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  1. I'd have to say that I generally agree with your side more. For me, a guy like Jagr feels like a bit of a ticking time bomb. Every season, you expect his play to take a massive hit, but it hasn't yet. That said, as he gets older and older, it gets more and more likely that the following season will be the one in which he can't perform at a top level anymore. I personally doubt that it's a matter of age discrimination and more likely a factor of factors related to his age. It's not discrimination to pick the best available players for the job, even if the best players happen to be young. All that said, I really do hope Jagr is signed. I'd love to see him become the second NHL player to hit 2000 points, the second man to surpass Howe's 801 goals, and become the All-Time games leader.
  2. Yeah, after a current players list, I'd love to re-do the '79 draft.
  3. Looking for some opinions here: I'm planning on making a "Top 10 NHL Teams of All-Time" list, but I'm having trouble deciding the requirements. I'm debating between only allowing one team per dynasty, allowing any teams, or restricting teams to five or more years apart if it's the same team. Thoughts?

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      By the 80s tear I meant like the oilers

    3. Stamkos


      What if it were top teams per era? 


      Like 1880-1910, 1911-1930 etc?

    4. -AJ-


      Thanks for all the comments guys. I've already sorted out 10 teams, restricting them to one per five years per team (though it's worked out as one per dynasty anyways). 


      At first, when I was thinking of a "Top Teams per decade" list, I was worried it would feel to repetitive with my recent Top 10 NHL Dynasties, but upon further reflection, there are several dynasties in the same decades, so it would be interesting to see them duke it out.

  4. I did too, but with such a quick look, I could hardly notice any detail.
  5. a) I'm much less experienced, but just finally got a job in accounting after months of searching for a permanent full-time position. The first time, it took me about 50 applications to get a job and that one was a temporary one. After getting experience, it was much better for me. I haven't noticed anything that seems to be drastically different in BC from other places, just try slightly mixing it up maybe if something isn't working. I changed the style of my cover letters a few times and also altered the focus of my resume once or twice. b ) I've personally only used Rogers and Fido, both of whom I've found to be adequate for what I need. My mom uses a lesser known company in Solo and she does have service problems more than I do. Many of the smaller companies have strong signals in small patches, but not everywhere. The larger ones will have service everywhere except more remote places (such as on hikes away from the urban areas or when traveling the wilderness). c) Can't give advice on this as I'm looking to move out for the first time within six months or so.
  6. I love looking back into the past drafts, but if we were ever to do a list of top current players, the summer is the time. We can re-do other drafts during the season.
  7. I was slightly disappointed, but also slightly elated as well. It didn't get super dark here in Abbotsford, but the temperature was definitely lower and it looks sort of like the Sun got randomly dim for no reason. Such a cool experience.
  8. I would think the summer to be a great time to do a Current players list, as players aren't playing, so the environment isn't changing as the polls go on.
  9. At the start of the season, Hutton was starting fairly sub-par and I didn't see the neutral zone rushes I saw from him in 2015-16. As the season when on, Hutton did improve and I think he's begun to figure out how to play in his new frame. I'm just wary of players becoming bigger just for the sake of becoming bigger without considering both the pros and cons of it. I guess Virtanen's weight gain and subsequent lacklustre play has me wary.
  10. I hope he doesn't pull a Hutton and become all slow all of a sudden.
  11. Far as I can tell, 50 points is the bottom of top line forwards in today's NHL. 90th-94th in the NHL forwards in point scoring all scored exactly 50 points. 30 teams x three 1st line forwards per team means that technically speaking, there are 90 1st line NHL forwards. I would argue that Baertschi is on the edge of 1st line and 2nd line player. Currently he's more of a solid 2nd line guy and nothing more, but if he can push it to 50 points, the argument could be made for him as a premier 2nd line forward, unless the standard for offense changes in the coming years. That said, if he's doing it with Horvat and a potentially dynamic shooter in Boeser, his numbers could be inflated by them, much like Burrows had his inflated. It does get hard to individually measure a player independent of his line mates. If Boeser does turn out to be a dynamic scoring forward like we hope and plays with Bo and Baertschi, Baertschi will very likely be the weakest link on the line, but I think he'll be able to support those two pretty well. In my dream world, we have two top lines that are both capable of dominated now and then, ideally with Pettersson on the other line.
  12. Nominating Darcy Kuemper.
  13. Voting for Marcus Foligno, nominating Alex Chiasson.
  14. A pretty solid deal. Looks like the next Kurri-Gretzky duo are lined up.