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  1. You know teams don't have to tank in order to draft top end guys. Detroit, for example. They haven't tanked and their best players were sleepers. Rangers, for another example, grabbed Stepan, in the second round, Krieder late in the first round. Those are two big players for them in their top 6 that they rely on heavily. Preds top 2 D, Josi and Weber, were both 2nd round draft picks. It all comes down to the type of player you draft and how you develop them. I honestly think a team can draft 25th or later and still get impact guys and rebuild as they go. Just because a guy is drafted top 10, does not necessarily mean he will live up to his potential.
  2. That's pretty stupid to say you'd take Sbisa and Weber over Bieksa. I honestly wouldn't even take Hamhuis over Bieksa anymore. From what I've seen, probably half the games this year and all of playoffs, Hamhuis is weak in his own end and gets out muscled a lot. As for Sbisa and Weber. Lets be serious. There's a reason why Sbisa is 25 and has been traded twice while racking up a career -31. That +/- is racked up while on playoff teams. There's a reason why Montreal cut Weber (Didn't bother qualifying him). He would be a good 7th D as a fill in guy. He was definitely exposed this playoffs and it was painful to watch. He is not good enough to be a top 4 D. The only way he would have been valuable would have been to severely limit his ice and mostly use him on the PP. That being said, he only had 21 pts, not much of a valuable pp guy either.
  3. I honestly don't think he is. I think he is pretty funny and jokes around a lot. If you are referring his Ferland comments, everyone makes those. The media blows everything up. He didn't have the best year of his career, but he still has quite a few years left in the tank and I hope he is on our back end for all of it, whether his role is a 4/5, 5/6, or 6/7 D. My opinion, you and probably others disagree.
  4. He is not arrogant. He wears his heart on his sleeve and will do anything to stick up for his teammates. But yeah lets get rid of him because the media makes a big deal out of everything.
  5. A big reason we took a step back, in my opinion, is that Gillis decided to let players walk after we made it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Since letting guys like Lapierre, Torres, Glass walk, we have never been able to get that energy and toughness back on our team. It makes little to no sense that we got rid of them either. We made it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (I am positive we win the cup if Rome doesn't make that hit) and Gillis got rid of a big reason why we made it there. Dorsett is a nice step back into that direction, but we need more. Just my opinion. Obviously we need more strength at D as well.
  6. Yeah that's fair. My opinion is that we just need to get bigger and stronger on the back end and that our D care too much about scoring then their own zone. Personally I don't trust Sbisa or Hammer back there (Just my opinion, probably different from a lot of others). If you look at recent cup winners, all of them have at least two natural stay at home D who are big, tough, shot blocking guys. I think that is what we are missing.
  7. Bieksa is a great asset to the D core. As he ages he will drop down to be a 5/6, but he is one of the few guys that knows what his role is. The problem with our D core isn't Bieksa. It is the fact we benched a guy like Stanton (Third on the team in +/- and actually plays D) and dressed Weber and Sbisa because they are more offensive minded. I think we need to move Hamhuis, Weber, Sbisa out. They get out muscled and are soft in our own end. Look at teams that make runs, its because they have D that actually play D. Lidster needs to realize that not all D should be offensive. Call me crazy but I would take O'Brien back in a 6th D role over Weber or Sbisa any day.
  8. Is there anything other then East side hockey to use for a PC sim? My computer will not download it properly and I am interested in starting one as well since they always die on here lol