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  1. He definitely had a poor game last night. I suspect it's a one-off, but it may still be something to look at.
  2. I feel like our boys are gonna start some winning again soon. 5-2 Canucks. Over.
  3. No way he doesn't stay on the roster with his play now. He'll have a spot on the wing once Sutter and Beagle return. Until then, he has the 3rd line centre spot IMO.
  4. I too don't fit your target market here, but I'll throw my two cents in here. At the start of the year, I expected to fall just barely short of the playoffs. I was beginning to toy with the idea of us making the playoffs, but I'd rather see us remain competitive until the end of December 2019 before positing that.
  5. Just because he's exploring the idea of trading a beloved player, doesn't mean he's not a Canuck fan. I mean, I don't agree with the notion, but I wouldn't say that it discredits his fandom.
  6. I'd characterize Boeser as more than "an ok player". He's a high-level sniper who's capaple of a consistent 30-goal rate in 82 games and could probably hit 40+ in his prime. He's also half decent defensively and physically and can also pass the puck quite well. It's an interesting idea to poke around what his value might be, but at the end of the day, as you say, it's probably all moot point as he's almost certainly not going to be moved.
  7. Yeah I haven't really actually tried it, but watched a lot of videos of other users doing it, either via email or phone/PC control. I would only dare trying email and keeping it simple. Just sounded like something that could be fun possibly.
  8. That's exactly my point. You did what anyone using +/- as a stat should do--analyse it in context. Horvat's -9 makes sense given context, as you pointed out. shad0w4life used Virtanen's -3 to claim his defense was poor without any additional context or evidence to support their claim.
  9. I've thought about getting into scam-baiting. Anyone else here tried it at all?
  10. I agree, I wouldn't want to trade Boeser at all--just trying to play @DontMessMe's game and get a value for him.
  11. IMO if we're going by draft picks, he's worth a top 10 pick at minimum. To be honest, the asking price should probably be closer to a top 5 pick. If a team drafted 5th overall and got Boeser, they'd be happy.