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  1. Can't imagine it's that hard.
  2. They are coming very soon on my personal list.
  3. I fully agree. I personally hope/expect to see Burmistrov, Virtanen, or Goldobin out-perform Boucher and thus send Boucher to the waiver wire (and hopefully Utica). If Boucher isn't good enough to make our team, he isn't good enough to make most NHL teams.
  4. This is actually a pretty good way to look at it, though you could maybe argue that tier 3 is larger than just those players since it gets so close after the first eight.
  5. You could only argue that if the total votes that went to the loser of the tiebreaker exceeds the remaining votes. For example, if the loser of the tiebreaker had 40 of the 100 votes, then in a subsequent poll, the loser of the tiebreaker could feasibly lose again, if the other 60 voters all choose in the right way. Even so, not all the same people vote in every poll nor do the same number of people vote. Point is, it's good to be sure and accurate with these things.
  6. Voting for Nazem Kadri. Nominating Kyle Palmieri.
  7. So it's basically the Spengler Cup 2.0?
  8. I always liked Willie. He made a few decisions that irritated me, but by and large, I thought he was a good coach.
  9. Objectivity should be paramount when voting here IMO. Just because I think he's the next best pick, doesn't mean I like him.
  10. Same as VC this time. Voting for Kadri, nominating Leddy.
  11. Don't forget about Bo's intangibles. He's undoubtedly the future captain and has become a huge source of motivation and inspiration for his teammates I'd guess. That has some sort of value for sure.
  12. I was asking this a while ago, but I forget the answer. Is it possible to assign Boucher to the AHL before the season starts, hence avoiding the waivers?
  13. Man, Streit has lasted a long time. Good for him.
  14. A one-way deal. Good for him. I'm betting he spends the year in Utica so this guarantees a good paycheque for him.