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  1. The New Year has been off to a good start :)

  2. it's going to be such a boring October.

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    2. marleau_12
    3. Tigs


      Ewww, baseball isn't even a sport.

    4. Harbour04Raven


      baseball is fun to play- it's not necessarily fun to watch.

  3. what are reputation points?

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    2. Nail


      We get money? Since when lol

    3. :D


      Only after 1000 rep. It's not that much, like $30-$40 a month in store cred

    4. Nail


      Thats still good lol

  4. It's going to be a long summer.

  5. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    We don't want Burrows, just as much as we want to read this post. Of course we want Burrows. It will be hard to find fans who don't. He's been the most exciting player two years in a row(?) before Kesler snatched it, deservingly, this year. And we want him on Pk because I think coach v, his teammates and all Canuck fans have great confidence in him. He's great in pk. The difference this year from previous years is that he has been asked to play a different role. A bigger role. Plus, he wants to be here, and has said it time and time again. The bottom line is he shows us that he wants to be here. He plays with a lot of heart, and no one can touch that. He'll be a fan favourite for years and years to come. That's just my opinion. We're all entitled to it. But you asked a question. You'll have a lot of answers, to which will be saying yes, we want him.
  6. who's all excited for the "Naslund night" game, I am...finally got my tickets in hand :)

  7. class valedictorian, how about that..2 weeks to get speech ready..

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    2. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Congratulations, Harbour04Raven!! :D

      They only hand out Valedictorian status to those who most deserve it and best earned it! Well done!! :D

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles
    4. Harbour04Raven


      thanks, it's a great feeling :)

  8. game tonight, maybe sushi and watch it with the family..life can't really get better than that can it?

    1. 2 Sedins 1 cup

      2 Sedins 1 cup

      maybe watching it with the family from the suites.....?

    2. Harbour04Raven


      no, not really. I'm working good job, surrounded by great people, why ask for more than that..We will be going to games, and everything but right now I am happt with life..(y)

  9. how about last nights game?

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    2. PowerIce


      That was great, too. Hopefully Philly comes back against the Giants...

    3. Harbour04Raven


      aah yeah should make for a good world series matchup.

    4. Harbour04Raven


      oh btw was talking about last nights Canucks game in this status, hah..

  10. Well then, 6 hours of work, 2-8, and game starts at 7...how will that work out for me? Ya, not so well..since it will take an hour to get home..can't wait to get back to Capu and not have ridiculous work hours..

  11. watching the game with the fam...

  12. What are you listening to?

    Dancing Queen of only 17..hahaha--dont exactly know the name of the song exactly, but its on the radio station I am on
  13. love this game called hockey, Samuelsson is my hero: smart player, good hands, and fierry personality that says...you can't label my game, you can't even touch my game

  14. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    there are reasons why we are keeping him, I am awaiting those reasons
  15. Harbour04raven