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  1. I think Hischier + Vatanen is pretty good value and theoretically, we should accept that deal. That said, the closest we've ever had to a Norris-winning defenseman is Jovocop and I'd like to see if we could get better. I think our dearth of defensemen is greater than our lack of forwards, so in terms of team needs, I don't think I'd do it.
  2. He's scored in the 20s for two consecutive years yes, but neither of those seasons were full seasons. In his first season, he scored at a 39-goal pace and this last year he scored at a 31-goal pace. He is a bonafide 30-goal scorer.
  3. I'd say the talks start at $6.5M. My range is $6.5M-$7.5M.
  4. I disagree with the notion that Baer is soft. Many people note the one main difference between Goldobin and Baertschi is that Baertschi is willing to go into the hard areas to make plays. He's willing to get banged up if he has to in order to make a play. He's definitely injury prone, but I'm not sold on "soft". Also at this point, I'm not sure you get much value from Baer because of his injuries. I'd rather take a gamble that he can stay healthy and provide 45-50 points than send him off for a 3rd round pick that has a 5% chance of playing a single game in the NHL.
  5. It would be more reasonable on a two-year deal, but I still think we'd be looking at at least $5M.
  6. That feels like an insult to Brock to me. Even where he's already at I feel he's worth $6M already.
  7. After taking in the conversation for a month or so, I'm finally getting a grasp on the players and have come up with a top 10: 1. Hughes 2. Kakko 3. Byram 4. Dach 5. Turcotte 6. Cozens 7. Podkolzin 8. Zegras 9. Boldy 10. Krebs
  8. From what I understand, Lindell has a bit of the Tanev effect in that Dallas fans see the details of his game that most others don't. From what I've seen, most Stars fans like his contract and only others are questioning it, which makes me question my own assessment of his value. I'm starting to get the feeling that Lindell isn't as overpaid as I thought.
  9. Odd how it can be lamented so heavily when an unborn child is miscarried yet when someone chooses to do the same thing, it's not given a second thought. I'm not sure if completely banning abortion is the way to go to solve it, but few things disturb me more than the thought of seeing an unborn child in a womb being ripped apart limb from limb and unceremoniously tossed in the trash bin. Abortions should only be used in very extreme cases, if ever at all.
  10. The coriolis effect isn't strong enough to actually perceptibly affect it.
  11. A little steep imo. He's good and probably worth at least 5, but I'm not sure 5.8 for that long is the right move for Dallas.
  12. Bo is one of those players who's value isn't entirely seen in what he does on his own, but also in how he affects the team as a whole. He's worth a lot more than just 60 points and good defensive play. He is the glue for this team right now and it falls apart if he leaves (or is injured, as has been seen in the past).
  13. My ballpark for Hutton's value right now is between 2.5 and 3M, which is where he's at right now. He'll surely want a raise, but a terrible 2017-18 season and a decent 2018-19 season shouldn't get him much of a raise imo. I suspect he'll end up around 3.5, which is an overpayment, but not horrible. If he pushes for really high like the 4M some think he wants, I would be fine with letting him walk.