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  1. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Other way, 10 team no trade I'm sure Vancouver is one of 20 teams he'd try out
  2. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    As much as I want to trade for Karlsson, I see the risk of the future as well. May over all be a bad idea...
  3. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Here'sy my 2019-2020 opening day roster (Edler, Leipsic and Granlund were traded at 2019 TDL) Baertschi Horvat Boeser Dahlen Hughes Pettersson Eriksson Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Sutter Beagle Schaller de Haan Karlsson Hughes Gudbranson Hutton/Sautner Stecher UFA Markstrom & Nilsson/Demko
  4. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    If we're a fringe playoff team, trade guys like Edler, Granlund, potentially Sutter and del Zotto/Hutton for picks/prospects to make a package for Jack Hughes.
  5. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Hutton will bounce back thus year Gudbranson will be a + player We sign Karlsson to Doughty's contract (we will have the cap space). Once Sutter is off the books and a potential Gagner buyout.
  6. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    I had to edit it.. 10 team no trade list. Because i feel with the moves we've made, and the prospects we have so far, we would instantly become at least a 2nd round playoff team.
  7. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Modified NTC. Submit a 10-team no trade list, as does Bobby Ryan.
  8. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Check now...
  9. To OTT: Tanev, Juolevi, Goldobin, Lind + VAN 2019 2nd & VAN 2020 1st To VAN: Karlsson & Ryan (retain 7.8%) ------------------ Sign de Haan to 3 years $10 million 78.2/79.5 cap space DEPTH Baertschi Horvat Boeser Eriksson Sutter Pettersson Leipsic Beagle Ryan Roussel Schaller Virtanen Gagner, Granlund Edler Karlsson Hutton Gudbranson Del Zotto de Haan Pouliot Stecher Markstrom & Nilsson First Call-ups: F: Dahlen, Motte, Gaudette D: Biega, Sautner, Chatfield G: Bachman - I FEEL KARLSSON'S FOOT WILL BE FINE WITH A FULL OFF SEASON. THEY RUSHED HIM BACK LAST YEAR.
  10. Yeah. There's only 6 different players on this team. 7 if you include trading Vanek last year.
  11. - A bit of a read, but I haven't made one of these bigger proposals since like 2014 when I nailed the signing of Radim Vrbata... - I really went for depth here because of injuries, plus I feel I balanced out the now and future, so we are still prepared for the young guys coming up by opening day 2019. To DAL: MDZ (17.8% retained), Leipsic (RFA) + WSH 2019 6th To VAN: Spezza + DAL 2019 1st Dallas gains about 2.5 mil in cap space and depth. Also makes more room for Dallas to go after John Tavares. --------------------------------- To TOR: Tanev, Goldobin, VAN 2019 & 2020 2nd's To VAN: Nylander + TOR 2019 & 2020 3rd's Nylander due for a raise, but Toronto needs some better defence, especially the right side. --------------------------------- To FLA: Hutton & Baertschi (RFA) To VAN: Petrovic & FLA 2019 3rd Florida needs more depth period. They were close to the playoffs this past season. --------------------------------- Sign these UFA's and RFA's Forwards Nylander - 3 years, $15.6 million. 5.200 AAV Vanek - 1 year at $2.25 million Beagle - 3 years, $7.8 million. 2.600 AAV Maroon - 1 year at $2.2 million Vermette - PTO / 1 year at $1 million Defence Stecher - 2 years at $4.25 million. 2.125 AAV de Haan - 4 years at $15.7 million. 3.925 AAV Cole - 3 years at $8.85 million. 2.950 AAV Petrovic - 2 years at $4.6 million. 2.300 AAV 77.983~/ 79.5 cap space. 49/50 contracts Trade Edler, Maroon, Vanek and maybe Spezza for picks/prospects to package something to draft Jack Hughes in 2019... if we don't have first overall ourselves. Vanek Horvat Boeser ----------- 26 53 6 Nylander Spezza Eriksson --- 29 9 21 Granlund Sutter Virtanen ----- 60 20 18 Maroon Beagle Gagner -------- 56 83 89 Gaudette/Vermette -------------- 88/50 Edler Gudbranson ----------------- 23 44 de Haan Stecher ------------------- 4 51 Cole Petrovic ------------------------ 27 7 Pouliot/Biega ----------------------- 5/55 Markstrom ----- 25 Nilsson ---------- 31 End Notes The team after this season can get even younger. There will be spots for Quinn Hughes, Olli Juolevi, Elias Pettersson, Jonathan Dahlen and possibly Thatcher Demko starting in 2019. In my opinion, the players who won't be here after this season (using this proposal) are Edler, Maroon, Vanek, Biega, Pouliot, possibly Granlund and one of the goalies.
  12. To Tor: Tanev, Gaunce + Van 2019 3rd To Van: Liljegren + TOR 2019 4th To CHI: Del Zotto, Sutter (17.5% retained) + TOR 2019 4th To VAN: Anisimov, Seabrook (10% retained) + CHI 2019 3rd
  13. VAN - MTL (Proposal)

    I just think Dobson could go as high as 3rd
  14. To MTL: Tanev + 7th Overall To VAN: 3rd Overall
  15. Is our 2020 1st round pick worth anything right now? I'd like to keep this year's and next year's 1sts.

    1. Alflives


      Yes, all teams’ first round picks have a scaled value.  I don’t think it’s smart to trade away first round picks though.  The Caps just won the cup, and their top players were (mostly) their own first rounders.