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  1. Eriksson's played three games with the twins this year. Seems a tad quick to write him off, doesn't it?
  2. I agree, which is why I'd like to see Tryamkin tried out for a few games. At that point, we can see if he offers anything more than he showed in the pre-season.
  3. Frankly, Tryamkin needs to earn a spot. I really don't like the notion that he should be given a free ride simply because of his stubbornness. I do think he should be given a chance in the regular season, but if he can't perform, then too bad for him. He needs to know that there are no spots given away for free in the NHL.
  4. Ah, gotcha. I've done that many times myself.
  5. Not sure I understand what the proposal is here.
  6. Time for Horvat to create energy for this team. He's the guy who keeps doing it when no one else can.
  7. 5-1, just for the heck of it. This team has me dreaming big. Baertschi with two goals, Sutter with one, D. Sedin with one, and Hansen with one. Great game overall. Honestly though, this feels like the biggest challenge yet, even though the Blues are technically a better team. We have history with the Kings and both teams know it. Not only that, but the Kings would surely love to play spoiler to our Cinderella start. If we win this one, I will be thoroughly impressed (as if I'm not already).
  8. My World's Pick 'Em is going pretty well so far! 45 points as of now. I predicted an upset by EDG, but didn't know that Mouse wasn't going to be playing when I made the prediction. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Aside from that I've been perfect so far in the knockout stages. I'm guessing SKT to beat ROX in today's game and Samsung Galaxy to beat H2K tomorrow.
  9. Didn't see the hit until now, but it doesn't look worth 3 games to me. It was definitely a hit that crossed the line, but likely only because Weise moved upward into the hit. He still managed to hit most of the body after initially hitting the head. To me, this is a one-game suspension, not three games.
  10. I personally feel that Rodin fits well with Baer and Bo. I think that Jake and Jack basically have until Rodin comes back to determine which one gets sent down...a because I believe Jack would have to clear waivers, the onus is on Jake to impress. Rodin looked strong in the pre-season and very ready for an NHL role.
  11. Hansen has, in my mind, been one of the best checking forwards in the NHL for years now. It's an underrated role, but one that playoff teams highly value. Because of this, I wouldn't be overly surprised if we get ridiculous offers for him at the TDL. I really don't want to lose Hansen, but I am curious as to what kind of ludicrous offers we might get at the deadline from contending teams. Every team who's made it far in the post-season knows that guys like Hansen are huge in the playoffs.
  12. I said this in the "things that annoy you" thread, but "would of" and "could of".
  13. Except for his one bad giveaway, he looked strong again today too. I'm really liking this new Sbisa.
  14. Only 59 more points to go!