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  1. What a beautiful day on every level .. Angels abound!! KIck yer heels up, folks and leave the fear behind ... it's Friday ... realize it!!!!
  2. Oh god, the ironing!! ...
  3. Do you understand the meaning of the word 'politics', Harv .. It takes no prisoners.
  4. Pure gold ... my new wallpaper ..
  5. Are you naive enough to assume that all of the judges who are corrupt are what you folks call "lib-tards" ... you really do need to start paying attention in class more often ..
  6. ... I canna wait to see who they sacrfifice upon the Altar of Failed Expectations
  7. What's good for the goose, eh? .. this is going to be fun .. watching the GOP self-implode again .. Paul Ryan FTW ..
  8. What a gong show .. too late for Chuck Barris to bail them out .. he died Tuesday .. http://people.com/tv/best-gong-show-clips-in-honor-chuck-barris/
  9. We have yet to see actual proof that any of those people are actually women .. I insist on seeing the Birth AND Baptismal Certificates.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39381324 Trump approves Keystone.!!!
  11. 'When in doubt, attack the messenger' .. the Alt-right's last hope?
  12. That is truly masterful, even for You, Dear Alf ..
  13. .........' WARNING: .. Explicit language and brilliant humor ..