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  1. If we don't pick top-3, I'd trade the pick. Patrick, Hischier or Liljegren

    1. Fateless


      I'd rather take Vilardi or Mittlestadt over Liljegren at 3. Liljegren hasn't had nearly as good a season this year, similar to what Patrick has gone through. 

      Also, considering how much variation there is in the projections of where players go, I doubt people will see a 5OA pick as worth all that much to trade up for (if they're moving from 6th-10thish).

  2. Megnificent 

  3. Curious... how many people have ever had their pre game score prediction actually correct? I'm like 1 for 7... 4-3 OT canucks
  4. I'd like to hear what the OP has to say.
  5. Am I the only one to notice you skipped 4...?
  6. Tanev, Granlund + CBJ/VAN 2nd FOR Drouin, Stralman + TBL 3rd
  7. Gud.
  8. Sorry, but the ending was kinda funny.
  9. Because you can't.
  10. Sorry. Too busy watching the World Series.
  11. *Appears* Miller is trying. *...disappears*
  12. Anybody watching the Oilers and Flames game.. Lucic looks like a pylon already compared to the speed of the game. Like holy.

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    2. johngould21


      Get back to me in three years

    3. The 5th Line

      The 5th Line

      It's funny, we have been getting embarrassed for years, constantly getting dominated physically and you guys are still against getting tough players on our team.  We have another season of watching the Twins get smacked around with no accountability.  Saddle up 

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Is Lucic getting that Bruno Del maestro training or Barb Aidelbaum?


      He needs to get his own skating coach in the summer and work with whoever the Oilers have as their skating coach.


      Wow the NHL is trying to become as specialized as the NFL with all their specific position coaches and nutritionists and support staff that are not counted as part of the expenses in the salary cap.

  13. I don't post much and even if know Tanev for Landeskog is too funny.