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  1. They've drafted a lot more than Datsyuk and Zetterberg in later rounds. Franzen - 97th (2004) Filppula - 95th (2002) Holmstrom - 205th (1994) Hudler - 58th (2002) Helm - 132nd (2005) Abdelkader - 42nd (2005) Ericsson - 291st (2002) Howard - 64th (2003) Osgood - 54th (1991) Tatar - 60th (2009) Sameulsson - 145th (1998) Mrazek - 141st (2010) Nyquist - 121st (2008) When you have drafting like that in later rounds, tanking is unnecessary.
  2. He still exists? I forgot about him. Blast to the past.
  3. He made a Horvat one today folks. It's a bit short, but it's a beaut.
  4. Yeah, just yesterday I was lamenting the loss of Hamhuis. I'll really miss his steady calming presence on the back end. I'm sure the community will miss him too.
  5. Yeah, I think it depends on the style he goes for. A standard "highlight reel vid" would have shorter clips with epic music. His style is more of a thorough one with the commentary instead of music. Personally, I like the change of style from the norm.
  6. I love how half of this is also a Horvat highlight real. I'm "real excited" to see if those two can develop some more wicked awesome chemistry.
  7. It's White Noise mate. Stupid threads reign supreme. Accept it and become one of us.
  8. If you're looking for a player in the big bad west, I'd think a 6'5" Grenier would do you well, mate. As some people have suggested, if Grenier stays down in the AHL the entire year, he may be forever doomed to be an AHL player. This might very well be his last chance.
  9. For some reason, when I'm trying to quote a guy and pick the wrong quote, I can't completely delete it. I can delete the text but not the box around it. From then on, it just goofs up the entire post and it's next to impossible. EDIT: Like so and only in this one topic. I cannot delete that box, nor can I type at all. I basically can't post in that thread at all now. EDIT 2: I seem to have fixed it by simply undoing (CTRL-Z) but still, might be something to look at.
  10. The poll is somewhat incomplete. I think it really all depends on how Grenier plays. If he impresses in the pre-season, give him a shot on the 4th line. If not, send him to the AHL. If he dominates there, give him another shot up here sometime. To answer the poll more completely, I think Grenier will probably start in the AHL, but will be given a good look. I want him to make it in the sense that I'd love to see him become a solid bottom 6 guy in the NHL. Do I think he will make it? No, as unfortunately, I think there's too much competition that can best him.
  11. Yeah, after seeing Puljujarvi below Dubois, I figured that.
  12. lol, Juolevi is ranked 9th and Tkachuk is 10th.
  13. /thread
  15. I'm one of those odd people with a Windows phone. That said, I didn't get my phone because it was a Windows phone, but rather because it was a Nokia. It's the second Nokia I've had and they have treated me well. I'm also not a big mobile apps person so the lack of apps on the Windows Store isn't concerning for me.