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  1. Left handed Jordan Schroeder.
  2. I'd do at least a 2 mil contract.
  3. The last player from their 2007 cup run.
  4. If we don't pick top-3, I'd trade the pick. Patrick, Hischier or Liljegren

    1. Fateless


      I'd rather take Vilardi or Mittlestadt over Liljegren at 3. Liljegren hasn't had nearly as good a season this year, similar to what Patrick has gone through. 

      Also, considering how much variation there is in the projections of where players go, I doubt people will see a 5OA pick as worth all that much to trade up for (if they're moving from 6th-10thish).

  5. Megnificent 

  6. Curious... how many people have ever had their pre game score prediction actually correct? I'm like 1 for 7... 4-3 OT canucks
  7. I'd like to hear what the OP has to say.
  8. Am I the only one to notice you skipped 4...?
  9. Tanev, Granlund + CBJ/VAN 2nd FOR Drouin, Stralman + TBL 3rd
  10. Gud.
  11. Sorry, but the ending was kinda funny.
  12. Because you can't.
  13. Sorry. Too busy watching the World Series.
  14. *Appears* Miller is trying. *...disappears*