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  1. This is crazy
  2. Anybody who went to the open practise notice how kesler spoke for the team ?

    That right there made me KNOW fo shizzle that KESLER WILL BE CAPTAIN .

    quote me, i dare you

  3. No problem bud, glad to see you like my posts. Really trying to write another post just don't want to rush one.

  4. Buddy holy sh*t Your posts are amazing >.>

  5. An amazing post on Gillis! Nicely done!

  6. +178. your amazing !

  7. thanks for joining! we need more posts like that around these parts.

  8. Make another thread!

  9. Amazing post, you deserve all those +'s!

  10. Great post/thread and welcome to CDC. Keep up the great work.

  11. wow. 7 post, 1 topic +89. keep it coming snipecheese aka the new Tank Hankerous!