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  1. Official WH account retweeted Trumps inflammatory tweet. Your move Twitter.
  2. Multiple studies suggest 8-14 minutes in the air. Wearing masks should be a feature of life for the next while, and it’s for everyone’s safety.
  3. As an expat, I can tell you that I don’t have access to the Canadian medical system. I come home every summer for a month and another week or two at Christmas. I haven’t had medical access for nearly a decade in Canada due to BCs rule that after 2 years you’ve lost residency (you also lose your drivers license when it expires). Other provinces like Ontario don’t seem to follow this. So there is some discrepancy. But I don’t get a free ride - and my insurance coverage through my company doesn’t provide coverage in North America. So I pay out of pocket when I come home if I want any kind of visits or treatments. 70 dollars for a ten minute visit to a doctor, etc. Only when I re-establish residency ties (after 90 days I believe) do I get to access the medical system. At which point, I will be paying taxes again etc. For a lot of people in my situation, we spend our 20s/30s and maybe 40s abroad and come home when families are anticipated/growing. Twenty years abroad of no access followed by twenty years of tax paying. I think it’s a fair trade that doesn’t really hurt anyone. And how many people is this really affecting...... wouldn’t put much money back in the coffers.
  4. I follow the Thumper rule-of-thumb, and it ain't got me in trouble.....
  5. Once the peak is managed. Probably shut down until June. Open for July, August and maybe September, and then if it rears its ugly head again in the fall, back to shut down again (maybe), unless there are better healthcare systems in place by that time (ICUs better equipped; more healthcare professionals, etc.)
  6. Almost every online educational subscription website has offered free services through the next month (in some cases until June). A ton of stuff available - but it’s dependent on: do the kids have devices / WiFi at home. For middle-upper class, this time should be manageable for at-home learning. It’s the lower-end of the spectrum that will have so many struggles on their plate, that learning won’t be a priority.
  7. Since my lockdown began in China (Jan 22), I’ve averaged about six movies a day for sixty days (weird habit, I usually watch movies on 1.5 or 2 times speed, so it’s only about 6 hours a day of movies). I’ve always had a habit of watching nearly every movie that comes out - but I was a year or two behind until recently. Watched nearly 400 movies during this stretch.
  8. A few studies so far indicate there is a hypothetical situation involving the virus lasting in the air for a few hours, as well as on surfaces longer. More testing is needed to see if this applies to real-world application instead of in a lab.
  9. I wonder how the “limiting of ferries” will affect Vancouver Island. Cap on capacity, or cancellation...?
  10. Poker re-runs ala NHL Lockout?
  11. I mentioned it earlier in the thread, forget what page. The whole country has been locked down for a month. Wuhan, for 52 days. The only reason numbers have now dropped to 13 (as of today), is because nobody is leaving their communities. Ordering food through community groups that essentially deliver to your door. If BC said tomorrow, no one can leave your house - then, yes, this would blow over. Problem is, that’s not going to happen - and of people are thinking everything will be fine, it’s going to get worse before better.
  12. I was someone who wasn’t too concerned about the initial outbreak in December/January - despite living in the epicenter. I imagined the 20-odd cases would go away and life would return to normal. But having lived through this whole thing in China, I can’t help but feel there is a lot of downplaying in other parts of the world until it’s too late. Will most people be fine? Yes. Is there a potential for a lot of deaths? Absolutely. Entire country’s medical systems are being ravaged by this, and it would be nice if there was just a little more preparations going on. Not travel bans-perse, but a recognition from the public that this $&!# is serious. Before it’s too late