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  1. It probably aligns with the majority, but I'm sure it'll be a bit different. Personally, I have Hughes just ahead of Makar, but only by a hair. Makar is definitely better offensively so far.
  2. Weirdly, I don't recall ever having a Canucks jersey, though I've always thought about getting one. They always feel so expensive to me.
  3. I'm sure we'll see some injuries in the play-in before the playoffs start.
  4. Great song choice and good editing as well. Pumped for the play-ins and hope that we can make the playoffs too!
  5. Personally, I'd refrain from trading Jake--His improvement is too exciting to throw away for now. Trading Pearson could indeed make sense if we can get a late 2nd (50-62). I wouldn't be surprised if we had to settle for a third though. We do need the cap space though, so it might be smart (once the play-ins and playoffs are over though, of course).
  6. Given his contract and penchant for disappearing (see LA), I think he's worth a late 2nd at best, maybe a 3rd. His stats this year were also inflated by an abnormally high number of empty net points.
  7. Pretty early considering it's still months away and we don't know all the details, but for now, here are my early predictions: Penguins in 3 Hurricanes in 5 Islanders in 4 Blue Jackets in 5 Oilers in 3 Predators in 3 Canucks in 5 Jets in 5
  8. I don't agree with everything you post here, but I have to say I agree with this. We don't have any "high value" prospects other than perhaps Podkolzin and Hoglander. Juolevi has been injury prone and slowly progessing. Rafferty looks great offensively, but he's also just turned 25 years old, so he's not exactly super young. Guys like Brisebois and Sautner have ceilings as #7 guys IMO. Lind is progressing well, but also fairly slowly.
  9. It would be one of those boom or bust trades. Dobson easily has the potential to be far better than Virtanen, but he's also not really done anything special at the pro level yet. I would enjoy seeing CDC implode over a trade like that though.
  10. Both Barzal and Boeser had amazing rookie seasons for sure, but I'd put Hughes and Makar even above that--closer to Ovechkin vs Crosby rookie seasons. Not saying either guy will be as good as those two legends, but as far as rookie seasons go, that's where I see it at.
  11. To be fair, had Makar played the same number of games, it's likely the same would be said about him. We're talking about two legendary rookie seasons in the same year.
  12. Bowls have less utility than normal packages.
  13. Easy to understand. We're not in the playoffs yet. If we beat Minnesota, we are and thus our pick goes to NJ this year. If we lose to Minnesota, we miss the playoffs and keep our pick and NJ gets next year's.
  14. Great vid! I love how you showed clips from both teams and also had a focus on the 2003 playoffs until now. My only tiny little thing is with the titling in that technically this isn't a playoff matchup, as both teams are in the play-in. That said, there's no doubt it will feel a lot like playoff hockey.
  15. I was thinking this as well--I don't mind Jake having a drink or two and we can hope he's chosen to be the responsible one in these parties. He's definitely seemed to mature a lot in the past couple of years. I think I'll hold my judgement until we see his play once the play-ins start.