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  1. [Report] Paul Martin announces retirement

    The player or prime minister? That always threw me for a loop.
  2. Ranking the Primary Jerseys around the NHL

    Like I said, it's a common misconception. I've read many hockey history books and they all say it stands for "hockey", in the context given by @goalie13.
  3. Ranking the Primary Jerseys around the NHL

    A common misconception actually. It in fact stands for "hockey".
  4. Somewhat surprising, especially in light of the recent Quennville firing, but I guess he has a good enough track record for the Pens.
  5. Jumbo Joe

    First ballot, no question. Not a huge fan of the guy, but he's one of the best playmakers in NHL history. No one has more than his 96 assists (2005-06) other than Mario, Bobby, Wayne, and Adam Oates. The 1000 assist mark is also an incredibly rare mark for any player to hit. Keep in mind that Hank never even hit 900.

    Best part is, this stuff is clean too. I adore clean physical play.
  7. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    He'll need to step up his offense at some point or he's destined to return to Utica. He doesn't have the defensive game of Gaunce and certainly isn't physical, so 2 assists in 13 games isn't going to cut it. He deserves a chance to warm his way into the NHL, but eventually, he'll run out of leash to work with.
  8. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    From what I'm seeing Dahlen is developing nicely in the AHL. Could be good signs for next year. He certainly didn't look ready this year, but maybe a year of grooming will be what he needs. I wouldn't be against having him in Utica for 2019-20 to dominate the league if he's good enough (assuming he still isn't quite ready for the NHL).
  9. TSN NHL Rankings

    I too think our record is probably over-inflated an unsustainable, but keep in mind that we're dealing with some serious injuries. Two of our top six are out and arguably our top d-man is also out. If they come back in form, we may actually be this good. Worth noting also that both TSN and THG's lists came before tonight's loss as well.
  10. [VIDEO] Benn vs Anderson

    Epic fight. I love seeing that kind of stuff.
  11. Blah. Marky had a good game. Eriksson had some good moments. Goldy has a great second period, but a bad first and third.
  12. Good shift there boys. Let's build on it.
  13. MacEwan has been on my radar since last year. I think he'll be an NHL player eventually.