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  1. Based on my experience working in a meat factory, I haven't found this to be true. The floor meat is for cat and dog food. That said, it is probably a mix of a bunch of pureed byproducts.
  2. Hotdogs? I've had loads of raw ones. My dad eats them raw all the time.
  3. At first, I read this as Ray Bourque and thought "wow, a tad old to be making a comeback, isn't it?"
  4. Should of.
  5. I was more referring to the Florida of 2002-2004.
  6. Interesting. I learned about channel stuffing just this past semester in my auditing class and it's interesting to see it in action.
  7. Benn or Ovechkin - Ovie wins this one due to his more game-breaking plays. Ovechkin is a one-man army, whereas Benn has a great surrounding offensive core. That said, I'd argue that this one is closer than many people would think. Benn has shown for two straight years now that he's among the best in the league. Gostisbehere or Ekblad - Ekblad, but this one too needs explaining. Ekblad has two years under his belt whereas Gostisbehere has only one (full one). This most recent year, Gostisbehere was by far the better offensive player, but Ekblad offers a much more complete package and is less likely to peter out after a few years. Holtby or Schneider - I was coming into this prepared to say Holtby, but Schneider's actually got to take the cake here. About even GAA and better save percentages in the last two years on a far worse team. Ironically enough, Schneider is basically New Jersey's version of Florida's Luongo. Great goaltender on a terrible team. Toews or Kopitar - Toews. Better at everything. Subban or Doughty - Subban. Here's where I go against the grain. I've crunched the numbers for the last couple of years and Doughty has underwhelmed in both years whereas Subban has been among top d-men in both years. Doughty has a lot of experience at a high level which helps during times like the playoffs, but if we're looking at skill set and performance, Subban takes the cake for me.
  8. Great choice IMO. Seems like a guy fit to lead.
  9. Yeah, a couple of years ago, he was a disaster, but he improved quite a bit last year. Some people blindly keep assuming that he's just as terrible as he was two years ago though without really analysing his play.
  10. I envision it as follows: 1st Paring - This will almost certainly be Edler and Tanev. They are proven and generally reliable. The only way they could be beaten here is if the 2nd paring up next blows it out of the water. 2nd Paring - This will likely be Gudbranson and Hutton. While this paring is fairly certain, I wouldn't be surprised if things change up a bit with it. Hutton could have a sophomore slump and Gudbranson could disappoint. That said, Hutton could explode to a 40-point d-man and Gudbranson could prove to be a very reliable defenseman who can hit well and often. In that case, they may even become the 1st paring if they really improve drastically. 3rd Paring and Beyond - This is where it's anyone's best guess. We have many guys trying to make the team here. Sbisa is the most likely one to make it just simply due to his hitting ability and his NHL experience. After him, Tryamkin is probably the most likely, simply due to the clause in his contract about not going back to the AHL, but the KHL if he wants. That said, we have guys like Stetcher, Juolevi, Subban, and Pedan who are all pushing to make the team. Of those, I'd say Pedan has the best chance, as he is the most experienced. Subban is the biggest wildcard as he has the potential to either be a huge boom or bust type. That said, Pedan will likely be the 7th guy. The team may chose a more reliable guy as the 8th guy for a call up in case of injury (such as Fedun), but I'd like to see Subban given a shot in that case. EDIT; Completely forgot about Larsen. Seems that while our top-end defense is weak, the depth is strong. Larsen is probably the guy who's most likely to be the #7 guy over Pedan probably given his higher potential. Pedan will likely be the #8 guy in case of a call up. EDIT #2: Also forgot about Biega. Man we have a logjam in the back end of our D. My guess is he'll be one who suffers in this logjam and gets sent back to the AHL in favour of guys with more potential like Larsen and Pedan.
  11. What is being said about No Man's Sky is exactly why I was hesitant to buy it. I felt like it would get old very fast after a fun start. A game I just recently purchased because of a Steam sale is Far Cry Primal. I've been wanting to try out the Far Cry series for a while now. I've only played 3 hours of it, but it looks to have some good potential. Feels like a mix of Skyrim and Assassin's Creed, though more like Skyrim.
  12. I think their challenge will be converting Pokemon GO users to hardcore Pokemon fans, including the real games. I suspect it'll be a big challenge though.
  13. Yeah, that's the only reason why I do own a 3DS.
  14. Is it their only system? I might purchase it if it's the only way to play Pokemon games. Otherwise, no way no how. My Nintendo console days died with the Wii.
  15. I think balanced scoring is a must, but having a superstar is a bonus. Most cup-winning teams have both.