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  1. Well I can certainly agree that he's a far cry from Lu's glory days. I'd put Miller at a middle-of-the-pack goaltending level last year. Better than his stats showed at least.
  2. Markov is amazingly still a great defenseman given his age, but I've been told he's fairly one-dimensional. I could see him getting $5M, but $6M is a bit much.
  3. In my mind, and the mind of many CDC users, Miller deserved the Cyclone Taylor trophy this season as Vancouver's MVP. His numbers were less than stellar, but that certainly wasn't his fault. He stole several games for us and our defense was much more often at fault than Miller.
  4. I'd imagine we're probably in the top 10 every year.
  5. He more or less took the reigns for a period last year when Bachman was injured and handled it pretty well. I'd say he's ready to start in Utica.
  6. I would agree. On Cup-quality teams, he's a 2nd pairing guy and on most bottom half teams he'd a 1st pairing guy.
  7. Day 2 of running: Brought my time from 9:57 down to 8:14! I had a lot of things working against me on that first run, but it's still good to see the improvement. Now the challenge will be to beat this time :P

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      Congrats. Keep it up.

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      The Weasel

      Good job, man. Keep it up! :)

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      Nice work! Keep at the grind!

  8. And Demko in the ranks. It's a different time for the team. We're rebuilding, so of course we have a much worse team. Give it five more years and we'll see how we're doing.
  9. Pass it to Bulis with the latest report: http://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/report-ryan-miller-likely-to-sign-in-anaheim-1.20794074?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Personally, it's no surprise to me that Miller could have interest in leaving Vancouver. There's almost no incentive for him to stay here. He would be put into a 1B role and not have a chance at the playoffs, no less the Stanley Cup. I've been expecting that he'd leave for a while now, so this comes as no surprise to me.
  10. A hefty AHL salary. I guess he has done well there so he deserves it.
  11. For me, the only reason to take him would be to avoid having to use Holm or Juolevi in the potential case that neither are NHL-ready. It would prevent us from having to rush them and make another Virtanen-esque mistake. If we have six defensemen who are ready to play in the NHL, then he isn't needed. I wouldn't say it's about being better, but rather about ensuring that we don't spoil our prospects.
  12. Any word on the salary/cap hit?
  13. A reasonable stop gap while our young guys develop.
  14. Aggostino is much like Weal in that both have been very good in the AHL and have both had somewhat decent NHL numbers. Either way, valuable pick ups.
  15. I was only educated on the first few picks, so I can only say for the first pick. I would have probably picked Vilardi, but maybe Glass. That said, I'm sure Pettersson will grow on me. It's already beginning to happen.