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  1. This is crazy
  2. It's a shame to see Cody go, but I do think its fairly obvious what happened, he just never fit in to the lineup, we are that deep. Hank and Kesler are not going any where for a while. I have to admit it is sad to see Cody go especially because he seems like such a good kid, but I beleive that if everything was to go our way, me may have just gotten a very rare big bodied, versatile player with sand. He plays a fearless game, and I think him coming up in such a classy organization will ensure that he keeps his nose clean, and plays good, two way, hard-nosed hockey. We desperatley needed a guy like this, and we finally have him.
  3. Anybody who went to the open practise notice how kesler spoke for the team ?

    That right there made me KNOW fo shizzle that KESLER WILL BE CAPTAIN .

    quote me, i dare you

  4. No problem bud, glad to see you like my posts. Really trying to write another post just don't want to rush one.

  5. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  6. Buddy holy sh*t Your posts are amazing >.>

  7. An amazing post on Gillis! Nicely done!

  8. +178. your amazing !

  9. thanks for joining! we need more posts like that around these parts.