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  1. He is! What ever, he's hard to understand and reminds me of burr, I'll take it
  2. Not having a French Canadian on the team is like the dreams when you're naked at school, something is just missing Good to have Roussel back!
  3. I've been looking forward to this one as well. Hopefully Virtanen plays tonight and is slotted in there, him and Roussel also play well together
  4. All This hate towards Loui because Darnell Nurse dove and sold the calls to the refs. I'm not even sure the high sticking even made contact with nurse and it definitely didn't make contact with where nurse was hold. The second call looked a bit like nurse took an opportunity to "trip" over Eriksson. Those are two weak calls The non call on Double minor when Boeser was high sticked because they scored on the play was the wrong call. The double minor that would have been assessed should have then been a single minor for 2 minutes And how did Neal not get a boarding penalty against tanev in the last 5 minutes, THE REF WAS RIGHT THERE!!! in the end the Canucks lost because they didn't have the energy for the last 10 in the second and first 10 in the third not because Eriksson took 2 penalties On another note, Eriksson actually played well again tonight. It's looking like he really wants to stay on horvats wing
  5. Gotta say the a bright spot of this road trip has been Virtanen and being involved in the play and getting 3 points in the 6 games. Boarder line second line numbers, but he was also playing with intensity Save for the meltdown against the pens the trip wasn't as bad as it has been made out to be
  6. The thing I noticed was they were all eating up his refreshing honesty aswell
  7. At Edmonton 5-4 Canucks Canucks score first Virtanen At Vancouver 4-3 Canucks Oilers score first Draisaitl
  8. The reason why those guys are in over others is the lack of forecheck. You'll notice in games the they win the forecheck is strong and fast, games that are lost its non existent. MacEwan was forechecking well and created the play that led to Miller's goal against Philly. Sven wasn't doing much in the way of pressuring the opposition and his skill isn't better than other players that are in the lineup that play the same role so he didn't stick