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  1. I've never been a fan of Kane. To be fair, the stories of his problems go mostly further back than recent years, but still, his history is in pretty direct contrast to the character-based team Jimbo seems to want to build. If he had arrived earlier, maybe the twins could've whipped him into shape (character-wise), but at this point, a player with poor character could be really problematic. All that said, I'm still uncertain as to whether or not he cleaned up his act. As I mentioned, it's been a while since I've heard bad rumours about him, so maybe he's fixed up his game out of the locker room. Still, even if he has fixed up his attitude, he wouldn't be worth $7M, so I'm glad we didn't go down that road.
  2. He's fallen off a cliff in recent years. The best he would provide at this point is veteran leadership and we already have a Swedish defenseman who can do that, except ours is one year younger, 5 inches taller, 35 pounds heavier, and a heckuva better player. His days are probably very numbered at this point.
  3. At this point, I don't really know the prospects very well anymore. You can tell where my focus is, haha.
  4. [Report] Rangers name David Quinn Head Coach

    Oh, at first I thought this was former Canuck Captain Dan Quinn.
  5. Anders Nilsson | #31 | G

    Do we fire the Swede and hire an American instead once Demko is ready?
  6. After learning more about Tkachuk, I've decided I don't want him. I've read reports that he's even more toxic than his brother Matthew. My new list as of May 22: I'm picking: 1. Boqvist 2. Bouchard 3. Dobson Don't want: Tkachuk I still think Boqvist will probably be gone. In the end, I'm happy with anyone ranked all the way up to #9, but I would prefer to avoid Tkachuk.
  7. Sinkhole Growing Around White House

    Seems like a fitting metaphor.
  8. Now and then: CDC

    Was that in reference to Schroeder?
  9. Sutter is great. He can play defense at a very high level and his offense isn't half-bad either. Also a good leader in the room with some experience.
  10. The deal has been a pretty even one up to this point, but if Schneider can't get his game back, we may end up the victors. Schneids was one of the best netminders in the league for a while, but he seems to be slowing down now, right as Bo is heating up.
  11. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    In response to your polls, I'd say Leipsic was the most surprising. I didn't expect much more than a 4th line energy guy, but he has an extra spark that implies he's at least capable of 3rd line stuff if not maybe even slotting into the top 6 now and then. Granlund was the most short of my expectations by far. I think I had him projected for somewhere in the ball park of 20 goals.
  12. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    Plenty of top six forwards have been scratched in their time. Baer was scratched because he wasn't playing hard enough and Green knew that he could play like a top 6 player; in those games prior to being scratched, he wasn't. If you think Baer was scratched because he was lower than a 4th line forward, you're kidding yourself.
  13. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    The only good argument I can think of is that maybe Baer is being "carried" by his linemates, which is probably somewhat true. Still, almost all lines have at least one player who's carried by the two others at least a bit.
  14. Happy Birthday, Brendan Leipsic!

    Excited to see this kid in our lineup next year. I have a feeling he could last a while here in Vancouver.
  15. [Report] Marian Hossa announces retirement

    One of the best Slovak players of all-time. Only Mikita scored more goals among Slovak players. He's a HHOFer for sure.