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  1. Nice colour choice. Crazy how a warrior like him just gets that dealt with and played out the rest of the game.
  2. Hank has had a few years with high shooting percentages. He had 20.5 in his sophomore season and he's had over 17% in two other seasons as well. 19.3% is pretty exceptionally high, but it's not unreasonable to think that he can finish close to that mark.
  3. Agreed. His ceiling is higher than Granny's and he's better atm, making him more valuable.
  4. I just noticed that it seems to be fixed again.
  5. NHL.com can give you those statistics. Hank's 38th in that regard; you left out Ron Francis with Carolina/Hartford.
  6. 20 more points and Edler will pass Lidster for 4th in points among d-men.
  7. 32 more points.
  8. I actually get emotional watching Lu congratulate Hank.
  9. He did it!!!!
  10. What a cool story it would be if we could sneak into the playoffs and Rodin could come back just in time and surprise by performing extremely well a la Mikael Samuelsson circa 2010.
  11. He's a pretty viable 4th line guy, who might have some 3rd line potential, but I see him as a career 4th line energy guy who wins face-offs.
  12. Burrows is aggressive, but not as much of a hitter. When Hansen comes back we'll see it more. He's not known for hitting, but he's not afraid to hit on the fore check if it helps.
  13. Therein lies the value of the Sedins. I've heard so many people calling for them to be traded and I've persisted in their value, if not for offensive production on the ice, then leadership and mentorship. Look at teams like Edmonton. You can have all the star power you want, but without proper leadership and mentorship, you need a legend in the making like McDavid to turn the franchise around. Bo Horvat is the man and player he is largely because of the Sedins. Call for a tank all you want, but if we had traded the twins years ago like some wanted, we wouldn't have the same Bo Horvat we have today. They've created an incredible culture in Vancouver and it's one that I suspect will permeate the Canucks even for years after they retire. Their impact will certainly have long-lasting effects on the team and I'm sure Bo is not the only player who's been positively affected by them, he's just the one who gets the most attention.
  14. A neat find, though the Bure year is definitely the strongest case as of now. Ron Sedlbauer was the first Canuck to score 40 goals and Mike Rogers had three consecutive 100+ point seasons as was already mentioned, though not with us, of course, (darn WHA). Even Lanz was a solid defenseman for the Canucks for seven seasons, including an impressive 57 point year that's still among the highest single-season point totals for any Canucks d-man. Regarding the best year ever, I was going to pick 1978 without really looking at it, but ended up going with 2004. Never really realized how much gold we struck in that year. Schneider is a top goaltender and Edler was once an all-star, still a great defenseman in his own right. Hansen has turned out to be quite the solid middle six forward himself with dogged determination. The '78 draft is still close to the '04 one in my mind; Smyl was obviously huge, and Fraser was essentially the Adams or Burrows of the early 80s. Delargo wasn't great with us, but was with other teams, somewhat like Schneider has gone on to greatness with other teams (though he was good with us too).
  15. As a young feller, I'd say the greatest one I've witnessed is Sid's Golden Goal in 2010. I knew I was witnessing history when that happened. I watched the 2002 Olympics as well, but only vaguely remember them.