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  1. I feel like it's that moment when I futilely throw my vote at Blake Wheeler. Ah, well, for what it's worth anyways.
  2. Missed the game tonight and it's a darn shame. Looks like it was a pumpin' one. Good win boys.

  3. If this had been in my university days, I may have tried to stay up for this one, but no longer. I'll guess 3-2 Vancouver.
  4. Thanks for you input! I think you'll find that 6 or 7 locked threads on one page of the front page of the Canucks Talk subforum is a rare occurrence. We get occasional runs of floods of locked topics sometimes, but usually it's pretty clean. Furthermore, locked topics pretty quickly fall down the list as the most recent ones are kept to the top of the page, so they will quickly lose their valuable real estate.
  5. Voting for the ever-underrated Blake Wheeler. Consistent with my comment in the unpopular opinions thread, Nominating Mark Giordano, a very well-rounded defenseman. He doesn't dominate too heavily in one single stat, so he doesn't stand out too well, but he does everything really well. A poor man's Nick Lidstrom, if you will.
  6. Dang, hope he's okay. At least they found it early.
  7. Given the +11 reputation of my post, I'm started to doubt its unpopularity.
  8. Voting for Wheeler, nominating Gaudreau.
  9. I have a few that come to mind. 1. Drew Doughty is overrated. 2. Brad Marchand is underrated as a defensive forward. I'd say he's one of the top 10, if not top 5 best defensive forwards in the league. 3. While still good, neither Kopitar or Toews are elite forwards in the NHL anymore, even when just looking at defense. 4. Horvat's defense has been sub-par in his last few years. 5. Mark Giordano is among the best well-rounded defensemen in the NHL. 6. Gary Bettman has not done a bad job as the NHL Commissioner (the owners are to blame for a lot of the poor decisions, not Bettman) I could go on, but they start to get less dramatic and unpopular eventually.
  10. Only two years, eh. Interesting.
  11. The commentators mentioning how similar it was to 2005-06 did ring true. It's ridiculous now, but eventually the players will learn, just like they did after the lockout. Look at the game before and after the lockout and the difference is stark. This change is more minor, but it makes sense to me. No point in whacking at a guy's hands when the puck is on the ice. If you want to make contact, do it with your body, not your stick.
  12. Voting for Josi, nominating Panarin.
  13. Did you watch the game today?
  14. Just gonna leave this here: 6. You will not discuss illegal activities. Discussion of criminal activities, piracy and illegal broadcast of games will not be permitted. No links to sites containing illegal material will be tolerated. Edit: My mistake, didn't realize this was a radio stream.