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  1. Neat stuff. Good to see players donate like this, especially when so many of them make exorbitant salaries. I dislike Toews when we play against him, but I have a lot of respect for him.
  2. I think you make good points on the leaving of the feet. In almost every big hit, the hitter will leave their feet immediately after the hit, as a result of the force and push back from the sudden deceleration. Hall didn't seem to leave his feet going into the hit, but rather as a result of the hit. As much as it pains me to say it (for Larsen's sake), this looks like a good example of a hard clean hit in today's NHL (though it's pushing the line with the head contact).
  3. Indeed, I meant "problem" as in a good problem to have.
  4. A valid point. I'm not counting on either making to the NHL though. We'll see though.
  5. A bit too early say that Brisebois and Olsen are going to do well. Brisebois has improved slightly from year to year, but Olsen is having a rough start to the year. Overall though, I'd agree with you on Benning's talent analysis.
  6. Problem is, we have seven NHL-quality d-men with Tram and Stecher stepping up.
  7. Hmmm....6-3-1 in the last 10 games while Tanev, Rodin, Edler, and Hansen are injured.
  8. I like this. It looks crazy to have Tanev on the third pairing, but it's not crazy if the minutes are spread evenly. Thinking of it more like three fairly even pairings as opposed to a very distinct hierarchy of pairings helps.
  9. He's struggling if you're looking at the offensive numbers, but the reason he hasn't been sent down and no one's talking about sending him down is because his defensive game is solid. Gaunce isn't expected to become anything better than a 3rd line forward so point production is not of the utmost importance for him. Gaunce currently has a corsi rating of 50.44%, better than more than half the team. His -4 rating is also better than more than half the the regular players on the team.
  10. Was gonna say something like that myself. Jake should see how Stecher works and use that as an example. Stecher's story is inspirational to me as I am a small guy who likes playing defense as well, so it's neat to see a small guy having some success.
  11. How about revenge by winning 10-0? A few big hits and fights along the way would be okay too.
  12. I don't dislike them, personally. For many Canuck fans, I'd guess it has to do with the rivalry from the playoff days back when we were in the same conference. Aside from that, I'm not really sure.
  13. Hoping for a hard-hitting game with some goals from the team. While I want the game to stay clean, I would love for Martin to have his clock cleaned in either a fight or a hit by Tram or Guddy. EDIT: My prediction for the game is 5-1 for the Leafs. Leafs go 5 for 17 on the power play. Canucks score short-handed.
  14. I can understand him being angry about the Burrows thing, but goodness gracious, talk about holding on to a grudge.
  15. Updated info on this: http://www.tsn.ca/nhlpa-rejects-nhl-s-offer-of-olympics-for-cba-extension-1.622523 NHLPA rejects the NHL's offer.