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  1. Anton Rodin Gone?

    Man, I love IGNORE. A great way to weed out the kiddies!
  2. Anton Rodin Gone?

    yes. There is probably a reason or 'rule' why the Canucks are showing on their roster players on LR but not on LTIR.
  3. Anton Rodin Gone?

    thanks for the positive reply. But what I don't understand is why is Hansen showing on the roster as being on IR but not someone like Rodin. Also, I seem to remember that his name appearsed on the roster and being denoted as on IR, a few weeks ago. Or is this just a front office editing error?
  4. Anton Rodin Gone?

    it takes an immature jerk to respond without seeing the implications of the question. Stand up and give us a bow!
  5. Anton Rodin Gone?

    maybe you should check the roster first before posting. Hansen is on the roster and he is indicated as such with an asterisk.
  6. Anton Rodin Gone?

    Or did the Canucks forget about him? He's gone from the Canucks Roster.
  7. [PGT] Hurricanes @ Canucks

    Larsen I thought that Larsen had a great game. His play on the PP was solid and his passing under pressure was exceptional. Many of his passes were tape-to-tape. There was also one play that I thought particularly noteworthy. He was playing the point near the boards when the puck got by him and a player drove through the gap to reach the puck for a breakaway. Instead of turning to retrieve the puck or to head back, he simply ‘smothered’ the player, preventing the player from passing him and removing the threat. Granlund I also thought that Granlund had a great game. He was everywhere! I thought that his forechecking was excellent and he, along with Hansen and Sutter, was involved with many combination plays. It seemed to me that much of his play was in the opposition’s end. I also noticed him making a couple of significant defensive plays in front of Markstrom. Sutter A week ago I was thinking that Sutter needed to go to the Comets for conditioning. Oh, how I was wrong! Sutter’s play has been outstanding and, talk about a clutch player, he fills that bill. His play in the face-off centre in last night’s game was great – his average was 67%.
  8. Practice lines make the most sense!

    My first thought was also Gaunce as 4C but as I mentioned in my original post, Baertschi and Horvat are not effective, defensively. They give up too many goals. WD has said this (as much as this) in the past.
  9. Practice lines make the most sense!

    I agree
  10. Practice lines make the most sense!

    As I see it all 4 lines will rotate as the game dictates. what number you give to the Horvat line means nothing.
  11. Practice lines make the most sense!

    the practice lines show Horvat as the 4th line. call it what you want but I believe that will be a checking line. And Horvat will get lots of minutes
  12. Practice lines make the most sense!

    The Canucks line pairings are logical and make the most sense. Here is why: The Complete First Line (Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson) The first line is a ‘given’; at least pairing Erikkson with the twins should be on opening day. The Second Line Pairing (Sutter and Hansen) It is logical to start Sutter at centre rather than on the wing. And Sutter should be the second line centre. Look what happened last year without Sutter at centre! This is the position that management sought him to fill. So who is going to play his right wing? Clearly, Hansen is second in line, in terms of depth and experience, with Rodin out. If Hansen is ineffective then Virtanen or Rodin are options. The Third Line Pairing (Granlund and Baertschi) Granlund has shown better skills at servicing his wingers than either Horvat or Gaunce. It makes sense for WD to have Granlund play third line centre as his game is less suited to the defensive, heavy hitting roll of a fourth line centre, while Horvat fills this role. Also, the combo of Horvat and Baertschi has shown defensive deficiencies. Therefore, it is logical to split these two up and to have Baertschi play with Granlund. Both have played well when teamed together. The Complete Second Line (Gaunce, Sutter, Hansen) This leaves either Burrows or Gaunce to fill the second line left wing role. Although this is a position that he has played in the past, Burrows is probably better than Gaunce in a more defensive role so he should play on the fourth line. This strategy leaves Gaunce to fill the second line left wing position. If he falters, Burrows can be moved up. The Complete Third Line (Baertschi, Granlund, Virtanen) Virtanen is a better choice (other than Dorsett, or the injured Rodin) to play the right wing position on the third line. With Virtanen complimenting the Baertschi-Granlund pairing, this line should be tough to defend against. The Complete Fourth Line (Burrows, Horvat, Dorsett) Dorsett is the logical choice for the right wing position. It makes more sense to have Virtanen play either third or second line. As I see it, this line’s job is to defend and, in many cases, against the opposition’s top line. Think of it this way: every goal that this line prevents is like scoring a goal! Fans will recall the many excellent years that Burrows played on the PK with Kesler. Hopefully, Horvat can be shaped to become as good as Kesler was.
  13. It's All About Winning!

    We are talking about a 4th line position. I think the choice between Skille and Zalewski is a marginal one. With Skille you have a veteran who is a known quantity. With Zalewski you have a younger player who has shown a lot of improvement. I think both players can fill thr 4th line position but I would choose Zalewski because I think (read hope) that he will become the better player. Also, we need to reward (by giving playing careers) our young players in our system.
  14. It's All About Winning!

    you have missed the point of my post. it is all about parking assets on the Comets and making room for other, waiver-vulnerable players such as Zalewski. There will be injuries and having players, such as Virtanen, to bring up will lead to more wins. We have no room, if Virtanen fills a roster spot then someone will have to be exposed and possibly claimed. Sutter is a different issue. Read my post. If Sutter is healthy, of course he should be on the roster.
  15. It's All About Winning!

    Hlinkas, the quote above in bold has been inserted by CanadianRugby. I did NOT say this. What a low-life! IGNORE him. P.S. I have been a Canucks fan since time began.