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  1. I would think the summer to be a great time to do a Current players list, as players aren't playing, so the environment isn't changing as the polls go on.
  2. At the start of the season, Hutton was starting fairly sub-par and I didn't see the neutral zone rushes I saw from him in 2015-16. As the season when on, Hutton did improve and I think he's begun to figure out how to play in his new frame. I'm just wary of players becoming bigger just for the sake of becoming bigger without considering both the pros and cons of it. I guess Virtanen's weight gain and subsequent lacklustre play has me wary.
  3. I hope he doesn't pull a Hutton and become all slow all of a sudden.
  4. Far as I can tell, 50 points is the bottom of top line forwards in today's NHL. 90th-94th in the NHL forwards in point scoring all scored exactly 50 points. 30 teams x three 1st line forwards per team means that technically speaking, there are 90 1st line NHL forwards. I would argue that Baertschi is on the edge of 1st line and 2nd line player. Currently he's more of a solid 2nd line guy and nothing more, but if he can push it to 50 points, the argument could be made for him as a premier 2nd line forward, unless the standard for offense changes in the coming years. That said, if he's doing it with Horvat and a potentially dynamic shooter in Boeser, his numbers could be inflated by them, much like Burrows had his inflated. It does get hard to individually measure a player independent of his line mates. If Boeser does turn out to be a dynamic scoring forward like we hope and plays with Bo and Baertschi, Baertschi will very likely be the weakest link on the line, but I think he'll be able to support those two pretty well. In my dream world, we have two top lines that are both capable of dominated now and then, ideally with Pettersson on the other line.
  5. Nominating Darcy Kuemper.
  6. Voting for Marcus Foligno, nominating Alex Chiasson.
  7. A pretty solid deal. Looks like the next Kurri-Gretzky duo are lined up.
  8. It's actually really impressive that Cullen has managed to stick around for this long. He'll turn 41 in November.
  9. Voting Craig Smith, nominating Alex Chiasson.
  10. Not sure about both, but Bure led the Canucks in goals in 1991-92.
  11. Horvat is the most obvious pick, but if Baertschi and Boeser can mesh with him, I think either of them have a shot too, though they'd be dark horses. The Sedins also both have a decent chance. This is assuming Bo, Baertschi, and Boeser becomes our new 1st line (or 1B). 1. Horvat - 23 G, 34 A, 57 Points 2. H. Sedin - 13G, 39A, 52 Points 3. D. Sedin - 16G, 35A, 51 Points 4. S. Baertschi - 24G, 24A, 48 Points 5. L. Eriksson - 21G, 22A, 43 Points 6. B. Boeser - 20G, 16A, 36 Points I'll just stop there I think because it gets real hard to predict past that. This is assuming our top six are the Twins and Eriksson and the the Triple B line. If Granlund replaces Eriksson with the twins, he could easily match what Eriksson has here, perhaps more.
  12. Voting Craig Smith, nominating Brandon Pirri.
  13. We should change it to "Unpopular Contributors" to make bans quick and easy.
  14. Voting for Smith, nominating John Moore.
  15. Voting for Reilly Smith. Nominating John Moore.