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  1. Five players individually who are all possibly worth a 1st round pick........for one pick?
  2. Bogosian would also be a big-bodied defenseman out of Buffalo; UFA at year's end. Maybe trade Tanev for picks/prospects, bring in Bogosian for one-year, and see what happens next year with Trayamkin/Woo/others? Faulk or Pesce out of Carolina, but they need left-handed defenseman back..... The young guys in Philly would probably cost too much..... Every other team doesn't really have expendable top-4 defensemen on the market.
  3. Teves Rafferty Brisebois Chatfield Sautner Juolevi Eliot 7 guys right there that could spot duty as 9/10/11, and only Sautner needs waivers. Better depth these days.
  4. Brock isn’t eligible for an offer sheet or arbitration, so it’s either sign with us, or a trade
  5. Markstrom Demko ——— Kielly DiPietro Bachman Where does he fit?
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019-2020 defense: Edler-Tanev Hughes-Myers Benn-Stecher Fantenberg-Biega Added three defensemen over 6’0” and 200 lbs all of them. Tougher and meaner this year for sure.
  7. None of those, other than the clutch Jason Williams would produce much in the top six. Unquiet is a legit. top six option, unfortunately that is probably what prices him out of our range. I think the Canucks sign three defenders today and then see if there’s an ability to offload someone like Ericsson, Sutter, or Baertschi for top-six talent - perhaps from a cash-strapped team.
  8. If Lucic is coming for Eriksson, I want any of: Puljujarvi, Ethan Bear, Tyler Benson or draft picks coming back. Lucic could form a big solid line with Virtanen, and could be a strong net-front presence on the PP. He'd be of more use than a whiny Eriksson for the next three years.
  9. If he was buried this year, it would’ve cost the Canucks a 2.2 cap hit, and the 3.1 salary. This saves FAQ about a million in real dollars, and then spreads that 2.2 over this year and next. Saves us 2 million in cap, a spot in Utica and an extra contract space. Good news all around.
  10. Three defensemen: 11 million (29-37 years old); 8 million (34 - 39 years old); 7 million (32 - 38 years old). In three to four years, this defense will be highly overpaid, unless SJ hopes someone like Vlasic is taken by Seattle.
  11. I’ve lived and worked in China for the past decade. Traveled all around the country, as well as SE Asia and Oceania; it’s one of the safer countries I’ve been to. I have no qualms of walking late at night. If anything, as a foreigner, we are treated better in the country than most locals. As long as you don’t discuss anything “taboo” online or too loudly with the “wrong” people, it’s great. Other than traffic-related problems and air pollution (which are both common in most of SE Asia), it’s been a great place to live.
  12. 1. I'd love to see a Tanev+mid-level prospect deal for Letang or Ristolainen. Letang would add some high-end talent --- not quite at the level of a healthy Karlsson -- but cheaper and shorter term (signed for 3 years); possible health concerns. Pittsburgh would get cap-relief and be freed up at the end of the year of a contract. Ristolainen would be younger, cheaper but run the risk of not being a top-level guy. 2. In addition to signing Schenn to a short-term deal, I'd also like to see the Canucks sign another 5/6th defense that can provide grit (Lovejoy, McQuaid, or Engelland). All of these guys are mid-late thirties, would provide additional veteran leadership, pk ability, and could rotate in with Schenn depending who is playing well. Also a short-term deal (1-2 deal; McQuaid maybe 3) 3. Re-Sign Edler (NMC in year 1+2 is fine, but only a NTC in years 3 and beyond if the deal is that long - to avoid expansion draft issues). If this doesn't work, try to explore more of the trade market and see what can be found. Something along the lines of: Edler - Letang/Ristolainen Hutton-Stecher Hughes- Lovejoy/McQuaid/Engelland Sautner/Brisebois/Juolevi - Schenn
  13. And on top of the big news of various deaths and other character developments - no end credit scene!