, hes on 100 million im sure he will be alright!

    4. BruinsForCup2011


      What is a Kovlachuk??