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  1. Without the heat the fans give off the ice will be much easier to maintain
  2. I agree Last summer I suggested Boeser in a deal for Draisaitl and people lost their $&!#. Boeser is good but because he was also the first really bright spot offensively fans got too attached to him. I believe his best value to the team is in a trade
  3. Let me be clear. Trade him for a top pair right side two way defender who can put up 30-40 points But you think that Boeser can get more?
  4. It's not trading him because hes not good enough. It's trading him because Virtanen is showing boarder line top 6 production and Boeser could bring in a hell of a defenseman
  5. I see I think because toffoli makes us a better team. A 17th is technically worse than a 15th. Either way. If we can keep toffoli and somehow get our d systems sorted out I can see us having a good chance to make it to the Conference finals
  6. The thought, from what I interpreted of what old news said, is that instead of the first being 17th overall it could be more like 20th overall This because Tyler came in a put up points to keep us 3rd in the division based on points/game
  7. I didn't read all of you post, just the first paragraph You are so right If we are to trade for a top 4 dman we are looking at Virtanen, a second and likely Woo. Anything below that we have in spades. Also, if we were to trade for a dman I would prefer to entertain the idea of trading Boeser and something to get a minute munching 2 way/defensive guy who can play top pairing, on the right side and in any situation Edit- Went back and finished reading, worth it Great point on basically using madden and a second to devalue the first we have up Another thing I can see happening is if toffoli re-signs maybe in 3 years he's dealt at the trade deadline for picks. Same with Miller
  8. I couldn't help but have the image of wiping my butt with one of those trolls
  9. Not picking on you stawns, your just bringing up interesting stuff Turns out, 60% of Italy is 40 and over and is the San Jose Sharks of the world (one of the older countries). Right in the wheel house for the virus
  10. I actually just read you can't get it multiple times. But it can go into a type or remission and come back. Same same but different
  11. It's all over Take a look here https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/high-risk-complications.html I should also say that it is also likely that healthy people can have it, not show symptoms or even know they have it and pass it on. Which given the second paragraph, would effectively lower the mortality rate
  12. I agree the mortality rate is higher. But, healthy people get the flu, whereas healthy people are less likely to get covid. What that means is that the people getting covid are more likely suffering from a weakened immune system leading to more deaths or a higher mortality rate. That is why I say the population samples are not comparable
  13. The Spanish flu killed all age ranges and health conditions And yes the mortality rate is higher in covid than the regular flu, but the samples are greatly different meaning the flu effects all ages and health types, covid effects primarily older people and people with weaker immune systems.