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  1. Going green this time. I don't really want them to actually win but rather just to pick up enough seats to force a minority government. Would much rather MLAs (and MPs) were allowed to free vote (so voting could really be for the best candidate not party) rather than just following party lines but we seem to be allergic to that kind of thing in this country so a minority government is the next best option for forcing actual cooperation and accountability. I'll take the drop in efficiency over ramming through whatever the ruling party wants any day.
  2. United is a garbage airline. They permanently lost my bag and were incredibly rude about it at every turn. They then proceeded to violate international law by taking nearly double the allowable period (and it would've been longer if I hadn't been so relentless about it) to actually declare it lost. Took months to get compensation even though I had already had to replace everything long before. They lost about 50 other people's luggage on that flight and were just flat out rude to everyone that night.
  3. Man this guy just makes a bigger fool of himself by the minute.
  4. Absolute no from Colorado. Zero interest in this deal. The only particularly interesting piece is Tanev and trading our best defender for him is at absolute best a lateral move. You keep your players and we'll keep ours. Edit: I will give you props for at least coming up with a Colorado proposal that doesn't involve Landeskog, Duchene, or Barrie though.
  5. Solid ideas. Just need a few tweaks. First, lets just remove Landeskog and the 5th and replace them with Tyutin, Comeau, and a 2nd. Then we'll take out Barrie and the 6th and put in Tyutin, Comeau, Grimaldi, Gormley and maybe a mid to low round pick. Then, there is a 3rd idea (and I think this is the best one of all) you keep your players and we'll keep ours. Seriously though, Sbisa (and that contract) are just going to drag down Hansen's value.
  6. Avalanche NOT trading D Tyson Barrie, GM Joe Sakic tells me. LT deal preferred for RFA, or arbitration. "Either way, he'll be here" - Sakic — Mike Chambers (@MikeChambers) June 16, 2016 Sakic has pretty much always been a straight shooter with the media as GM. Chambers isn't the most credible guy but the Avs are notoriously hard to get information out of and I would believe a direct quote from Sakic over McKenzie & Friedman any day. Barrie very well may have been on the market and Sakic & Co just didn't like the offers they were getting but it certainly looks like he's off it now and it would take a complete blow your socks off kind of offer to get him out of Denver this summer.
  7. We can keep him and that's everyone's preference. We have a lot of big money contracts for mediocre players expiring in the next two years. We'll find a way to make the cap work unless he has truly outrageous demands or like ROR just really wants out. There is zero incentive to move him for a bunch of lesser assets that do nothing for us. We don‘t want Sbisa. He's not any better than our plethora of bottom pairing guys. If you want one of our (arguably) core players who just so happens to be a 50 point puck mover and second best D (one of our weaknesses), your going to have to give up a similar quality piece that fills a need. Even if we were to auction Barrie off, teams would be offering up much better pieces than what has been mentioned in here.
  8. You want Barrie? Then we want Tanev. That's the basis of the deal with picks/prospects added as needed to even out the value. Take it or leave it. We're more than happy to keep Barrie and if we did trade him it would be for a lot better package that fit our needs better than the collection of lesser pieces being thrown around here.
  9. So happy right now! Been waiting 15 years for one of my Denver teams to win another championship after getting spoiled as a kid. 01 will probably always be my favourite but I appreciate this one the most.
  10. Most likely related to EJ going on IR but it's been a long time coming in spite of Roy's stubborn love for Guenin. Zadorov needed some time in the A when he was sent down but played well and deserved a chance to come back up. Bigras has been having a nice year as well. They'll both need to play for the lives if they want to stay up but it's a really positive development either way. If it is trade related, I hope its just to see if either can help down the stretch or if we need to bring someone else in. Would not be pleased if it's to showcase either of them, especially not for Drouin.
  11. Guenin waived and Zadorov/Bigras called up, what a great day in Av land. I hope he actually gets reassigned. No way he is claimed but good luck to whatever team it is if someone is foolish enough to do it.
  12. At least we didn't lose an asset (however minor) for free. Sounds like he's not going to get reassigned til EJ and Stuart are back. Kind of sucks for Geertsen that this probably pushes him to his off side. Although maybe this is part of a waive the guy beforehand trades where the new team doesn't have to assume the risk of losing the guy for free and doesn't add another contract spot.
  13. Days like this sure make me miss Sherman.
  14. Odd trade. I think the value favours us heavily. That said, despite the fact that he's massively overpaid, I'm reluctant to give up our main PKer. Would probably do it though and see if I could flip some other assets for a cheaper PK option.
  15. I've had a good 17-20 year battle with depression, which is crazy because I'm only 26. Depression is one of those funny things that's super individual and everyone responds to everything differently. Took years and trying about 5 different ones but the doctor finally found me the right medication. It's been a god send and definitely saved my life. I long ago lost count of how many suicide attempts I made. Most of those happened while I was already in therapy. I've tried just about every kind under the sun and none of them did a fraction of what the medication did for me. It made me a functional person again. Then, once I finally finished university, I moved away for work. Best thing that ever happened to me AINEC. I've never been happier. I basically got to hit the reset button on my life and it's been amazing. It was crazy unexpected because I didn't think I'd be able to handle working. I had never been able to before but suddenly once it was the job I'd worked my whole life for it was completely different. I love it. It really gave me a purpose and going to work every day and having to pretend I'm a regular person actually makes me feel like one. There are still mornings I just don't want to get up and wish I could just blow everything off but I consider it a non-negotiable and slug it out anyways and it always makes me feel better (or at least gets me out of bed and out of the house for a while). I've always been one of those super independent people who is perfectly happy to live alone (and needs a lot of alone time after being around people all day) though so just picking up and leaving my old life largely behind was perfect for me but probably wouldn't work for most people.