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  1. Who is your favorite player to watch (with caveats)?

    1) Malkin - If this was just a favourite players list he probably wouldn't rank for whatever reason I don't find him particularly likeable but man is he fun to watch. He's the most dominant player in the game when he's at his best. Too bad he can't maintain that level of play with consistency anymore. 2) Draisaitl - He's basically Malkin lite. 3) Subban - Guy is thoroughly entertaining albeit a little nerve wracking at times.
  2. Would be willing to bet that was just an exaggeration for effect but I have to agree with the general premise. I wouldn't have given this show so much as a second thought if not for a friend telling me not to watch it but that made it irresistible. There's plenty of people out there who will suddenly develop an interest in something the moment someone tells them it's off limits.
  3. Provincial Election Thread

    Going green this time. I don't really want them to actually win but rather just to pick up enough seats to force a minority government. Would much rather MLAs (and MPs) were allowed to free vote (so voting could really be for the best candidate not party) rather than just following party lines but we seem to be allergic to that kind of thing in this country so a minority government is the next best option for forcing actual cooperation and accountability. I'll take the drop in efficiency over ramming through whatever the ruling party wants any day.
  4. United is a garbage airline. They permanently lost my bag and were incredibly rude about it at every turn. They then proceeded to violate international law by taking nearly double the allowable period (and it would've been longer if I hadn't been so relentless about it) to actually declare it lost. Took months to get compensation even though I had already had to replace everything long before. They lost about 50 other people's luggage on that flight and were just flat out rude to everyone that night.
  5. Surrey Creep Catchers Rant

    Man this guy just makes a bigger fool of himself by the minute.
  6. Van Col [proposal]

    Absolute no from Colorado. Zero interest in this deal. The only particularly interesting piece is Tanev and trading our best defender for him is at absolute best a lateral move. You keep your players and we'll keep ours. Edit: I will give you props for at least coming up with a Colorado proposal that doesn't involve Landeskog, Duchene, or Barrie though.
  7. [Value of] Sbisa+Hansen=?

    Solid ideas. Just need a few tweaks. First, lets just remove Landeskog and the 5th and replace them with Tyutin, Comeau, and a 2nd. Then we'll take out Barrie and the 6th and put in Tyutin, Comeau, Grimaldi, Gormley and maybe a mid to low round pick. Then, there is a 3rd idea (and I think this is the best one of all) you keep your players and we'll keep ours. Seriously though, Sbisa (and that contract) are just going to drag down Hansen's value.
  8. Avalanche NOT trading D Tyson Barrie, GM Joe Sakic tells me. LT deal preferred for RFA, or arbitration. "Either way, he'll be here" - Sakic — Mike Chambers (@MikeChambers) June 16, 2016 Sakic has pretty much always been a straight shooter with the media as GM. Chambers isn't the most credible guy but the Avs are notoriously hard to get information out of and I would believe a direct quote from Sakic over McKenzie & Friedman any day. Barrie very well may have been on the market and Sakic & Co just didn't like the offers they were getting but it certainly looks like he's off it now and it would take a complete blow your socks off kind of offer to get him out of Denver this summer.
  9. Post Your Job Thread

  10. Who's your celeb crush?

    If hockey players count then definitely Gabriel Landeskog. If they don't then I don't really know. Patrick Wilson maybe. It's a super random choice and I've never figured out why but there's just something about him and he's the first person to come to mind. I have a bit of a thing for Chris O'Dowd too cause he's tall and funny and has this kind of goofy looking attractiveness to him. The accent doesn't hurt either.
  11. Wow. That's a lot for a phone that's been out forever. I used to buy mine outright all the time because I hated contracts. I basically just walked into everywhere that sold phones and told them what I wanted and that I didn't want a contract and then bought it wherever I could get it the cheapest. I got my last phone on a contract though since I needed a ridiculous plan anyways since I didn't want a company phone. They reimburse me a bunch for using my personal one though.
  12. You probably could still get your phone from Rogers. You just have to buy it outright. My friend is with Rogers and has a galaxy but is still on the same plan she's been on since like high school. I'm pretty sure she got it within the last year too. You should really be able to do that anywhere that sells phones. It's been a while since I looked into the price of phones but if it's anything like before I think you'll be disappointed in what you get for ~$300.
  13. NHL 16 Thread

    Am I the only one who prefers just having the orchestral music in the menus? It just fades into the background. The soundtrack playing on the menus used to drive me nuts. I ended up hating every single one of those songs within a month. Would've been nice to get new menu music but I'm glad the soundtrack will only be on during the actual games.
  14. What Are You Currently Reading?

    Lost Girls and Countdown to Zero Day. I'm a non-fiction kind of person.
  15. NHL 16 Thread

    Are EA's overall ratings still heavily skewed to favour 2-way players? They certainly aren't better players than Daniel but they probably rank higher on those kinds of attributes which makes their overalls artificially high. Maybe the system has changed and EA is just totally out to lunch though.