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  1. get out of here curling

  2. St.Louis-Richards-Stamkos

    1. Schneider's Teeth

      Schneider's Teeth

      So close to Sedin Sedin Nash. So close.

  3. Sea!!!!!Hawks!!!!! everyone doubted us. Beast Mode with the huge game.

    1. rampage


      i thought they had no chance in hell winning that game and then they go out and beat the superbowl champs.

    2. #1Luongo06



  4. On purpose?
  5. waiz fan-q

    u iz teh lulz tew

  6. Just bad luck, kind of a bizarre injury. Does anyone even know why he collapsed? Was it a heart thing like cherapanov? or was it just he "fainted"?
  7. Canucks Place Leighton on IR and Call up Ondrej Pavlec from Manitoba
  8. It would be cool if you had all the players with high interests "highest offer" shown so that we can try and beat out other teams.