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  1. You weren't there so its not right to assume. Just because you have seen this before does'nt mean it applies in this case. If she was extremely intoxicated, then she does not have the ability to give consent. A rape is a rape. Stop blaming the victim.
  2. JB failed miserably by not drafting Ronning

    Selecting Ronning in the 7th for a PR move is a wasted pick just as when the Canucks selected Morgan Clark, son of Canuck's Ian Clark and Prab Rai, to drum up potential interest amongst the Indo-Canadians.
  3. [GDT] 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I get this odd feeling Canucks will draft Logan Brown
  4. Former Canuck Gus Morschauser died!

    In addition to archived searches for articles in Vancouver Sun and the Province, the only mention of Gus Morschauser is the fact he was drafted 10th round. No in depth stories, no accolades, no mention of being a "draft steal".
  5. Former Canuck Gus Morschauser died!

    Gus Morschauser was never a member of the Vancouver Canucks. His rights may have been property of the Canucks but the club never signed him. 10th rounders never usually go far let alone a sip of tea in the NHL. May he rest in peace, but with over a thousand players having once been "property" of the Canucks, or any team for that matter, do you expect to give recognition for every player who passess?
  6. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Florida does' not need a Center. They already have Bjustad, Barkov, Pirri and Trochrk. What they need are defenseman and a Top 6 winger.
  7. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    I wouldn't want to see it go that far either. Just enough to show that what comes around, goes around.
  8. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Karma Keith....Karma.
  9. Draft #6

    Who's Dale Woodley? Unless you meant Dan Woodley. Alek Stojanov was a excellent pick only because it got us Markus Naslund.
  10. Innovative Cap Space-Concept?

    This idea of rewarding teams that "spends wisely" is basically going to induce NHL teams to end up being cheap on how they pay players. And even if it allows a team a carried over cap number, there's no guarantee that teams such as NY Islanders or Buffalo Sabres willing to spend to that amount. If anything, a personal team cap that is in compliance with the league's minimum means that much more money to the owners. I can see how some teams will use this rule to somehow avoid going to the cap ceiling each season.
  11. [GDT] Canucks vs Stars, March 6

    Wishful thinking. I say he gets no points. Called it!
  12. Official: Deadline Reactions

    You know, I once wrote this and I got banned by Moderators for a week and giving a warning point. FYI.
  13. Official: Deadline Reactions

    Yes it does. the $800,000 retention salary will count towards Vancouver Canucks salary cap until 2022. And if Luongo retires before then, it will even hurt Canucks cap situation even more.
  14. Official: Deadline Reactions

    There's no way either one of those guys will want have to do anything with being a GM with its current ownership. Look at the circus that's going on in Buffalo too. No wonder Pat Lafontaine quit. And NYI? Snow is to Gillis is Wang for Aquilini. We needed someone like Tallon who is able to convince management that inorder to get better, you need to make bold positive moves, unlike the bold Aquilini bonehead moves the Canucks have made the last two seasons. If Gillis wants to save his reputation, he needs to stand up to Aquaman or simply quit and hand over the sinking ship to the captain of the Titanic.
  15. [Report] Kesler is still a Canuck

    Islander have the same problem. Garth Snow is Gillis and Charles Wang is Aquilini.