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  1. Maybe it's just me, but I hate it when people don't know the difference between a school zone and a playground zone.

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    2. -AJ-


      Technically, school zones require you to drive 30 KM/H from 8am - 5pm. Playground zones are the same, but the time restrictions are different, focusing on sunrise and sundown instead, which don't necessarily line up with 8am and 5pm. For instance, during the shortest winter days, it's already past sundown on my way home from work, even though it's not yet 5pm.

    3. Alflives


      If Usain Bolt is running through a school zone or a park at his top speed (45km/hr) and it's between 8 am and 5 pm, does he get a speeding ticket?  

    4. -AJ-


      @Alflives I sure hope so! 


      I've always been a decent sprinter and wanted to have the ability to "speed" in a school zone since I know I've been at least very close to 30 km/h before.