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  1. A little ahead of ourselves, are we?
  2. Miller has been absolutely lights out recently. Really unprecedented, I'd say. Makes me want to sign him for one more year, but with the way he's playing, he'll ask for $6M+ if it's a one-year deal and I don't know if I'd want that. The dream would be for him to take a discount and sign for around 4-5M for one season, but I don't think he'd go that low.
  3. Interesting. I see him as the Trump of Canada, though probably more reserved and sensible.
  4. Can someone who watches Utica games enlighten me here? Statistically, Pedan looks useless, yet everyone always wants him called up. Is his defense real good or something?
  5. Burrows is a lock for the Ring of Honour in my opinion. Jersey retirement would require him getting something in the ballpark of 1200+ games with us IMO and I don't see that happening.
  6. I like your choice to model it after the Kesler deal, but Granlund's value today is less than Sutter's in the Kesler deal. Granlund looks really good and might really be, but he's yet to prove it over the long term. At the time of the Kesler deal, Sutter already had two 20-goal seasons and a 17-goal season. He was a fairly well known quantity and Granlund is still a wild card. Sbisa has great +/- and I love that he's improved dramatically, but let's be honest, if he's a 4/5 guy in Vancouver, he's a #6 guy in most other markets, especially ones with good teams. His good +/- is also countered by his terrible Corsi and Fenwick numbers, in which he is 2nd last and last on our team's defensemen, respectively. A high number of blocks would be a counterpoint to this, but Sbisa's 1.5 blocks per game are only a middle-of-the-pack number for the Canucks d-core. While Sbisa is a hard hitter (arguably one of our best hitters), his 1.6 hits per game is surpassed by Edler, Gudbranson, Tryamkin, and Biega (who is first). He also has many giveaways, 2nd among our d-core. This isn't to say that Sbisa is terrible; he's alright...for a bottom-pairing role. Suggesting that he's a top four defenseman isn't particularly defensible I'd say. Subban has very little value I'd say. He's still improving and could still make the NHL, but it's really a long shot. Given his height and a propensity for defensive lapses, I'd say it's more likely that he'll have a career dominating the AHL than become an NHL star. I hope I'm wrong and he rips it up for Vancouver, but I see the AHL as the most likely result. Colorado laughs at this offer.
  7. The only one of those trades that has a chance is the Hansen one and that's without considering the fact that Toronto is not a team that needs Hansen right now. Honestly, I'd like to see if we can bait a playoff team into getting a first for Hansen. He's perfect for any strong team looking to make a deep playoff run and that is willing to give up on a late 1st-rounder. That said, I'd be glad to keep Hansen as well; he's extremely valuable to this team.
  8. My grandpa was born on Friday the 13th. Always said it was a lucky day for him.
  9. I'm glad. I want to make a push for the playoffs, but I don't want to sell off picks or young players to make it.
  10. I hope he participates in the fastest skater competition.
  11. Because a C stinks.
  12. Eh? If you mean on a normal PC browser, you can either just navigate to the message boards from the Fans tab: Or use a faster and easier way and just click the "Forums" button at the top of your page: Either one of these will bring you back to the main forum page. Haven't experienced this myself, but I do get in the habit of copying my post, especially when it's a long one. I've lost a few long posts by accidentally refreshing the page and it's very irritating, so I feel your pain.