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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Don’t get caught up with impatience
  2. Of course kucherov has played more and scored more, hes 25 and been in the league longer. Or did you not pick that up? Both of their age 21 years are comparable but Boeser has the edge on a worse team boeser 62 games 29 goals with 55 points at a 0.887 p/g Teams point leader Kucherov 82 games 29 goals with 65 points at 0.792 p/g Third for points on team And it was until Kucherov’s fourth pro year where he put up better numbers than the numbers brock just put up. I get that you like to heckle people but you could save some face and build some credibility if you do a little research, actually read the post you are heckling and respond appropriately
  3. This deal is telling of how much Boeser could command or how his contract will look i see boeser scoring 70 plus points next year I don’t think he has arbitration rights but he could take a 2 year bridge at 5 and then 9 mil for 8
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    Im pretty sure it’s NHL or back to college and that the AHL isn’t a good option
  5. Vegas has a future to deal with, they can afford him but their defence is going to need to be taken care of, they were all paid peanuts and all expire in the next 2 years. Their forward group will also be looking for big raises. Sure they have the cap space but they also have a ton of contracts to take care of San Jose is old and will be on the outs in the next few years dallas could be a destination, they are one of the teams that has their younger core that will be around as well as some prospects moving up toronto, doesn’t every player want to go their? Don’t they want to sign everyone? Theres more to signing a player than simply just having the space at the moment. That’s how teams get into trouble and have to start dumping good players and picks with bad contracts for cheap to stay compliant. Im sure Tavares would take this into consideration before signing (how it would affect the cap situation moving forward)
  6. You don’t quite get it. Hes likely not going to a contender, they can’t afford it Hes likely not going to a team that is old Hes likely not going to a team without a future That leaves teams that have prospects that are about to enter the NHL and also has a few young players to grow into a better team buffalo is one of those teams, so are the canucks the only contender i can truely see getting him is Winnipeg
  7. The point im trying to make is that people are talking about him only going to a contender or to the most mentioned teams I think the teams that are poised to turn the corner towards the playoffs and have space are going to be the front runners
  8. I beg to differ he is very calm and and plays a good positional game. He uses his body well to hold the play in the ozone and to protect the puck however I thought he looked a tad bit lazy at times i see him as an anchor type second pairing a trade of tanev 2018, 2019 second Cal Foote and Johnson
  9. This is what I don’t understand why is there talk of him going to the oilers? They need wingers so Leon can play center. Also cap? The leafs need defence more than scoring. Also cap? Nashville can make a play but the playoffs showed they need to have a better bottom pairing Vegas can make a push but they have a really good team and they have a few spaces to fill and a few raises to make, they would be better off focusing on keeping their roster and slowly adding and NOT throwing money around to try to get over the Stanley cup. We all saw what changing the roster to compensate for the loss did to the canucks The sharks, well tavares said he didn’t want to be in a fish bowl market but in all honesty, they are an older team and in 3-4 years will be off loading assets to start a rebuild. Tavares also won’t put them over the top and getting stuck with an aging team for the rest of his career won’t get that cup The leafs could make a serious push, but I think it would be in their best interest to save that dough for Doughty Carlson or Karlsson and a guy like Tanev. They score enough but they lack defence That leaves teams like the Canucks and the Sabres who are both look to be in the playoff picture in 2 years Why can’t people do a little digging?
  10. This is a player I would like to see on the canucks. He would put the third pairing over the top or be a good 3-4 guy. Also, we could start shedding the contract space of Hutton with a move to acquire Nutivaara. It would be a younger left side but Edler - Gudbranson MDZ - Tanev Nutivaara- Stetcher Sautner - Biega
  11. I think so too strong/elite two way player playing in a more offensive role could maybe see ROR push to 70 points
  12. Two things first thing @SabreFan1 Has ROR ever been put in a more offensive role? It sure looks like he is the shutdown guy Having 3 centres capable of shutting down top lines could be huge. Then provide players who can score on their wings. This would be Boeser, Pettersson, Baertchi, Dahlin having three lines capable of scoring up to 65 goals is a good model Second thing Is Tavares concerned about the islanders and their lack of committing to bringing in tip talent a major reason why he hasn’t signed? Could the rumours be a ruse to show that the canucks are on the hunt to bring in talent?
  13. (Proposals) cap dump city

    It’s not because his contract will be up when we need his salary also he’s a 40 point player at the moment who does the little things. If he can get to 60 and play a shutdown secondary scoring role his contract is not bad at all. the thing to remember is that points come to most players by playing with other players who can elevate each other’s game. If he was doing everything CDC expects him to do he would be worth 7 mil. The canucks as a whole don’t score enough, not just Eriksson. This year I see him putting up solid second line numbers playing with horvat on a solid 2 way line
  14. (Proposals) cap dump city

    The canucks have been hamstringed by contracts. Now that they are free of that situation you want to do it all over again? The only one worth while is with Tampa and they don’t get rid of Foote for cap space. If they were to move Foote it would be for a top prospect or quality d man on the cheap. After watching foote play I can see he is going to be a very solid second pairing dman that drives the pair or a first pairing who is the passenger. I really want foote but feel it would cost us more than the value he would bring at this point