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  1. [PGT] Nucks 3, Habs 4

    Re: The PP This year: 19th in the league with a 17.5% rate Last year: 9th in the league with a 19.3% rate Year before (with Torts): 26th in the league with a 15.2% rate Year before (last year of AV): 22nd in the league with a 15.8% One doesn't match the others..... (Hint: Last year being good....) Through three different coaching staffs, the Canucks PP has been bottom half of the league in 3 of the last 4 seasons. What's consistent through that? 1st PP = Sedins + Edler. It's not working, but no one is changing it....                        
  2. China to end one child policy

    I dont have the ability to quote articles right now (on my phone), but I have seen lots of social scientists who have suggested that China was already starting to peak (relating to birth rate) in the mid 1970s and that without the one-child policy they would have taken a slower but more sustainable decline - likely to the rate it is now. The whole 4-2-1 issue (grandparents / parents / child) is going to increasingly be an issue because urban centers arent going to experience a population boom (parents wany to save money; expensive to raise kids in cities, etc.) and the rural areas were already exempt. This new two-child policy may help with gender imbalance issues but isnt going to solve everything immediately (it may take thre or four generations to get back to 2.1 fertility rates)
  3. CDC Robin Hood Mods?

    I went from ~9000 to 350.
  4. What the critics don't see

    Actually, that wasn't what his essay was about. He had about five thesis arguments in there, but none of them connect I can't even really summarize into one thought. I will try: The NHL is a business and teams can't buy the Stanley Cup anymore, so it's important to have heart and soul players like Hansen, Burrows and Cracknell to create an enthusiastic team that players and fans will be interested in; big name superstars are no longer most important - it's more of a team game with the cap.
  5. Jared McCann Talk

    I would think there is a better chance of some OHL/WHL goons looking to make a name for themselves by destroying McCann or Virtanen than in the NHL. The canucks have many players willing to protect the young guys this year, and freak injuries can happen anywhere.
  6. Target Store Blasts Customers With Porn

    According to the BBC article I was reading, there is a flaw in their intercom system. If you phone their hotline and request line xxxx (omitted from the story....), you will be connected directly to the intercom. Hilarity ensues with whatever the caller decides, and the onsite staff have no way of stopping it.
  7. [PGT] Flames vs Canucks 3-2 OT Loss

    Weber was brutal out there tonight. Out of position / turnover causing the Bartkowski penalty. Then stayed on the ice with Sbisa during the PK ---- gets scored on... Please remove him from the roster asap....
  8. GDT: Around the NHL Week of October (05-09) 2015

    4-0 now. The Kings are going to be bad this year... as are the Bruins....
  9. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Not that I wanted Vey on the NHL team, but he significantly helps out Utica now. Blair Jones can drop to 2C, and Vey can hopefully put up 70-90 points alongside Grenier/Shinkaruk/Jensen [His last two years in the AHL were near PPG]. Corrado is replaceable. Yes he looked good a few years ago, but hasn't taken the next step. If the Canucks run into injury troubles, there will likely be more waiver fodder available soon.
  10. Where do you get your news info from?

  11. Cap #s don't add up.

    There's also:
  12. Cuts tomorrow

    Devil's advocate (considering WD's alleged reluctance to have rookies], what is everyone's thoughts on the non-rookie roster below --- a very real possibility if the Canucks decide to return young guys to Junior (Virtanen / McCann) or the AHL (Hutton) Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Baertschi-Horvat-Vrbata Higgins-Sutter-Hansen Prust-Cracknell-Dorsett Vey Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Weber Sbisa-Bartkowski Corrado-Biega Miller Markstrom
  13. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    Yup - and it looks good! Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen Burrows-Sutter-Hansen Prust-McCann-Dorsett Vey IR: Higgins Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Bartkowski Hutton-Sbisa Weber-Corrado Miller Markstrom
  14. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    There's also the belief that he left mid-way through the third after a collision with a Sharks player (Nieto, I believe). Otherwise, Virtanen would have been near his linemates minutes of 14-15.