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  1. He's still technically a Duck. What's more, he spent many years there as well, so it's understandable that he would be fond of Anaheim as well.
  2. No, but not because of how he left or any of those bad feelings. I don't really hold much against Kesler--I just want to retain a high standard of play and longevity for our honours and I'm not sure Kesler quite reaches that standard.
  3. I still believe Horvat's intangibles are more valuable, but of course, that becomes more subjective. Regardless, through reading both yours and the posts of @shiznak and @48MPHSlapShot, I've become convinced that my proposal was probably still a bit too short to be fair for Montreal.
  4. I strongly agree with the rest of your thinking, but I'm not sure I follow you on this point. I can get behind there being a lot more than one or two factors in determining who's a 1st liner and who's not, but I'm not sure I understand the logic of there being more or less than 93 1st line forwards. If we don't use the simple 31x3 metric, then what do we use as a benchmark for a 1st liner? I could argue that one needs 0.80 points-per-game to be a first liner, but one could easily counter with "why 0.80?". As I said, I'm totally on board with many many criteria (which is why I'm careful to at least only use points-per-game to show where players are offensively), but I'm not sure where you place the benchmark if not at 93 forwards. I also fully agree that teams like New Jersey might not have any starting goaltenders, but other teams may have two. Tampa Bay certainly has more than three first-line quality forwards. The question is, by what measuring stick do we measure Tampa's forwards to determine this? Certainly we may use many different metrics by which to measure them, but where is that dividing line between a first liner and a second liner and how do we pick that particular line? Sure, the mark changes throughout the season and is fluid, no doubt, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's not real. I hope that made sense, as I find it somewhat difficult to express what I'm thinking with this. P.S. I love these kind of nitpicky analytical conversations.
  5. I'm not sure cap hits are calculated as partial hits midway though the year unless a free agent is signing a new deal (like Nylander and Sundin). Wouldn't we then see contenders buy hugely expensive stars for the final quarter of the season then? I've never heard of anyone using this partial cap situation to their advantage before, so I'm skeptical of it. Do you have past evidence or a link to the CBA point that shows it?
  6. Fair enough, but I feel my offer to substantially more than the OPs proposal. Lind and Virtanen aren't exactly in our junk drawer. Throw in a high pick like a 1st and I'm not sure you're too far off in value.
  7. I think you'll find that as ATOI goes down points per minute will overinflate. This is likely because players who play less minutes most often play against weaker competition. In addition, because they play fewer minutes, they're also fresher when they do play, so it's easier for them to play well. Increase Jake's minutes and I nearly promise you his points per minute goes down.
  8. Intangibles. Horvat is our team leader and inspires our guys.
  9. Horvat is more valuable than Domi, imo, albeit only slightly. Lind looks very good in Utica this year and I think is likely to end up as a good 2nd/3rd line player. Virtanen is already a good and young 2nd line player with great physicality to boot. I debated between a 2nd and 1st rounder, but either way, those are fairly high picks. I don't feel that value is far off and it's much closer than the OPs proposal.
  10. I think you'd be looking at something like Virtanen, Lind, and a 2nd...at which point I'm not sure it's worth it.
  11. The timing could be right, but I suspect he won't come cheap. Even though he hasn't put it all together yet, he's still a good 45-50 point guy who's good for 20 goals. Unless your name is Sven Baertschi, that's usually worth a fair bit.
  12. Because many centres play wing, you'll find that NHL forwards are not equally distributed among all three forward positions. I find a more accurate measure of 1st liner (as per offensive numbers) would be to look at the top 93 forwards. I also think points-per-game is a better metric than overall points, since missed games can unfairly hurt a player, though of course you have to set a reasonable minimum games, lest you have players with 1 or 2 games at the top of the list. Setting the minimum games at 23 games, Jake's points-per-game of 0.57 sits him at about 140th among all forwards, which would place him at right about dead average for a 2nd line forward, which I think is a more realistic representation of his offense, but still very positive.
  13. Looked at my bank account and was pleasantly surprised, so I decided to take a look at housing prices to see if I could actually consider buying.


    Suffice it to say I won't be any time soon.

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      BC . stands for bring cash if you want to live here......

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      Isnt it funny..The places where lots of work and oppurtunity is, you cant afford housing. Where housing is affordable theres little work and opportunity 

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      BC Liberal party sold us all out.......

  14. Fat is definitely the wrong word, but there's no doubt that body fat percentage was too high for an NHL player. NHL standards are far higher than the standards for your average person and it's not fair to compare the two. Regardless, it's in the past and Jake has matured and improved. As can be seen by 5th line's post, even his harshest critics are admitting he's playing well (even if only seemingly reluctantly).
  15. I don't think we should be surprised if Boeser's numbers do drop if he plays with the third line of Gaudette and Roussel. It doesn't necessarily mean he was a passenger on the 1st line though. The twins saw their numbers drop when Megna was played on their line--worse line mates mean worse production no matter who you are.