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  1. He was rivaling Hughes as the best defenseman on the team. Only one or two mistakes, but aside from that Tanman was playing well.
  2. I still like Hughson, but definitely not as much as I did in the Canuck days. The "18-year old Sam Bennett" thing kind of turned me off on him a bit. I'd still rank him as above average though for sure.
  3. Please avoid ad hominem remarks and focus on the argument at hand. To your point. Pyatt did score 23 goals...playing with the top two playmakers in the 50-year history of the Canucks.
  4. Alright folks, have a good one, and avoid the PGT if you want to stay sane.
  5. Mr. 2 NHL games this year and 0 playoff NHL games.
  6. He's made several lousy passes. Hughes and Tanev have been our best two IMO.
  7. Bailey would be majorly outclassed in playoff hockey I think.
  8. Pearson's been playing hard after his two penalties.
  9. Freakin' BS. They should get one back. Garbage call. EDIT: Glad they gave Hartman one. Finally get one right.
  10. I want Boeser on the top line. He's feeling it way more than Toff is.
  11. Knowing our luck, Miller's hand is probably broken.