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  1. Not gonna lie, this is pretty amusing.
  2. Biega is difficult. He always feels like he should be off the depth chart, but works so hard that it seems impossible to keep him off.
  3. I've had the feeling that people were sleeping on Baertschi this summer. I've seen a lot of line proposals putting Horvat with Boeser and some other player, when he and Baertschi have shown some good chemistry in the past. Glad he's lighting it up so far this pre-season. I'd like to see the triple B line remain strong.
  4. I suppose it depends from school to school. At my university it definitely somewhat felt like leftism was preferred by the institution, but then, I'm a bit biased as one leaning more to the right, so I might just be painting myself as the victim. Your point about political correctness on both sides is noted though. I've never really thought about it, but I guess it does go both ways.
  5. I can tell this is going to be a new pet peeve of mine. *Gagner
  6. It seems to me that every time I hear about ridiculous politically correct stuff or extreme leftism, it's always in universities and colleges.
  7. It baffles me that it's the educational institutions that are propagating this stuff more than anyone else, particularly universities and colleges. You'd think they'd know better.
  8. I constantly find that your analysis of the game is well founded and enjoy reading your perspectives. I agree with your assessment. I believe we will see a significant spike in penalty minutes this year due to slashing calls, but they'll start to drop off by the season's end and as well into next season, assuming the refs are consistent, like they were back in the first post-lockout seasons.
  9. I feel like it's that moment when I futilely throw my vote at Blake Wheeler. Ah, well, for what it's worth anyways.
  10. Missed the game tonight and it's a darn shame. Looks like it was a pumpin' one. Good win boys.

    1. Baer.


      For a preseason game I have to admit it was pretty entertaining. The kids are all right.

    2. debluvscanucks


      Was visiting someone in the hospital and put on the game in the family lounge.  Got us a few new fans as a result.  Also got home and TRIED to watch the China game.  Gave it a good go (both me and the team)....

    3. HerrDrFunk


      That was the best bounce back effort I've seen from a team wearing Canucks jerseys in a good 6 or 7 months.

  11. If this had been in my university days, I may have tried to stay up for this one, but no longer. I'll guess 3-2 Vancouver.
  12. Thanks for you input! I think you'll find that 6 or 7 locked threads on one page of the front page of the Canucks Talk subforum is a rare occurrence. We get occasional runs of floods of locked topics sometimes, but usually it's pretty clean. Furthermore, locked topics pretty quickly fall down the list as the most recent ones are kept to the top of the page, so they will quickly lose their valuable real estate.
  13. Voting for the ever-underrated Blake Wheeler. Consistent with my comment in the unpopular opinions thread, Nominating Mark Giordano, a very well-rounded defenseman. He doesn't dominate too heavily in one single stat, so he doesn't stand out too well, but he does everything really well. A poor man's Nick Lidstrom, if you will.
  14. Dang, hope he's okay. At least they found it early.