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  1. What bugs me is our current logo doesn't even reflect the team colours. If someone saw just the logo, they'd think our colours were dark blue and silver.
  2. The problem is, the orca has been around the longest now qnd I still feel no attachment to it. I've never hated it like some people, but it still doesn't feel like our number one logo. I'd have to say going to the stick in rink, since it was the first, with Johnny on the shoulder, and then a johnny third. This wouldn't really be like changing, since it has always been part of the team. When the Oilers finally ditched their dark blue and bronze jerseys, it was more seen as a correction than a jersey change. Think of how dumb it would sound to them if they kept those boring dark unis just because they didn't want to change. Or buffalo just sticking with the buffaslug just because they've had too many changes. Nobody really thanks Buffalo changed jerseys again when they went back to the original logo. They just corrected themselves. I think we can do the same.