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  1. May 10, 2003. G10. Lost a lot of my posts (was nearly at maybe 10,000 when the forum transitioned to the new layo it, mostly lurked since).
  2. Don’t need to blow up the team dynamic, but lots of decisions. Goaltending: Re-sign Markstrom? Trade DemOk? Keep both and worry about the ED later? Defense: Obviously Hughes, Edler and Myers are back. Do we upgrade on Stecher? Do we re-sign Tanev? What to do with Fantenberg? Where do Juolevi and Rafferty fit in? Forwards: EP, Bo, Miller leading the way. Pearson probably returns. Toffoli? Is Boeser our best trade chip? Gaudette, Beagle and Motte are back in bottom six, but others should be closely evaluated: Sutter, Roussel, Virtanen, and by god they need to free up Erikssons cap. Lots of possible paths forward. Excited to see what happens over the “summer” before next year. Good run for the young kids. They will come back even hungrier.
  3. It was a nice run. Can’t take anything away from them. The kids were great.
  4. Positive mindset folks. We GOT this. Pettersson is gonna get one right out of the gate in the third. Put Vegas on the ropes.
  5. Well that’s 4 shots now. Might need to get 10 for a good results
  6. Lost in all this? Another game where Kelly Sutherland hasn’t f**ked us over. What’s that, three games in a row where he’s reffed with his whistle away? Bettman and Campbell finally give him an ultimatum? Sure hope so...
  7. You see what's happening around the league with teams *cough Leafs* *cough* Panthers that have 10+ million tied up in players and it just skews the team's cap so much. Players may start to realize that by leaving 1-2-3 million on the table, it will lead to a more competitive team. I mean...that's the approach that's happened in Vancouver with Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Luongo - there is a legacy here of that. If Hughes and Pettersson sign deals of 5-6-7 years 7-8 million each, that leaves more than enough for another huge deal mid-career.
  8. Teams can choose not to LTIR, and simply have players on IR. Avoiding some nuance, LTIR creates cap relief, IR does not. Depends on what teams want to do, or need to do. Low-cap teams wanted the extra cap hit.