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  1. Well I would offer the 2021 first, Or 2 2nds. But now looking at what other teams could offer I'd say we little to zero chance to land him. Therefore, my stance has changed on Laine in the span of a couole hours lol
  2. One of Sutter, Eriksson or Tanev would have to be part of a package for Laine. Eriksson (retain $1M), Juolevi, Lind + 2020 2nd Sutter, Goldobin, Gadjovich + 2020 3rd Tanev, Baertschi + 2020 2nd I'd love Laine in our top-6! Miller Pettersson Boeser Ferland Horvat Laine Pearson Gaudette Virtanen Motte Beagle Leivo Sutter/Eriksson
  3. I know it's just preseason and only his first game, but Tyler Myers looks sluggish so far.
  4. This is based on a salary cap of $83 million for the 2019-2020 season At the Draft To COL: Spooner, 10th overall, VAN 2019 2nd (40th pick) + OTT 2019 6th (156th pick) to VAN: 4th Overall + COL 2019 3rd (78th) To TOR: Hutton, Lind + WSH 2019 6th (183rd pick) To VAN: Kapanen + TOR 2019 5th (149th pick) To CAR: Goldobin To VAN: CAR 2019 4th (114th pick) To NJD: Granlund To VAN: 2019 NJD 6th (158th pick) To OTT: Baertschi + VAN 2019 4th (102nd pick) To VAN: SJS 2019 2nd (57th pick) PICKS: 4th, 57th, 78th, 114th, 133rd, 149th, 158th, 164th, 195th RE-SIGN Brock Boeser to 7 years X 7 mil OR 8 years X 6.5 mil Alex Edler to 3 years X 5.5 mil Josh Leivo to 2 years X 4.5 mil Tyler Motte to 1 year X 1.625 mil Thatcher Demko to 1 year X 1.5 mil JULY 1st Sign Anders Lee to 6 years X 8 million or 7 years X 7.5 mil Sign A. Panarin to 6 yearsX 10 mil or 7 years X 9.5 mil Sign Tyler Myers to 5 years X 6.5 mil or 6 years X 6 mil LINEUP ($$$ in millions) LEE PETTERSSON BOESER ---------- $15~ PEARSON HORVAT PANARIN --------- $18.25~ VIRTANEN GAUDETTE LEIVO --------- $5~ MOTTE BEAGLE ERIKSSON ----------- $10.625~ SCHALLER -- $1.9 $51.275 EDLER STECHER ----- $7.825~ JUOLEVI MYERS ------ $7.4~ HUGHES TANEV ------ $5.35~ SCHENN, BIEGA ------ $1.8~ $22.375 MARKSTROM & DEMKO -- $5~ TOTAL $78.65~/$83 Injured... Roussel, Sutter Enough cap space to work with once one of Sutter or Roussel come off IR
  5. Here's a history of all the times the 1st overall pick was traded. With this article in mind, I have a new proposal.. To NJD: 10th OA, 2020 1st, Gaudette & 2 2019 6ths To VAN: 1st overall + 3rd rounder
  6. To NJD: Gaudette, Demko 10th OA, our 3 6ths To VAN Blackwood, 1st OA, their lowest 2nd
  7. I'm gonna try something different this year. My pre-lottery rituals don't seem to be working.
  8. I'd just like any of the top 3 picks please. No dropping this year.

  9. Is our 2020 1st round pick worth anything right now? I'd like to keep this year's and next year's 1sts.

    1. Alflives


      Yes, all teams’ first round picks have a scaled value.  I don’t think it’s smart to trade away first round picks though.  The Caps just won the cup, and their top players were (mostly) their own first rounders.  

  10. I am convinced that we should draft Noah Dobson, unless we trade the pick. 


    Edler Gudbranson/Tanev

    Juolevi Stecher

    UFA Dobson



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    2. janisahockeynut


      I am in the same boat as you on this Hefty


      With most picks not getting being promoted into the league until their draft+ 2/3 years, and not being a major contributor for a number of years later, we are usually judging on hind sight, or our own opinions on draft day

      That is a lot easier that what GM's have to deal with........aka getting their crystal ball out and figuring which draft prospect is going to reach the highest 


      I still like healthy debate .......a lot of times, there is some really good information that surfaces, when we do.



    3. Alflives


      If Dobson is JB's guy then he could trade down to 11 or 12 with the Islanders, collecting assets (second round pick?) and get Dobson there, no?

    4. Qwags


      Dobson isn't dropping to 11th. He's staying in the top 10.

  11. I hear Laurel Gourde...

    1. Phil_314


      I hear



  12. If we don't pick top-3, I'd trade the pick. Patrick, Hischier or Liljegren

    1. Fateless


      I'd rather take Vilardi or Mittlestadt over Liljegren at 3. Liljegren hasn't had nearly as good a season this year, similar to what Patrick has gone through. 

      Also, considering how much variation there is in the projections of where players go, I doubt people will see a 5OA pick as worth all that much to trade up for (if they're moving from 6th-10thish).