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  1. Lockwood gets it this time, but there are a lot of options really.
  2. O'Rielly's two-way game puts him over Duchene IMO. Nominating Nick Leddy. Leddy's last three seasons have been 37, 40, and 46 points.
  3. Voting OEL. Nominating Nick Leddy, an underrated defenseman.
  4. Wonderful. There's nothing quite like bringing a new life into this world. Good for him and his wife!
  5. It's starting to get real tough now. I could see four or five guys justifiably being here. I went with Brisebois though.
  6. Watching the Golden Goal from Sid in 2010. What a moment. Also, the Women's game against the States in 2014 was neat too. I was in a communications class at university and we all crowded around someone's phone to watch the end of the game during a break.
  7. Hedman an it's not even close. Nominating Barrie.
  8. I'm guessing we place 28th and get the 4th lottery spot, a very marginal improvement due to some young players making an impact. While it's reasonable to have a lot of young guys improve, it's likely that some will either have off years and perhaps that some won't pan out at all. If all of our young players do steadily improve as you're suggesting then we could move into no-man's land, but it's unlikely that everything goes that well in my opinion.
  9. I always love seeing old couples holding hands. In a world full of so many broken marriages and relationships, it's encouraging to see some that make it last for so long and are still so close.
  10. As others say, this is a massive overpayment from the Senators. At this point, Edler, even with 15% salary retained, is worth maybe a 25-31 1st round pick at best. He's currently a 3/4 defenseman though does have moments when he's more of a #2. That said, I'd put his value at more of a 2nd round pick than a 1st. Adding all that you did to the deal makes it heavily in our favour.
  11. In the AHL. The NHL is a different beast. That said I do believe that Green will be looking to give Gaunce a shot at the third line at some point.
  12. Voting for Tavares and nomiating Barrie. Also @-Vintage Canuck- if I may offer an idea. Have you considered leaving a link to the players drafted in the year so users can easily see a list? I use HockeyDB's site, but there are others that work too: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/nhl2009e.html This way users may be more willing to at least look at the list of options instead of just looking at who's already been nominated.
  13. I was always kind of a half-fan of Linkin Park, but still, they've had a lot of songs that I've enjoyed over the years and Chester was a big part of those. This one stings just a little more than most for me.