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  1. [Waivers] Tuesday player movement

    So if Vegas hasn't placed anyone on waivers, their plan is 10 Forwards (on NHL contracts) --- 2 to IR 11 Defensemen 2 Goalies Sounds smart.... Fourth line for Sbisa!
  2. Preseason GDT/PGT LA Kings Vs Canucks |Sept 23| 12:30AM | SN

    On the contrary. Tickets were expensive! I had a pair of Upper Deck tickets that I bought for $250 CAD. Ice level seats were selling for near $175-$200 each. For many Chinese people, tickets would way beyond their price range. If tickets were more reasonably priced, it would have led to fuller arenas
  3. Preseason GDT/PGT LA Kings Vs Canucks |Sept 23| 12:30AM | SN

    Well over half the crowd were foreigners - mostly Canadians decked out in canucks gear. Many Chinese fans starting leave by halfway thru the third - not sure why...
  4. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Jake Virtanen - 229 Bo Horvat - 223 Loving the size of the two big boys here. Two biggest players on the team, excluding Nilsson in net.
  5. Canucks in Beijing September 23 - Who's Going?

    I know there is a whole group (dozens and dozens) from a number of BC offshore schools in China, including myself!
  6. BC Lions

    The Bombers trick play in the 1st half changed the momentum. The Bombers trick play in the 2nd half changed the momentum back!
  7. Canucks in Shanghai/Beijing

    I hope to be there, I will try to buy tickets asap!
  8. If true, without other potential signings or moves, the defense depth chart probably looks like Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Del Zotto - Gudbranson Holm - Biega -------------- Pedan - McEneny Juolevi - Subban
  9. The Case for Trading Chris Tanev

    Another option this year - as a result of the Expansion Draft - is to swing a trade with Vegas after they have selected their roster. There will be some excess, as per the expansion draft rules, on Vegas' roster, and they won't be able to keep all of their players as a result of waivers. My guess is that after they make their 30 picks, there will be at least 5 additional trades of waiver-player for waiver-exempt player / draft picks. Trade Tanev / Edler for _______________ Trade _____________ for Vegas' #8 or #9 or #10 defenseman (all of whom should be in the #4-#5 range from teams)
  10. Wanting to go play with the ageless wonder Jagr, huh.....
  11. Let's imagine 2017-2018 (without any major re-build moves), including: Baertschi - Horvat - Goldobin Granlund - Patrick / Hischier (*fingers crossed) - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Gaunce - Sutter - Dorsett Boucher That "third line" could stay in that role for another year - the Sedins could pull a Jagr and re-sign one-year deals until they're done. But...if they're pulling third line minutes and perhaps second line PP time, how many points would they be able to garner? Would their "leadership" be worth the roster spots? Especially if the Canucks used the cap savings to bring in top-end talent, who would bump down to the "4th" line --- in addition to Sutter (speculation)?
  12. [Report] Kings, Canucks to play two preseason games in China

    I'm hoping the games take place on the weekend, so that I can convince a large contingent of Canadian expats to join me in attendance!
  13. [Speculation] Canucks exposing Biega as a forward?!

    The challenge is that for players to be eligible, they would need to be in year three (or beyond). If you look through all the different options - there are almost 0 players who are eligible for the expansion who are waiver exempt - its kind of the whole point of the draft. So Vegas will be drafting 30 (or nearly 30) playees eligible for waivers and then looking for 7 to trade. Or, finding a team to trade them a draft pick in advance of the deaft, and then waiving the player (if necessary) they receive. For example, selecting Luca Sbisa from the Canucks (and then trading him) OR selecting am inferior player (Alex Biega) and getting a pick from the Canucks and then waiving Biega to the AHL
  14. [Report] Several Canucks players battling with mumps

    Go look up "Herd Immunity", or "Free Riding" As we get more and more anti-vaxxers, we're going to be putting more people with immune system compromises in danger. In addition, we're going to see more and more outbreaks of this, and other more serious problems.
  15. I posted this in another thread as a dream-deal. Who knows *shrugs* To Anaheim: Ryan Miller (UFA) Jannik Hansen (2.5 million) Alex Burrows (UFA) To Vancouver: Jonathon Bernier (UFA) - cap dump Hampus Lindholm / Sami Vatanen Draft Pick(s) Anaheim gets forward depth; opens up space on their blue-line for guys like Montour, Theadore, Megna AND let's them do a 7-3-1 for Expansion Draft next year. ED: -Gibson -Bieksa / Fowler / Lindholm or Vatanen -Perry / Getzlaf / Kesler / Rakell / Silfverberg / Hansen / Cogliano Canucks could then parlay their glut of defensemen into a top-end forward.