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  1. Vegas is going to take the division now, barring a 7 game win streak by us I think. So with that, we neeeeeeeed Boeser & Marky back. And desperately need Myers and Pettersson to step it up.
  2. Just from the spiiiicyyy food lol Herbal teas and not touching anything is going a long way. And washing hands lol
  3. Visited last week Transitting back My friend and I did Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bali!
  4. In a Singapore airport relying on you people for updates lol
  5. My dream defence first next season.


    Hughes Tanev

    Edler Myers 

    Tryamkin Barrie


    Any 3 of Benn, Fantenberg or Stecher for 7 & 8

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    2. canuktravella


      id rather go with youth 

       hughes tryamkin

      edler rafferty

      juolevi myers

      benn rathbone  next yr 

    3. RetroCanuck


      A mix of our youths and Vets would be ideal in my mind. Resign Tanev if he's not asking to much.







      Sign and trade Stecher in the offseason. Juolevi first callup and trade Edler at the deadline to allow permanent spot for Juolevi.

    4. canuktravella


      edler retires a canuck hes going no where 

  6. Now we just gotta get him to +100,000 in up votes.
  7. He says... "Its too late for that, even though that's how it should go."
  8. Apparently my friend is singing the national anthem for this game.
  9. Also read somewhere (I'll try and post the link) that apparently we've offered Juolevi + a conditional pick for Barrie, conditional if he re-signs. But as the poster above me pointed out, there's a bit of risk involved now with his shoulder from last night.
  10. We blew them out in December 2013 as well, was at that game. I was the one who started the BOSTON SUUUCKS clap clap clapclapclap chant in the 3rd lol (if anyone remembers).
  11. Just read the article on his asking price, I'll pass. A RHD powerplay guy for 3rd pair and 2nd PP would go a long way for us though.