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  1. I really, really, liked Miller in his game tonight. Very excited to see him continue. It's obvious that he's not another run of the mill middle six forward--he's a bonafide top six guy.
  2. I'm giddy just thinking about it!
  3. What a pass by Bo! EDIT: Pass by Miller! Good snipe by Bo too. Miller is used to feeding those beauties to Stamkos and Kucherov on the PP.
  4. Wow! Teves looking like Quinn Hughes there!
  5. Take a look at Horvat with the A on these jerseys folks. I have a feeling it will be a rare image to see in the years to come. Might only ever wear it for a few pre-season games.
  6. Boucher showing off his great shot.
  7. Three Canucks all moving towards Phillips to defend--unnecessary and poor coverage.
  8. lol ikr. Two goals and the OT winner doesn't apparently get you even the third star.
  9. ahaha I love how dumbfounded the Flames commentators are.